You're going to see I have a big family

This is my mum! I look like her of course.
Her name was Noisette and I got to visit her sometimes, during the summer holidays.
She died on October 15th 1999; she was about 6 years old.
I liked her very much.
She lived at Clementine'house, in Bourghelles, a friend of Laurence and Sophie.
I was born there.
Do we look alike?

The big sisters! Laurence et Sophie.
They stroke me a lot.
When I get bored, I have a wee on them!!

This is Mickette Mickette.
She's my oldest friend. She came to the house a few weeks after me.
Because Alain was afraid I would be bored!!
She's twice my size, even though we're the same age.
She's a long haired Guinea pig; she's white and a little black and brown.
Sometimes we squabble, but it's pleasant to not be alone.

Oasis, the last and youngest member Oasis.
She's been here a few months.
She's two years old. CÚcile brought her back from a bring and buy sale in Baisieux.
A man gave her away because he thought she wasn't beautiful. That's to say she has long and short hairs in every direction!!
She's black with a white strip on her left shoulder behind her ear and a little brown marking underneath her mouth. I think it's a cross between a peruvian Guinea pig and the same type as Mickette.

They like the bath! The goldfish.
There are 7:
Polochon, Bubulle, Aspi, Raclo, Ventouse, Soleil et Lipstick.
Polochon is white, Bubulle is orange, Soleil (Sun) is yellow, Lipstick is red and white. The three others are little, they clean up the bottom of their aquarium.
Before, there were Flipper and Patchwork but there died of an illness !

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