Here is the continuation of the list of my friends ...

On this page, you'll find :
The list of my other friends; I don't have the photos yet ...

--> To see Pouêt and its friends, Mon Oncle, Chipie and its friends, and Kiwi
--> To see Plumo and Choucroute, Caramelle and Réglisse, Frimousse and Meg, and Cacahouette
--> To see Moustache, Gypsy, Lola and Noisette, and Mickey
--> To see Passiflore, Croquette, Coquine, Florette, and Caline

Here is the list of my other Internet friends (and anyway) :

- Gaspard, Maya and Framboise (Gaspard, I would like it as boyfriend !)
- Cappucino
- Mika and Bianca
- Gribouille, Lucky and Savon
- Taz and Spoutnik , with their children Albinos and Caramel
- Willy
- Tac, Chataigne (died on May 1st 2000), and Maggie
- Nuts (With its friend Ben the rabbit)
- Pistache, Grisounette and Biscotte
- Nana
- Caramel
- Tequilla
- Mikado (like my brother which is died)
- Marlotte
- Charles pig
- Réglisse and Cacahuète
- Meg and Frimousse
- Coco
- Kovou
- James
- Grisie, Roumélie and Canelle
- Caline, Coquine, Croquette, Passiflore, Florette and Alex the big
- Youne, Shoune and their rabbits friends Bobby and Lola
- Zoé

I will have the delight to present them to you one of these daysif I have the photos !

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