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  1 - ABS records - CLM is a new - young company ( you'll see that i make a huge mistake! but it's probably because in France, we'ven't hard a lot of Axel & i really don't know why!). Can you tell us how you get the idea of a new company & why you decide to create a new one?

1983 Publication of the first German magazine for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music - AARDSCHOK -

1984 Discoverer and producer of the Düsseldorf band WARLOCK with front lady DORO PESCH, who became the famouest German rock lady here and abroad at the end of the 80's. Discoverer and producer of the Bochum band STEELER where guitarist Axel Rudi Pell came from to have enourmous success in his solo career in Japan and Germany since 1990.

1985 Release of the first german christmas-metal-record - X-MAS PROJECT. 1986 Discoverer of the Aachen band HOLY MOSES, whose female singer Sabina Claaßen should start later the most important German rock show MOSH on RTL television.

Discoverer of the Brasilian band SEPULTURA for the European market. After release of the first two LP's on the company owned record label SHARK RECORDS this band became one of the best selling heavy metal underground bands with meanwhile over 1 mio sold units per release. Release of a record which will became a real cult status "Shark Attack" from the American hardcore-fun-band WEHRMACHT:

1991 First licence contracts with Japan are concluded with releases of the American cult band TITAN FORCE.

1992 Discoverer and co-producer of the rock LP of the month - CHANNEL ZERO - in the most important German writing magazine ROCK HARD.

1992 The French group MASSACRA is being sold to the worldwide operating Polygram group who is representing in Germany many artists as for example ABBA, BON JOVI, METALLICA, ELTON JOHN etc. Sales climb over 10.000 within shortest time. Licence contracts with JVC Victor / Japan and ALFA records / Japan are concluded.The licences for - ELEGY - Labyrinth of Dreams and STRATOVARIUS -Twilight Time reach positions in the official japanese charts.

1994 Joint Venture with the Berlin label MODERN MUSIC / NOISE RECORDS (HELLOWEEN, RAGE, GAMMA RAY, KREATOR etc.) and once again great success with some releases in Japan. Because of this cooperation the releases of VIRGIN STEELE - Life Among The Ruins, CAPRICORN - Capricorn, PHANTOM - Cyberchrist and of course ELEGY - Supremacy and STRATOVARIUS - Dreamspace reach an enourmous popularity in entire Europe.A further highlight of this year is the solo LP of STRATOVARIUS mastermind Timo Tolkki.

1995 Release of STRATOVARIUS - FOURTH DIMENSION with over 45.000 Cd´s sold in Japan and VIRGIN STEELE - MARRIAGE BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL Pt.I. Foundation of CREAM RECORDS , which is promoted and marketd through ROUGH TRADE RECORDS worldwide with the exception of Japan.The first releases under this new roof are ; New York based group HOLY MOTHER featuring Randy Coven on bass( known for his work with STEVE VAI , MOUNTAIN , and his three Solo Cd´s ) and Jim Harris ( ex- drummer from DIRTY LOOKS ),and the fifth Cd from MASSACRA - HUMANIZE HUMAN . As a follow up to the 1985 release X-MAS PROJECT the X-MAS PROJECT Vol. II was released as the third CREAM RECORDS release. In the same year 8 out of 12 CLM productions scored under the top 15 in germans famous magazine ROCK HARD .

1996 The VIRGIN STEELE - MARRIAGE BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL Pt. II was released ,scored 2nd place in ROCK HARD and sold over 15.000 in Europe. A very successful compilation series STAHLMASTER sees the light of day and the best production that was ever done by CLM - N.O.W ( ex HOLY MOTHER ) TABLOID CRUSH expect to gain the big goal in 1997.

1997 The first release of 1997 ENOLA GAY - PRESSURE ( 27th.Jan. ) scored No. 5 in ROCKHARD , Febr.1997.

1997 The new build a-b-s records starts in May and the re-release of TIMO TOLKKI`s Solo CD - CLASSICAL THEMES AND OTHER VARIATIONS sold immediately unbelievable good figures.All other re-releases like TITAN FORCE I + II and WEHRMACHT - BIERMÄCHT sold also very well. The newcomers MANIFEST DESTINY; IMAGIKA try to find their place in the market and the release from german band G.REIZZT ( sung in german ) get their first good reviews in the german press.At the end of the year the sampler STAHLMASTER , Vol 3 ( with STRATOVARIUS , GAMMA RAY , VIRGIN STEELE, HAMMERFALL, ELEGY just to name a few ) and the now on one CD combined X-MAS PROJECT Vol. I + II were released.

1998 The first release of 1998 HOLY MOTHER - TOXIC RAIN took the hearts by every true power metal fan by storm. Since June a joint venture between MODERN MUSIC / NOISE RECORDS and abs records was build to make the releases from abs records more and better available in germany and Europe.

The first releases SYRIS - UNSEEN FORCES FIERCE CONVICTION - THE REQUIEM OF A MOURNER BURNING STARR BULLHORN - LADISH establish this new partnership throughout Europe.

2 - Your first releases are Holy Mother, Syris, Fierce Conviction. All bands evolved in a melodic style or Heavy metal. don't you want to sign more aggressive bands?

Please see my enclosed history, and maybe one of my next bands will be a swedish melodic /death band.

3 You've got now a partnership with Noise records. Can you tell us moreabout this deal. What can they give to you more?

They are really good distributed all over Europe .that´s one of the reasons.Another one is with a good catalogue overall it´s easier to find an interest with distribution companies ( and by the way, the partnership with NOISE is, because I was the owner of T & T RECORDS and sold this ,inclusive the bands STAROVARIUS,VIRGIN STEELE and ELEGY to NOISE )

4 What are your coming releases?

We will have some re-releases through NOISE ( TOXIC RAIN with a new cover, and the next HOLY MOTHER - CRIMINAL AFTERLIFE - febr. 1999). In November 1998 we will have X-MAS PROJEKT Vol. 2 with members of RAGE , STRATOVARIUS,HOLY MOTHER , TANKARD GRAVE DIGGER etc.

5 What sort of problem do you meet as a young record company?

Distribution, Bands.

6 Distribution is many times a real problem . Do you think that it's different for you as you're working with Noise?

Yes, it´s easier to get the CD´s to the shops.

7 What sort of bands can expected to be sign on ABS/CLM ?

Every kind as long as it´s hard and melodic.

8 Is the country where a band come from an important thing for you?

I like bands from all countries,but to be honest I don´t like german bands.

9 Do you know some french metal bands ( past or present)?

Please see my history - MASSACRA-!

10 Imagine you can sign the band you want. which one would you like to sign & why ?

I would like to sign a swedish melodic metal band because of their fantastic melodies, but I don´t know any known band which I would like to sign. I always try to get new bands with something interesting.    

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