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Plumo and Choucroute, Caramelle and Réglisse, Frimousse and Meg, and Cacahouette.

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Choucroute et Plumo Plumo and Choucroute.

They are Internet friends too.

They live at Fanny's house, in Paris.
They are beautiful together : Plumo he's a guinea pig with long and short hair and Choucroute he's the guinea pig with brown short hair.

It appears Choucroute was very greddy, and Plumo liked go for a walk outside of his cage and he didn't moan almost never.
Unluckily Choucroute died on August 2nd 2000 of a cerebral tumour.
A bad new arrival unfortunately never alone, we have learnt this September 2nd 2000 that Plumo died this morning itself.
He isn't recovered from a bad diarrhoea. He's left rejoin his friend Choucroute.
Plumo en gros plan

Look on the photo to recognize Plumo and Choucroute

Caramelle Réglisse and Caramelle
Caramelle and Réglisse.

Caramelle lived in Paris at Sophie and Richard's house.
She's a guinea pig with long and short hair.
Réglisse she's the little black guinea pig, with a white lozenge on his head.
Réglisse has unfortunately died, but he has left the souvenir of a little guinea pig lively, curious. She was very pretty.
Caramelle, qui est malheureusement décédée récemment, en Juillet, d'une infection pulmonaire, s'était ennuyée beaucoup de sa copine,avec qui elle jouait beaucoup.
Luckily, she has a lot of cuddles.
And she was as me, she liked too her friend, the fridge !

By the way the photos in black and white, it's very beautiful too !

Bad news : Caramelle died too ! Perhaps, Sophie and Richard are going to buy other guinea pigs !

Frimousse and Meg.

Frimousse is the disheveled brown guinea pig.
Meg is the "yellow" (dixit its masters !).

They are beautiful together disguised as that.
It was due the party at their home !
But it's exceptional to be disguised as that ! Luckily !


Cacahouette and all its friends.

Internet friend too.

We have put the photo of this second star (the first is me) : Cacahouette and its soon famous website (to see also).
Cacahouette is beautiful.

Soon we add again the photo of all its friends.

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Choucroute Plumo Réglisse Caramelle