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My home-page deals with online backgammon tools. For now you can use 3 of them :

You can also subscribe to the French backgammon mailing-list.

click here for the FIBS Javascript Rating Calculator v 1.2
You need a browser which understand java to use this page (Netscape 2 or above, Internet Explorer 3 or above)

If you prefer, you can download this tiny (22Kb!) standalone Windows application : Fibs Rating Calculator (v 1.2). It should run under 3.1 and 95.(screenshot)

1.0 : first release with 2 radio buttons for the choice of the winner.
1.1 : No more radio button, now both situation (A wins or B wins) are compute together.
Also add a win/loss risk indicator.
1.2 : 3 (2 really big !) bugs fixed. (Thanks to Dr Greg Ash for telling me)
. The experience factor was only effective in increments of 100 - for example, experience 0 and experience 99 gave the same result (similarly 100 and 199, 200 and 299, and 300 and 399).
. Experience over 32767 gaves a wacky result. All programmers know int...
Please note that you don't need to enter an experience greater or equal to 400
. Lastly, the experience term in the rating calculation didn't include the match being calculated.

If you are interesting in the way the ratings are calculated, you can go to the Kevin Bastian explanation of the rating formula, which is great !

the Backgammon Board'o'matic page v 2.0

The last version of BOM (Board'o'matic) is here.

For the ones who want to stick to the previous version, here are the two available site :

1.0 : first release.
1.1 : ASCII version of the board added
2.0 : dices and cube added, specific home-made set of images for several rendering options

the LittleSister FIBS Bot

LittleSister is a bot that record matches between top player on FIBS. It acts just like Big_Brother did some years ago. I think Big_Brother did a very good job, and it's maybe time to log some new matches.

The dedicated web page for LittleSister is here.

I also manage the French Backgammon Mailing List, You can subscribe with the following form :
Je gère aussi une mailing-liste francophone sur le backgammon. Pour vous inscrire, il suffit d'indiquer votre adresse email dans le formulaire suivant :

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For comments or suggestions (even for telling me how to fix my bad english !), feel free to contact me :
François.('francois' on FIBS)