Have I put on weight, or what ? I'm very greedy, as all the guinea pigs, I think.
Beside, you're looking, i have been caught in photo in the act.
I have trouble resisting at th call of the little sweets "special for guina pigs".
One time, I have found oneself (back) my head in a box.

In order to have food in the cage, I ring the bell.
I catch thelittle bit of the red ribbon which holds the small bell and I shake it thanks to my teeth.
It goes at every time : they bring to me some vegetables or a little sweet.
I ring too the small bell when I want go out of the cage.

The liberty, twice a day

we're stretching one's paws

Which I sting ?

We have a lot of luck.

Inded, every day morning and evening (1 hour morning and 2 or 3 hours on the evening), our cage is opened.
It's sefaly for us, because there's neither dogs nor cats in the house.
The only danger, it's getting run over.
We are careful, Laurnce, Sophie, Alain and CÚcile too.

We can stretch one's paws !
We dont do some damages in the house, apart the electric wires. It's better to put them out of reach of our teeth !

We are less understress, and especially livelier, more curious and happier.
We come back in the cage in order to eat a litle of vegetables, we call us thanks to the small bell.

In walk alone in the garden ....

I like very much go for a walk in the garden, as soon as the French door is opened.
There's some salad, some garden's grass (of course), and some parsley and I can run !
I don't run away the garden, and I come back in the house alone when I want, or when I hear the little bell of my cage.
Of course, it have to watch over us for any cat comes in the garden.
The summer, Mickette, Oasis and I, goin the enclosure put down in the grass, in the garden. when it's sunny, duing one hour to two hours. Or, perhaps, during all an afternoon ! He's clocked by the top, and bolted, to protect us.

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