It's here This is a view of where I live, Baisieux.
It is a pretty village, and Chereng where I was born is nearby, and Bourghelles is not far where my mum lived.
We are in the north, close to Villeneuve d'Ascq, at the Belgian border.

Life is very pleasant there but recently the garden has been taken over by a nasty cat (Ohhhh ...).
We have named him "Chianti".

Please click here to visit my village

In brief, let's go for a short visit of my house :

I'm eating My house has two floors.

Downstairs, there are the bedrooms and the toilet.
Upstairs, it's the living room and the balcony with the little bell (it's very practical, I will say why later). My house is a cage, which I share with my two friends. The cage is put in the living room near the French windows.

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