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CLM - Po Box 22 02 11 - 45 067 Essen - Germany - Phone 2327-322417 - Fax 2327-321978

Label web site : http://www.clm.de - E mail : clm@clm.de

CLM-ABS records is a new german company. Having released amazing productions in only a few months, Noise, teh famous german label ( which discovered the most important german bands of the 80's) decided to ask ABS to become a partner of Noise.

That's why, you can find all ABS productions under license of Noise music. It's a proof of thie professionalism of this young company & it's also a proof that bands released there are really excellent.

Read the interview of their manager, Axel


Releases :

Style : Heavy metal - Album : Toxic Rains - Interview - http://meltingpot.fortunecity.com/pender/845/index.html

These Americans has just released the ultimate album of heavy metal music ! What a pleasure to hear a such work of art ! This album would have to enter the pantheon of one of the best Heavy metal piece that has ever been released! As soon as the first song began, the band takes its flight with a «Wars » destined to become a piece of anthology ! The chant makes especially think of the great Ronnie James Dio .Tthe singer of Holy Mother really seems to have been inspired by him. In any case, vocal melodies are very good and there is no fault in the interpretation. What an evolution since his experience with Jack Starr! Its voice has been metamorphosed, more aggressive, higher tone with a larger range ! Both powerful, rapid but as able of subtleties, the group plays without any delays tracks that are as more forceful as the previous ones. «My destination» is really a captivating song with a really memorable chorus. «The river» flirts with the melodic speed metal style. The bassist and the drummer play together to wonder. (What a huge sound they have ! ). The cover of Judas Priest «Youíve got another thing coming» is played at the perfection . Very close to the original version, itís sure that the band is really easily when they have to play some classics songs like this one. The intro of « Melting Pot » will even remain us Helloween with its melodies of guitars. Brief, this album is totally indispensable to fans of Heavy metal! And to those that think that this style of music has no longer its place on the metal scene , listen carefully to some excepts of this album & you will see what a good metal band is. Holy Mothers with this album, is going to become an indispensable band on the world metal scene. 11 tracks for 41 minutes of legend !

Hereís the re-release of the first album of Holy Mother, the geniuine « Toxic Rain ». ABS records has just released it again with a new & incredible cover. Why ? Because the band were not satisfied with the first one. You can know more by reading the interview made with the band & by looking at the review made last time on the presentation of ABS records!

But the interest f this re-release is not only the new cover. ABS records doesnít want people to think that they want to make more & more money on fans ; Thatís why, itís a 2 Cd box set. The 2d Cd is in fact. In it, you cna hear tracks coming from Fierce Conviction Ďs lastest album (Requiem of the mourner »), from Syris (« Unseen forces »), from Burning Starr ; Thereís also one unreleased tracks from Holy mother from the recording session of Toxic Rain . For this band, you can discover in exluvisity one demo version(« what if tomorrow never comes ») & one track (« rage ») of the forthcoming album . Thereís also a rough demo of a track coming from Fierce Conviction & destined to their new .

The 9 other tracks of this Cd come from other artists to be released on ABS records. Enola Gay with one excellent track of power metal from their forthcoming album (april 1999). Tales of Mystery will also have an album out in the beginning of 1999. This band is maybe the coming revelation of the progressive scene.

Then, Bullhorn proposes a refreshing track of good heavy rock influenced by AC/DC ( hear their riffs & sound) but with a feeling close to 80ís us bands. Their singer remains strongly Vince Neil (Motley Crue) & Kevin Du Brow (Quiet Riot) .

Titan Force has 2 tracks. First one from its first CD ( selftitled) & 2d one from its new album (« winner/loser »). The band plays heavy speed metal with a lot of melodies & a high pitched singer. The singer mreains me the first singer of Fates Warning with some Peavey Wagner (Rage) touches. Classical but efficient.

Cerebus sounds really strange in ABS productions. It seems coming right from 80ís session & it sounds like in the beginning of the thrash metal wve but with a melodic singer.

