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On this page, you'll discover :
Passiflore, Croquette, Coquine, Florette, and Caline.

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Passiflore, Croquette, Coquine, Fleurette, Caline and Alex.

All of them live at Toulouse ( south of the France ), at Julien's house.
They are very lucky to be large; it's funny to play.
Even many times, we like being alone in the cage, and "having the peace and quiet" !
Here are all the photos, everytime it's missing Alex's one.
We're perhaps going toreceive it soon, with them of Fleurette's babies.

It looks like at me all the same ...
Croquette Croquette.
It is light brown, it's also nice.
In the hands of Julien ...
Fleurette Fleurette.
It had two babies with Alex on September 11th 2000.
On weight level, Caline may do rivalry to my friend Mickette !

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