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Contact : Web site : http://www.lineup.it/abelcain

E mail : davidea@lineup.it

Interview :

1 Is Abel & Cain your first band? If not, What's the past of the musicians?

1.We all had other small experience but A&C is the most important one for all of us.

2 you told you were influenced by the NWOBHM. But what bands exactly : Maiden or Saxon, ...

2.Basically Iron Maiden music was the only real common influence in our youth, so we can still hear some phrases revelling their style. But as you wrote, it's the powerful aspect what we want to keep on our tracks from NWOBHM.

3 You bassist has got an excellent play on "Hands off Cain". I see that he thanks the bassist of Dream Theater. Is it really one of his most important influences?

3.That guy no longer pay with us but back then it was really much influenced by Mjung, just as much as our present bass-player (Davide Guzzo) who definitely adores him.

4 What are the favorite musicians ( & singer) of the others members

4.Piepaolo (guitar):J. Petrucci, Tommy Baron above all Davide (vocals): undisputably James Labree and the vovalist of Angra (I don't remember his name), but Istill love Dickinson and the unforgettable Di Anno. Sergio (drums): Petrucci, McBrain, Cozy Powell Filippo (guitar): Slayer!

5 How do you define your music : Heavy metal or prog metal?

5.We let listeners define our music but for us it's just METAL without any precedin words.

6 After, this good & promising demo, have you got any contacts with record companies? Which ones? Do you still search for one?

6.Well, one of our tracks ("Holywar") was included in a Hard Rock compilation ("Indie-Pendence Day")released by Delinquent Records. We had an interestin contact with Defiled Records from Colorado to release whole album but financtial problems prevented them from doing it. To say it all we are still LONGING for our first record label (By the way, can you help us and say some indies which can be interested in us?)

7 What are the main qualities of your demo & its main faults?

7.Undoubtedly the main faults concern the sound quality, but it was recorded in just two days (with a big lack of founds). The main qualities are the musicians creativity and that bit of original sound we think we show in our tracks.

8 Itallian sceene is now growing & there's now good bands, like Eldritch, Time MAchine, ...What do you think of these bands? Do you want to know the same things for your carreer?

8.We think there is plenty of good bands showing up in Italy. You mentioned T.M. but I (Davide) also like Shoggoth. I (Pierpaolo) like Archangel. But they're still suffering from a non perfect production and lack of a real promotion. So we hope to get something better if we ever get something.

9 There's now a black metal sceene & Italy is also well known with these scene. What do you think of this trend & what do you think of bands like Evol, coming from your country?

9.We're not exactly fond of blak metal. On the other hand we could say they really stink. Many times the president of our fan club in Catania (believe it or not we also have one in Greece and Canada) tried to make us listen to Cradle of Filth or Burzum,Emperor and similar but he never succeded for more then 2 minutes.

10 May be a last word to convince metal fans to get your tape?

10. Your review could be the best way to convince people buy our tape. More over we can say: "If you don't buy it.... What did we make it for?".

Review : created in 1993, this band coming from Italy waits to have a steady line up in 1994 to rrelease a first demo tape called "Bound for glory". Their influences came from the NWOBHM. But the band wanted to bring on music new aspect close to the 90's. That's why "Hands off Cain", the second demo has been recorded & released on 1996. Now, the band blends progressive touches on their heavy metal & there is also a flute player appearing on some songs. The band wants now to develop its progressive aspect & prepares new songs in that direction.

The second demo of this 6 piece band is really interesting for several reason. At first, the band remains that there's still some innovations possible in heavy metal. More over, the band enriches music with good progressive influences. So, this band can unite different metal fans. From heavy metal they keep the powerful aspect & the way to structure songs. then, it's never a collection of riffs or a guitar-drums- bass demonstration : Abel & Cain play songs. From progressive metal, they take teh subtleties & melodies that belong to that style. So, there's always one part that brings a new interest on songs. It's never the same thing. The band works a lot on melodies on voices & on guitars (like in the 80's metal bands). The work on bass is excellent & with the drummer it gives a good cohesion & an original touch to 80's metal riffs. The most original thing in Abel & Cain is indisputably the fllute player ( afemale one) that give a special tone & color to the music. It's a quite original instrument & they use it very well. The flute gives various surroundings to the music & allows them to make a good counterbalance between leads guitars. So, the 4 tacks of this demo shows a band that has a good potential. & they'll surely develops it if a record company gives them the means to burst out in european sceene.

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