X-Mas Project seems to be an unreleased tracks from Rage but with a joyful feeling. Iím really asking myself if Peavey Wagner is not the singer of this band !To describe this track, maybe i can say, itís a Rage track with the fun of Helloween .

Wehrmacht is with Cerebus very different from what release ABS. Itís a thrash metal track, which plays very speed. A kind of old Kreator, Sodom or better Tankard. Very hardcore !

The last surprise of this album is a track cominf from Timo Tolkki, the guitar player of Stratovarius. This tittle comes from his solo album. Timo has nothing to prove as musicians, but this tittle remains us that he is one of the most clever guitar player of north of Europe but Timo is more a great composer

. So, as you can see, this new version of « Toxic Rain » really worths.


Style : Heavy metal - Album : Unseen Forces

Coming from a town near Chicago in the USA, Syris is often described as a progressive metal phenomena. Combining raw power & soulful melodies, the band created its own music. After a first album released in 1995 which proves their good songwrting& musicianship, the band changed its lineup. But in 1998, theíre back with a second album called Unseen Force & released by Crazy Life Music - ABS records.

The heavy metal makes really a return in strength! After an ' Accident of Birth' of Bruce Dickinson which enabled us to join again with a somptuous heavy metal, Syris and its ' Unseen force' has released too an essential heavy metal album and which only requires to become a reference . If you liked the album of Bruce Dickinson, this one should make you a lot of pleasure! One can almost say that it is the logical continuation of Accident of birth'! In any case, the same elements can be found: powerful riffs, high level melodies, inspired solis. Syris has an undeniable « know-how » as regards inHeavy metal. And with a singer of the hardening of Scott Huffmann, the group does not have anything to envy with the best! With its intonations that would not disavow Bruce Dickinson (moreover, you can be mistaken per moments, as on the splendid ballad called ' Broken soul'!), he carries the group on his shoulders & makes it reach a higher level! This singer forms part of the elite of the metal, be sure! And more, as the songs are inspired, we hold there an album of reference for all those which were rocked by the heavy metal. But, donít mislead, this album does not sound! It better symbolizes the revival of the heavy metal scene in all its splendour! The next album is highly awaited ! When you known that Noise records takes a spartner ABS records & will distribute & promote ABS productions , we got there the insurance to hold one of the future pillars of the power metal scene!

Style : Melodic thrash metal - Album :The requiem of a mourner

Released by ABS records / Crazy Life Music, Fierce Conviction will surely make some surprises. First of all, the quality of the production put the group at its advantage. Thereís absolutly no weaknesses to find. The power of songs has not been sacrificed to the profit of melodies, it is again a good point to put to the advantage of the band. Then, the quality of musicians that compose this band has not to be put in doubt. Guitarists are able to surprise us in solo as well as in rhythmic parts. Elsewhere, some parts of guitars remind the best bands of melodic thrash that appeared in the metal wave of the 80's ( as Annihilator like for «Confusion»). In more, the singer succeeds there where a lot of bands have already failed ! He arrives ,each time to find the just melody, the unstoppable chorus, the one that stay for a long time in your mind. Thereby, songs follow and do not look like to the previous ones ! The band alternates calm songs, more powerful ones , ballads with a such easiness that the 10 songs that constitute this album seem too shorts ! What is especially substantial with Fierce Conviction is the fact that they have been able to enrich their music with more current trends. Some will be able to speak of musical opportunism when theyíll speak about this band, it would be necessary better to speak of musical intelligence. Because only a few bands are able to offer us albums as effective as this one. If you are kind of powerful and melodies, Fierce Conviction is undoubtly the one that you need ! If it was necessary to give some comparisons with other bands, we can compare them to bands like Lions's Share, Stratovarius, Superior. Fierce Conviction evolves to frontiers of the progressive metal scene but it also stays in the power metal scene as well & keeps its powerful side. So, all songs are between 4 and 6 minutes. « The requiem of has mourner» is the kind of album that can reconcile metal and melodies. As soon as you play it, this album will turn in loops for a long time ! A reference !


