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1 Can you resume the story of Absu?

1. Acutally, this "klan" was originated in the Autumn of 1989, utilizing our initial monicker "Dolmen." In 1991 after realizing how much we had in common with the dogma of Mesopotamian mythology, we decided to change the name to ABSU, which can be defined as either the "Primum Mobile," "Blackened Earth," or even an "Underworld Ocean." The objective of the band: "mythological occult metal musick for the mind;" we desperately wanted to create an atmosphere beyond death metal, beyond black metal, beyond thrash, and way beyond any formation of extreme metal musick (...even though we were/are heavily indulged by these styles of course...). We study magick and alchemical sciences, so why not incorporate this power of the subconscious plateau into a fashion of euphony, not even attempted by man nor mortal. With almost 10 years under our gauntlets, I think most of you are aware of the remaining history, archives, and releases.

2 You've released a new mCD. Why did you choose a miniCD instead of a full length album?

2. It takes ABSU a tad bit longer to release an album than the average band because we are simply "perfectionists." We had never released a mini-disque before, so Osmose and ourselves thought it would be a good idea to pursue this, in order to release a product quicker. Plus, we are involved in a heap of project formations that are next in line towards ABSU. If we could find "permanent members" to sufficiently complete the Cythraul Klan, then we could most likely release full-length albums a helluva lot more efficiently. By the way everybody, ABSU is now metamorphisized down to a duo, which consists of Shaftiel and thyself, as Equitant is no longer a part of this fucking kult.

3 Your style is very original. Is it really hard to reecord songs like that & to get an audible result,

3. Why is it so difficult to "record" songs like what?

4 From which bands do you think you're the closest one?

4. ABSU sounds like Slayer meets Kreator meets Genesis to Magma.

5 You record a MAiden track for a tribute album out on Dwell records. Which tracks do you play? How do you explain that only a few bands are able to play cover from this band?

5. We decided to cover the instrumental hymn from the B-side of the debut Iron Maiden, "Transylvania." We chose to reduplicate an instrumental track because I cannot 100% cover the libratto of DiAnno nor Dickenson, and I refuse to copy their voices in a "blackened" fashion, more or less - acute disgrace it would be. Plus, this is hymn is a landmark and one of our favorite maiden tracks perpetually! Iron Maiden is not an easy cover band whatsoever, but we pulled it off affirmatively. On "A Call to Irons" tribute, I feel there are only three fair tracks on the entire disque, excluding our cover.

6 Can you already tell us more about t eforthcoming album

6. The title of the fourth ABSU opus will be monickered "Tara" and shall feature the following 13 hymns:

"Tara" "Pillars Of Mercy" "A Shield With An Iron Face" "Cries Of Sanity" "She Cries The Quiet Lake" "To The Gallows" "Spell 181" "Vorago (Spell 182)" "Four Crossed Wands" "From Ancient Times (Starless Skies Burn to Ash)" "The Great Battle Moving From Ideal To Actual" "Hall Of The Masters" "Tara (reprise...)"

Okkult rock, dammit! We shall start this fukker up in June or July, I thinkk.

? 7 What are your lyrics talking about?

7. Thoth, magick, ancestry, alchemy, immortality, wands, sirens, etc...

8 A last word?

8. Hail Fee Fucking Waybill of The Tubes!

Sir Proscriptor McGovern proscriptor@webtv.net

The Cythraul Klan Of ABSU http://www.geocities.com/EnchantedForest/Cottage/4241/

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