Since I have the occasion here, I'm going to say many things which hold to my heart for a long time :

In first, it's unacceptable we are continually ration for the nourriture. We give us royally vegetables once a day. It's not enough !

Me, I am all the time hungry. So, I have to request, do the beautiful, look for vegetables in all the house.

Morever, with my friends, we have decided to start up the BGPA (Burst of the Guinea Pigs in Anger) to give more weigh at our claims.

Other subject : LOVE.

The friends, it's well but what is missing currently it's a little boyfriend to warble together and to make lots of beautiful babies.

So, I dream of him, pretty like me; small hairs and not too fat, and well brought up. The stars like me are accepted (I like Brad Pouit !).

If you recognize you in this portrait, send me quickly an E-mail (required photo). It was my little announcement.