Spirit UK Tour

Southampton, May 4th

  • My Post on the Jewel@smoe.org List (May, 6th)
    I'm just back from London, so here's my review for the Southampton Concert.
    You can just jump to the next paragraph or if you're interested by my own
    story (and meeting with jewel/steve), here it is :
    I booked my hotel, the night before leaving, and only found a 46£/night one.
    I did not sleep this night.
    The next morning, I got up at Six and go take train to Lille, then took
    Eurostar train, wich brings me to london by 11 am. Then, Tube, and National
    Express to Southampton. I arrived at 1pm, and then go to my hotel, (They
    were talking french, good thing) and leave my bag there, and as soon ask for
    the guildall.
    The hotel was only at 200meters from the guildhall. So I start walking and
    when I arrived there (2pm), I saw the grey "stage truck" and one coach at
    the entrance. I was really excited thinking they were already there. They
    were unloading truck, and then, I walked to the man from the J-Team at the
    entrance and asked him if stalls were seats/standing. Then I gone asking him
    again about the concert and cameras allowings. And, then, we engage
    discussion. This men was Rob Howick, the manager. And we talked about steve
    poltz (he was telling me that steve would do the first part of the concert),
    and he was surprised I already know steve. Also surprised when I told that I
    travelled from France to see the concert. So he talked about his appearence
    in Natural Born Killers, and others artists he was working for. Surprised
    again when he saw I knew who Blue Rodeo music group was.
    Then, I started noticing there was no fans there, and he told me that he
    must return to work.
    Then I was turning around this coach, with black windows, thinking that
    Jewel & the band was in.
    Then I noticed a fan waiting, and I engaged discussion with him but he was
    not from the EDAs and was seeking for Jewel to sign his music sheets.
    There's was also this man, also from the team, walking around, waiting for
    something, phoning. (Phil Allen, sound engineer), around 4pm.
    A girl from the team were unloading her truck from the Jewel items
    (We saw her many times, and she was just employed for the european tour and
    started this day, but she was really a kind person, and I don't know her
    And then, a second (same) coach arrived.
    At this time we have moved to the side of the entrance where we could see
    both coachs.
    And then, after few minutes, I saw Steve ! I called him and he was surprised
    to be recronized in this country. I discussed with him, I asked him if he
    was going to play StarWars, he agreed, he signed my CD sleeve, and while
    walking away, he knocked one feet in a stall, and avoided
    to fall (1st time. See Below).
    Then Jewel came out of the coach. The other fan run to ask her an
    authograph. She doesn't seem to be really enthousiatic but she singed both
    our stuffs. She gone into the guildhall for sound testings.
    The the band came out from the car, but at this time I did not know who were
    from the band and who were technicians. So I missed Doug pettibone, but I
    talked 5mn, took a picture and make sign jewel CD to Tony Hall (Wich Is
    really a kind person as I saw him more times after).
    I also got Brady Blade Signature.
    They We waited until the end of the tests: The Tv has arrived and I talked
    with them a little time, the journalist women also told me her card to
    contact her to get a copy of the finalized interview (cos it's a local TV).
    Also talked to security Guys, which were not knowing who they were
    protecting tonight.
    Then Jewel, Steve and the band came out from the hall, where I called steve
    again to ask him If he was going to have his own concerts in europe but :
    SCOOP:  Jewel Started kissing him in the neck (Doesn't really look a
    "friendly" one). I was embarassed, Steve a little too so I decided to go out
    of the entrance and they go out, with brady and the salesperson (for the
    J-stuffs) decontracting before the concert. At this time I took a shot of
    steve and brady, as I asked them for a pic.
    I did not saw them coming back cos I was now in the concert place.
    There was also Scoot Groove, EDA (Wich I was badly waiting for to get a
    london ticket and wich is a really great person too) , and another fan wich
    first I took for a Jteam guy (John).
    And then, the concert started at 7.30 pm, with steve:
    Here's the playlist for Steve :
    -Ten Chances
    - ?
    - ?
