The cares to lavish on us :

We can't stand the cold because we're felt of the pulmonary infections
(avoid the coaxing to your little guinea pigs if you have a cold or if you're ill).

We are also very frail at the intestinal level - I know something about it !
You're going to have the explication of my surname "Stave off one's the death" and of the gruel :

I was very ill on April 1999.
I had an intestinal infection (a lot of diarrhoea) and a pulmonary infection.
I didn't eat and drink anymore.
I didn't go out of my cage anymore and I didn't play with my little bell.
Everybody become anxious.
My masters have driven me to the vet.
Luckily ! The vet has well looked after me (with injections, at leastten in fifteen days),
More ever, my family has fed me with the assistance of the pipette, willy-nilly, every day morning and evening during about one month.

When I was ill, Alain, Cecile, Laurence et Sophie have led me out in holidays with them at "Vaison-la-Romaine" at Sylvie and luc's house ( They are the friends of my masters ). I have breathed the air of the Provence ( it's in the south of the France ), I warm up at the sun of the Provence.
Sure that has helped me to cure ! (attention on highways, think to stop to give water to the little guinea pig, and don't let it in the open sun).

In the pipette, there was some"gruel", with medecines. The recipe is further.
The pipette, it's the plastical part of a syringe. You can buy it in a chemist's, it cost about £20 to £40, it depends of the chemist's. You can take one syringe of 10 millilitres, it's the good size.
To feed me, it's that which has saved me, because a little guinea pig who doesn't eat dies very quickly.
The pipette, the pipette !

Especailly, if you have a guinea pig who don't eat anymore, or who has the diarrhoea don't wait for a long time after going to the vet.
Two or three days, it's more yet.
We're delicate, and we must be treated very quickly.
You don'thesitate to feed us at the pipette as long as we can't eat ourselves. It 's worth to save your little friend !

If you want few pieces of advice, send me an E-mail.

Recipe of the "gruel" :

- the basis is :  
  * either a purée made from a "little purée of courgette/zucchini"
	(or at the carrots, me, I don't like the carrot !) for baby
	with a little of warm water.
  * or a purée made as that way : a little of milk, water,
	to make oats' falkes blow up and put them in the purée.
	When they're blown up, pass the whole in a colander
	and press strongly : we obtain a sort of white purée.
- then add :  
  * some of vitamin C (indispensable): in pets' shop 
	(at worst alittle of orange juice coolly pressed)
  * a little of ginseng (for me they put few drops taken in a ginseng's phial for human)
  * few drops of multivitamins (in pets' shop too)
  * a little of olive oil
  * something for the intestinal flora (if your guinea pig has the diarrhoea) : in pets' shop
  * why not a little ofparsley juice very cool,it's full of vitamin C and it does a good taste
  * a little of royal jelly
  * a little of super baking powder (as the humans put in their soup)
  * for me, as it was a serious case, and they're hooked on the garlic, 
    they had even added a very little of garlic powder, but there: not too much, it moves !
The gruel has to be just enough liquid for be able to be done with the pipette of 10 millilitres
 (in chemist', the syringes for making infections, above all WE LET THE NEEDLE AT CHEMIST/DRUGGIST),
but not too liquid if not we spit more we swallow.
The masters have to feed us with that at least twice a day (10 to
15 millilitres for a guinea pig from 700 to 800 grammes).
After they have to give water (not too cold, be careful)
with the same pipette.

The bath

The bath of my friend Mickette And there, together (Oasis isn't on this because 
we don't have a photo of Oasis in the bath)

Sometimes, we take a bath
Maximum three times a year, we take a bath.
Attention, because we catch easily cold !
The water of the bath must be at about 37 degrees centigrades, a heated up room
Use preferably a product for the washing which your vet will give you , or for lack a very sweet baby shampoo (but it's awkwarder because we can catch itchings, or irritations).

Masters must well rince us;


Then, they must dry in sponge towels, and dry us with the hairdryer (neither too hard, nor burning).
Then, let us in a dry and warm towel during a moment.
Don't let us going out of course !

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