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Contact : Marcus at marcus@abordo.com.br

Web site : http://www.abordo.com.br/abhorrent/

1 Present your band

Abhorrent started in 92 with a demo tape called Blood on your lips that went pretty damn good down here in Brazil. We have recorded our debut Cd, called "RAGE" and we're all thinking into the new album that will definetelly rock the whole world.

2 Rage is your first album. Tell us about your precedent recordings, the conditions & the difference with "Rage".

As I said we recorded a demo tape alled Blood on your lips, and that gave us the oportunity to record the first album. And yes,holy shit, recording an album is way different that a demo or anything else, it involves other problems and needs diferent solutions. There's the natural pressure of "recording" on both, but the album is what you're gonna show the world, so you wanna do the best you can with your music, and....yes, it's a whole diferent process. We recorded RAGE in a digital studio, and the quality of it turned out to be pretty impressive.

3 Have you ever play in other countries than Brazil? If yes, where? & how was it?

Yes, we just recently came back from our first European tour, and damn, was that fun or what? We did try to schedulle as many gigs as possible but unfortunatelly some were cancelled, but in the overall it was a really big experience for the whole band for sure.

4 On "Rage", the sound is very powerful & it's a very dynamic thrash metal . What are your influences?

Yeah, RAGE is a very Thrashy album, it was recorded back in 94 and some songs there are pretty old, at the time we were all into Exodus, Testament, Overkill, Forbidden, Vio-Lence, Slayer, there was no Pantera, Korn or Meshugahh at the time. So RAGE turned out to be our "kill 'em all". For the next album, our influences will be much more harder to identify. But all the bands here mentioned, are influences for sure.

5 After, "Rage", you made a tape with some "Rage" songs, some new ones & a cover of Slayer. What is this tape, what did you do it?

The tape was never meant to be "released". We decided to record that 'cause we wanna check out how the new songs were sounding like on tape. And we were very much happy with the final result. As was everybody else. The news about that "Live on RAGE" tape spread like hell down here and suddently everybody and I mean everybody, wanted to hear it or buy it. So what we decided to do is to mke more copies and start selling them, and that's what we're still doing.

6 What impress a lot in your music is the extreme ability of your drummer. Did he practise a lot?

Fabricio is for sure and I don't mean it to get cocky about it, one of the best drummer out there. He has been compared and even considered better than Lombardo, Igor from Sep, Bostaph, and that really just makes us really proud. I met Fabricio when he was really young, he still is, but I saw all his improvement over the years, he hardly could use the double-bass drum at the time for instance. The only problem about it is that we don't tell them all of that, so he won't get much too happy,you know...heheheh

7 What are the material that you use on stage & for recording sessions?

On stage I use a Marshall amp plug in my Jackson guitar (I have 2 of them), and that's it. No pedals for shitty effects or something like it, just the pure and heavy weight sound of the Marshalls ripping out. At the recording sessions I borrowed another Jackson from a friend and the amp I can remember what it was.

8 For now, what is the best quality of your CD & its fault (if there's one)?

I think the best quality of the CD is its quality, specially if you consider that this was our first album, I truly don't see any debut albums out there with such a great production and sound quality. The "fault" as you said, I think it's the age of RAGE songs. As I said before, the songs were pretty old at the time of the recording and that kindda forced Rage to be an old-timer record even before it was released, but of course, people still loves it, and that's what's good about it also.

9 What are your next projects?

We'll be in 2 new compilation albums, one for the Brazilian market and onother one for the European still this year, but sure is the new album that is our main purpose and toughts,the new album I'm sure will shake the planet, the new songs are great and the feeling is awesome. We're pretty close of signing with an European label for the new album, and because of that world distro will be guaranteed, and that sure will be great. Thanks for the support you all have been giving this band so far, and please stay doing the great work you all do, ok? Thanks and see ya!!!!!!

Here's other questions asked by Blended souls zine (a paper zine written in french that ofhten takes some of my interviews & that makes its own review of all CD's & demos, sent by bands)

At the hear of your CD, i feel like if you were influenced by Sepultura but also by thrash metal of the 80's. What do you think of this feeling?

Well, Sepultura was influenced by the mid80's thrashy songs, and therefore, as we were also, it sure may sound a bit like the oldest days of the good old Sep. But I think that the mid80's are the main influences of Rage for sure, stuff like Exodus, Slayer, Forbidden, Overkill, Testament, etc.,...

What do you think of the split of Sepultura?

To be honest with you, I think Max is kindda loosing the grip you know. Down here in Brazil he's not that much well seen, radicals reach the point to ask for his death, as a "traitor of the movement" and shit like that. He's into really nonsence kindda music, played some rap songs along some Brazilian bands, a few samba shit too, and stuff like that. But I think the other 3 dudes will do just fine. If people can accept them just as they did before, I'm sure that won't be much of a diference rather than the voice, of course.

you come from Brazil, what do you think of its underground sceene?

It's not as I wish it was but it's pretty nice. Bands don't have the helping and supporting attitude and producers are much more concerned in money than anything else, but I think that with time things will get better

Angra is another great band coming from Brazil, that willl surely become as known as Sepultura, Do you think that these 2 bands are doing a lot for underground brazilian sceene & will allow underground bands like you to be seen & discovered worldwide?

It's a possibility. Sep has opened many doors, in fact all of them, and the main help I think they give is is showing us that we also can get there where they are, it just depends on us.

Do you find a bass player, because on Rage, it's Marcus playing both guitars & bass?

Man, that bass shit was and is a really huge story. But to make it shorter, I recorded the bass on Rage, 'cause there was no bass player at the specific time of the bass section, if you know what I mean, but we do have a bass player, and his name is Leandro and he rips on bass much more that I do for sure. He wasn't with us at the recording section of Rage, he joined the band right after we released Rage.

Do you know some french bands?

Yeah, I have a tape from SnailBooster and it's ok, wish I had more, maybe you could help me, uh? Oh, and the delicious French Fries too, hehehhe, lame stupid joke, uh?

May be a last word:

Thank you ll for the great help you all have been giving us so far, it's sure more people like you we need to make the underground and Abhorrent stronger, thanks really a lot. Please stop by the site, allright? It's http://www.abordo.com.br/abhorrent/ See you there, take care, keep up the good work and see ya!!!!!!

Review :(See complete presentation ....The production of "Rage" is truly phenomenal. Between "Arise" & "And justice for all". In comparison with Sepultura, Abhorrent adds really good solis in songs, which remains Kirk Hammet in his young period. The drummer is very young (18) & incredible, he adds lots of things in his game & gives a lot of powerful in songs. It's really one of the best drummer in Thrash metal, very speed, very technical!! He brings an huge dyamic to the band. "Rage" is a fantastic thrash metal piece. For a first album it's areal masterstroke. "rage" is a 35 minutes album of total thrash metal full of rage. 

They 've just released a promo tape called "Live in Rage" (see the interview) where there's tracks from "Rage" (the album), some unreleased tracks & a fantastic cover of Reign in Blood" of Slayer. This time again, there's no failure ni this job. Great sound, great songs & the band confirms that it's really the most interested one that appears. their technical level is very impressive. On the tape, the sound is different from the album & remains american bands like Machine head, ...

Abhorrent is a band to discover & follow because it 'll not stay longer in underground & surely become the referencee for the next years.

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