    - Silver Lining
    - Great Mystery
    - and Starwars ! Dedicated to the guy which asked him before the concert.
    You know who !
    (I was so happy)
    John interupted Steve in a full song to make sign his newly bought CD.
    And Jewel came too after a pause.
    Here's Her Paylist :
    - Don't
    - Deep Water
    - What's simple
    - Hands
    - Jupiter
    - YWMFM
    - Stranger E F T E
    - Pieces of you !
    - Sometimes it be that way
    - Grey Matter !
    - Barcelona
    - Life Uncommon
    - FG
    - DSL
    - Down ! (With really surprising great light effects)
    - Love Me, JLMA
    - WWSYS
    - Absence of Fear
    (a guy jumped on the scene and technicians needed to put him away)
    - Angel Standing by
    And they leaved quickly, with the coach. People in the concert room where
    catching jewel water bottle, playlists, everything they could take.
  • The Pictures
    Sorry if pics are poor quality but cameras were not allowed within the guildhall and I needed to take a mini camera.
    The Guildhall, Front View, With Jewel's Coach The Guildhall, Again, With Jewel's Coach and Tour Truck Tony Hall, Signing my CD and discussing with me Steve and Brady Blade Jewel entering the Guildhall really fast
    Jewel, Brady, saleswoman and Steve, leaving before the concert Steve playing First part Concert, Jewel Concert, Jewel
    London, May 5th

  • My Post on the Jewel@smoe.org List (May, 7th)
    So, here's the end of my travel in UK to see Jewel's concerts.
    So, back from Southampton, I've booked a shared room in the tube.
    Then, I walked from victoria to The royal albert hall. A really long walk.
    I arrived at the hall at 1 pm, and so the Coachs and the truck were already
    So I checked the hall, entries and then walked to winchester centre to get
    some food, and a new camera.
    Back to the hall, 2pm, I began waiting.
    Some technicians who were unloading the truck saw me and said "Hey, he was
    there yesterday, isn't it ?". I think everyone noticed the silly boy,
    waiting half of a day in front of the concert place yesterday :) .
    Then I saw the J-Stuff saleswoman unloading her van. So I've walked to talk
    her and she recronized me too, "Are you going to see all concerts ?". She
    was really a kind person, and everytime she saw me , she gave me a good
    I walked around the hall and I noticed 2 english fans waiting. They were
    waiting for Jewel on the other side of the hall, to make her sign their
    stuffs. Thas was at the artists doors. I did not noticed this door before.
    So, it was really hard to choose a side to wait, but, like southampton, I
    thought that Jewel should be bring to the hall with her coach, so I waited
    aside the coach, to see if it was leaving to took Jewel at her hotel.
    The two oher guys were now waiting at the corner of the street, now checking
    both artist and main door.
    After 1 or 2 hours, the TV arrived. And so I engaged talking with them, but
    they did not know If jewel was already inside the hall, and they would have
    too wait too.
    And at 5 pm, Someone make them entering to the hall, through the artists
    door. So, I thought jewel was already inside. And I met a girl from quebec,
    searching for a ticket, then , Michiel, Roel Cobben, and a girl, (all from
    holland) waiting in front of the hall. That's wasn't really surprising cos
    Chris told me that michiel would be there. But I was really happy to see a
    Friend I usually trade / talk with, and who have travelled from far too.
    We talk about Last concerts, and Michiel decided to check Jewel's hotel. So
    they left few minutes and I get back waiting when I noticed the english guys
    were not anymore at the corner of the street. So I ran to the other side of
    the hall and, damn ! She has just signed their stuff and I missed her ! But
    I know she would leave before the concert like the day before.
    Michiel came back at this moment and was dissapointed too to have missed
    So we all were waiting now to the artist entry, and the band arrived with
    their blue van.
    Michiel introduced me to doug, and I asked his signature on Jewel's CD, the
    only signature missing now.
    I also thank Steve for playing dedicating me starwars last night, and so he
    recronized me, surprised I was here again. Tony hall recronized me as soon
    as he get off the van and welcome me too.
