My going past at
30 Million friends

The beginning of the story

In first, we're going to relate you how we are arrived at that.

One day, our vet has phoned to us; he had been concacted by a person of 30 Million friends who looked for simpatical animals, which have something of funny or particular in his relation with his masters.

The vet who had seen me very often when I was ill, hadn't forgotten me apparently. The relation who I support with my masters had amused him.

So he has left our adess and phone number to the person of 30 Million friends. They have phoned to Cecile to ask what I did, and to ask if a director could pass for seeing me and studying the possibility to do a report.

The shooting

This shooting takes place on October 12th and 13rd 1999. On 12th, all the afternoon and on 13rd, all the day until the evening : I was exhausted ! (my masters too !).

I have had to show them what I could do :
My masters have even asked a neighbour to stop to mow her lawn, because the noise was too tight for the shooting in the garden !
I have due doing things less funny.
And there, the total injustice : my friends Oasis and Mickette could being filmed only on the beginning but not in the second part.

Anyway, we are a STAR or not; we have made few concessions.... Anyway after the effort, the comfort ! The comfort consisted of a delicious gruel prepared in front of the television, and then, they have given to me, in front of the television too.
And cuddles by Laurence and Sophie, in the armchair.

It's as that the two afternoons would have passed.

They have filmed the farm where we can find many beautiful vegetables (harm I can't go there).
And also Laurence and Sophie who asked my masters some news of us when they aren't at home !

It was great; never I would have thought pass on television, one day.
My two friends are also very proud.

Since this moment, we hane learnt (above all me) to better handle the little bell, and now I do slide on the Alain's legs, so the television, they can come back !
I'll show this to them !

Now, THE big day.

On November 28th 1999, about six o'clock of the evening :

Everybody (anyway them know about it ...) has put a video in the video-recorder.
It's the announcement tape of the emission : we see me !

Clever in the sofa, we watch on T.V. It's very well. Everybody laugh, I dont understand why.
I find me very well, with my friends on the television.

I hope people who are looking will understand the guinea pigs are nice, affectionate, and they are sure with them. Masters have to feed well them, don't let them outside or in sheds where they have cold. Masters have to let the possibility to stretch one's paws going out of the cage, and look after them when they are ill.

Nine minuts of report ! I am amazed ! We have all seen : the garden, the little bell, the farm, the vet (harm we haven't seen the nice woman at the welcome and who stokes me at every time), the phone with the girls, the fridge, the bath, the cage, the friends, ...

It's GREAT ! It's sure we're going to keep the video !

Me, I want begin again !

After the television, the newspaper

A man came see me at home, to do an article in his newspaper.
So, he has talked of the going paast on the television in the "Voix du Nord" of the Thursday, December 2nd 1999.
Here's the article which is published (we have asked them if we can put it
in my Internet site !)

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