I have many friends
Sorry, but I don't have received all the photos yet (it shouldn't delay)

On this page you'll see :
Pouêt and his friend, Mon Oncle(My uncle), Chipie and her friends, and Kiwi.

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He lives in Bruxelles, in Belgium.
He likes the chicory.
He lives at Françoise's house.
He knows what it is like to be ill.
We must have give him the baby's cereal's recipe because he didn't eat any more.
He has seen a vet too, and his "mother" looks after him very well.
Pouêt is as lucky as me!
It's sure he's going to cure if he swallows well his baby's cereal!
On the photos, we can see him with his mother Teddy and his aunt Bisous; we can see him too in the train or in the garden.
At the bottom right, this is Toto, who died. He was a pretty Guinea pig too, look him...

Look on the photo to recognize Bisous, Toto and Teddy

Mon oncle.

He lives at a Alain's cousin, near Dunkerque.
He's fat!
He has seen me on the television on November 28th 1999, and has written to me.
By the way he's not my uncle.
"Mon oncle" is his name!
Mon oncle


She's an Internet's friend.
She lives at Claire's house.
She has 2 friends : Caline and Grisou.
Underneath there are 2 photos of Caline, but it's a shame, we can't see Grisou.
From time to time she writes to me.

Chipie et Caline Grizou Caline
Caline and Grisou : they are the friends of Chipie; they aren't Guinea pigs, but I have made an exception because they are nice with Chipie.
Here, there's a photo of Caline, and an other of Caline and Chipie.
They live at Claire's house too.

Look also on the photos ...


An Internet friend.
She lives at Samantha's house.

It appears she often yawns, but I admit it's very rare to see a guinea pig who is yawning.
Congratulations to Samantha !

Kiwi likes the books too (especially when having a siesta !)
Ah, what is good to yawn !
Under the book ...

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