    So we have a long discuss with steve, and he told us he'll try to arrange a
    concert in europe for us. Then we took pictures and we talked about Jewel.
    Then I told him she was already inside and he realized that thay should now
    were waiting for him to do soundtests. So he leaved, knocking one feet again
    in a step and avoiding to fall.
    Jewel appeared again after 1 hour, and when she gets off the door, I could
    hear something like : "I don't want to see them anymore". They she turned
    back, facing a window, and in fact, was talking with Brady Blade, After 1
    minute, someone came to see us and told us to not use camera. and Then Jewel
    came, signed us our CD and leaved really fast.
    As the concert was really near, Michiel and his 2 friends from holland have
    gone to the restaurant and I was now waiting alone, to see the band leaving.
    Tony hall left the hall few times (maybe go walking to his hotel) and  gave
    me friendly signs when seeing me. Steve and him are really friendly guys.
    I also discussed with the van driver, wich like other ones, did not know who
    Jewel was, and never heard of us. He was just talking wis his friend about
    how much money she would have now after selling all these CD.
    I also talked with a photographer woman, witch were waiting to took official
    pictures of the concert. She told me that she sold her pictures to dics
    companies. She was really friendly too, and I really enjoyed talking with
    Then, there was only 10 minutes left to the beginning of the concert, so I
    decided to enter in the place.
    Inside, after walking to my place, I decided to walk around and see If I can
    find someone I know, and when pushing a window door again, I saw steve
    coming front of me, and he pushed the door, and we talked again. I told him
    that It would be the last time I talk him, cos, he would leave fast after
    the concert, and he said be goodbye and asked me if I was planning to go to
    the french concert but I told him I could not. I left him, cos he should go
    to the scene now and after standing a few moments, looking the room, he
    walked to the backstage.
    Then the concert started.
    I 'll not give again the playlist, cos I think you already saw it here.
    In full concert, Jewel made laugth about a journalist at southampton
    interview. That was really funny cos I know this woman and also talked with
    her and she gave me her coordinates in southampton.
    When the concert finished, I ran to the artist door, to see Jewel the last
    time, but she did not seem to get out, then michiel, Roel, the girl and
    Chris were there too and few minutes after, were were about 100 people
    waiting. After waiting a long time, I decided to check the coachs but they
    were not moving too.
    And then, we learned that Jewel and the band were giving a party inside.
    Looking the 100 people waiting for Jewel, I realized that she would only
    sign few autograph and escape from this crowd and I decided with the 3 Dutch
    EDAs to search her hotel, wich was really near. And We earched for a "Master
    Hotel" or something like that. (Like a journalist told them she was at) We
    found a Millestones hotel, and then the girl entered, asking for Jewel /
    Steve on the records but they told that they were not there, or with a false
    name. After waiting few minutes, we decided to go back to the hall, and they
    we saw that they  were still waiting. So we decided to leave, and took the
    tube cos we could have to wait for nothing.
    I really enjoyed those 2 days, especially with my EDA friends.
    Here's the playlist for Steve:
    - Ten Chances
    - Chair
    - Everything About You
    - Forbidden Fruit
    - French Song
    - Valentine (Written in Feb, in Paris with Jewel)
    - Silver Lining
    - The Great Mystery
    - Starwars
    And now Jewel:
    - Near You Always
    - Deep Water
    - What's Simple Is True
    - Hands
    - Jupiter
    Mexico Story (intro to YWMFM)
    - YWMFM
    - Enter From The East
    - Sometimes It Be That Way
    - Morning Song
    - Grey Matter
    - Barcelona
    - Life Uncommon
    - Foolish Games
    - Down So Long
    - Down
    - Love Me Just Leave Me Alone
    - WWSYS
    - Absence Of Fear
    - Angel Standing By
  • The Pictures
    The Royal Albert Hall, Right Side, With Jewel's Coach & Truck Michiel with Steve Poltz Me, With Steve Poltz Tony Hall Phil Allen, (Sound Engineerer ? truck Driver ?)
    Jewel's van Concert