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What is it good for ?

This page will allow you to simply create graphical backgammon board to illustrate a given position. You just have to set up the board and the program will give you 3 things : a single image representing the board, a text representation (ASCII) of your board and the HTML source of a "mosaic" version of your board. The single image is useful for page with a unique board (like in a position-archive web-site) and for including graphics in a document which is not a web page (word processor...). The text version is perfect for posting on The mosaic version is great when you want to publish a web page with several boards (it's a far lighter way than the single images option).
Important note : if you want to use the HTML source, you'll need the corresponding set of GIF images. You can download this set at the BGBB site, but please note that the use of this set is subject to the grant of a permission from the author of the images, see the download page for details.

How does it work ?

It's simple. You only have to select the part of the board you want to setup with the corresponding arrow (something like this :). The selected zone is indicated by the red arrow (). Then, you can use the 'plus' and 'minus' buttons on the right of the board. The blue buttons control the "add" and "remove" functions of the blue men. The white ones are for the white men. When your board is completely setup, you can use the GO button to submit your board. The system will give you a single image representation of your board and the HTML source of the "mosaic" version. Here are some useful hints :

To do list...

I'd like to hear about this page. I you want to report bugs, submit new ideas or improvements, fell free to do it :
I also have the project to extend the functionnality of this page to the generation of complete game report HTML page, even maybe whole matches. For that, I need a more complete set of images (with dice and other figures...). Ideally a set of images with a free unlimited non-commercial usage policy would be the best. If you can give me such a set, I'll be glad to use it.


Thanks to Richard McIntosh who allowed me to use his set of images. By the way, I focus you on the great web page of the BGBB club.

Last modification 02/14/1999 Francois Hochedé (francois on FIBS).