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Moustache, Gypsy, Lola and Noisette.

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Internet friend too.

She lives in Maubeuge, in the north of the France.
I know very well Maubeuge because I already went in Hautmont (it's at 5 kilometers of Maubeuge).
The Laurence and Sophie's granfather lives there.
Maybe we're going to meet one of these days.


Internet friend too.

Gypsy lives in Nanes, in Lydie and Lionel's house.
What a beautiful guinea pig ...
he wants me as girlfriend but Gypsy weighs 1,4 kg (and me 0,7 kg) and more ever Nantes is far of my home !
But, me, I would like meet it.
I live near of Lille.

So I think about ...
I have to talk about it at my masters ... Finally, Nantes is really so far ??

Lola and Noisette.

They aren't Internet friends.

They live at Chereng, at 2 kilometers of my home, at Thomas'house
They went in holidays at home during two weeks, because their masters were left in holidays in Dordogne ( in the middle of the France).
They are youngs yet. Lola is the less shy.
We have well taken avantage of the garden together, at 5 , with my friends Mickette and Oasis as soon as the sun has allow us.
I hope they'll go in holidays again at home.

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Internet friend too.

He lives in Bruxelles, in Belgium, like Pouêt.
Mickey is also very pretty.
He has a very beautiful right profile, isn't that ?

In its message, he tells to me he does rallies in the flat/apartement of its masters and he tries to catch the pot plants. Me too, I have tried but I am quarreled myself by my masters, so, now all the pot plants are in height !

I think we're going to write to us because Bruxelles isn't very far and perhaps, we'll meet a day !

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