The GED2WWWF page

Ged2wwwf was first written by Leslie Howard. It's a copyrighted program, but free of use.
It is very easy and very fast.
The released version can work in French, English, Dutch, German, Danish and now in Swedish and Spanish. It's up to you...
And if you want it in an other language, you just have to modify a text file!

To download (ZIP format), click here (current version = 1.5.5b - may 24, 2001)
Sources are in
Warning : if you upgrade from a 1.4 (or older) version to the 1.5, please delete your ged2www.dat file.
Previous version (1.4 beta) is still available : click here

Once received, unzip it into the directory of your choice, then:
DO NOT FORGET to change FRANCAIS.TXT into TEXTE.TXT if you want French texts,
or ENGLISH.TXT into TEXTE.TXT to get English texts,
or NEDERLND.TXT into TEXTE.TXT to get Dutch texts,
or GERMAN.TXT into TEXTE.TXT to get German texts,
or DANSK.TXT into TEXTE.TXT to get Danish texts,
or SVENSK.TXT into TEXTE.TXT to get Swedish texts,
oe ESPAGNOL.TXT into TEXTE.TXT to get Spanish texts.

You can use Afrikaans: download, unzip the afrikaans.txt file and rename it into TEXTE.TXT

Read the readme.txt, also released in the zip file.
Dutch speaking people can read the leesmij.txt.
German speaking people can read the liesmich.txt.
Sorry, I haven't it in Danish nor Swedish.

Have a good work!

If you can read french, you can subscribe to the mailing list of ged2wwwf.

Si vous voulez cette page en français, cliquez.

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