Style :Heavy metal - Album :Burning Starr

Burning Starr is the re issue of solo albums of Jack Starr ! Jack Starr is a guitar hero whose origins are French ! He has been made known with his first famous band called Virgin Steele whose he was one pillars. Elsewhere albums where he played features among the best ones released Virgin Steele. After this episode, Jack has left the band to lead its solo career and creates Jack Starrís Burning Starr ! 2 albums have been released during this period. CLM - ABS records has the excellent idea to propose us both of them in a single package, remastered and under format CD. In this band , because it concerns a group there more that a real solo project, are present too, Mike Tirelli and Jim Harris, respectively singer and guitarist of Holy Mother (whose album is also available at ABS/CLM). Originally issued in 1987 et1988, these songs doesnít sound old and it is with an immense pleasure that we rediscover or discover these songs. We can notice that Mike Tirelli possessed a sharper voice than with Holy Mother. And even if he has made immense progress, he was already a fearsome singer. Songs as « Send me an angel» are excellent. For all melodic Heavy metal addict, that love gifted singer and talented guitarist, this album is an obligatory purchase. Jack Starr is a fearsome composer and he knows to make him forgotten to the profit of his music or his musicians. Thatís why this album is a so interesting one. In main times, guitar hero never leave enough places for other musicians & singers to express themselves totally, Jack leaves them a total liberty. Thereby, songs are far stronger and largely better and efficient. The 62 minutes of this album are really efficient as well as equally surprising as it was in 1987 1988. With the return in force of the Heavy metal, this album positions in a must-have. It reminds us how much Jack Starr is one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation and one the most convincing composers of melodic heavy metal. It is not then surprising, 10 later years to find in Holy Mother, qualities already present on this album. Songs as « Burning Starr », which is a real killer song or the magnificent ballad « Love can't wait» can still be listened to with such a real pleasure that it would be fool to pass through this reissue.


Contact : http://www.zanister.com - general@leviathanrecords.com  -    http://www.clm.de   - clm@clm.de

Album :  Symphonica Millennia  - Style : Heavy  symphonic Metal-

On my left, the brilliant guitar hero, Mickael Harris. On my right, the multi talented Us guitar hero David T. Chastain. The combinatin of both best guitar player has already be put on Cd with the famous live album Chastain/Harris. But here, the 2 guitar player write new songs ( Mark Shelton from Maniall Road also collaborates on one song "The Edge of sanity"). The musical area delivers here is pure heavy symphonic metal. Helped wth a very good singer , both powerful & aggressive, Zanister recored 10 excellent songs. Each guitar player gets his own style & their combination is amazing. Mickael Harris is maybe a little more technical than David T. Chastain, but this one is probably more original. So, instead of showing a kind of confrontation, a " guitar fight", "Symphonica Millennia" presents 2 complementary musicians. When you know how good their respective carrers are, you can imagine how is the result.  Between evident melodies & musical beauty, Zanister releases a brilliant album. Simply the best heavy metal album ever released !


Contact :   http://www.clm.de   - clm@clm.de

Album : No escape  - Style : Heavy  speed Metal- Shark records / Black Cat distribution

A bomb ! nobody expected this from a band releasing its first album. If you've grew up with Stratovarius, Malmsteen & all this genuine heavy metal scene, At Vance will kick your ass seriously ! If perfection has a name, it's At Vance ! influenced by the neo classical composer ( & it's more than evidence with the Vivaldi's cover of 4 seasons), At vance reveals a fantastic guitar player, Olaf Lenk , a brilliant singer Oliver Hardmann & 3 other talented musicians. "No Escape" shows various songs, from the speed metal hymn "Flying High" to divine instrumpental ("No Speak", 4 seasons"), to mid tempos songs "Power & Glory", ...).
This album gives me the same feeling than when the first time I've listened to "Marching Out" of Malmsteen. This combination of this amazing guitar work & giner is really unbelievable. & last but not least, At vance is probably the only band able to make disco music interesting, hear the superb cover of Abba "Money Money". It's outbreathing ! Just perfect! Thanks to Axel Thubeauville form Shark records for revealing this band !

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