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Contact : Cyril Achard - Qu. La Monteronne - 13 790 Rousset - FRANCE

1 Can you present yourself & introduce us your first album? 

I'm 25 years old, play the guitar since i'm 13 & have only studied jazz. 'Confusion' is written & arranged between february & july 1996. The most part of the song were originally written to be sung, on a acoustic guitar. Then, everything was adapted to give an instrumental album. That's why it's so melodic.  

2 What was the recording conditions that you get & on what sort of materiel do you record & play for this album?

I paid everything for this album & had to do with few money. I paid to get a rehearsal-local for 36 weeks, too make the recording. I paid a sound enginner to work & come with this material. We did the mix at home. I played peavy amps, Ibanez & Godin guitars, Ovation too. We worked on DR4-DR8 & ADAT. 

3What are our influences ?

My influences : Metallica, Toto, Queen, Charlie Parker, Jazz ² jazz rock in general (Chick Corea, Mike Brecker). I love Sting, Stevie Wonder, some guitarist too : Jason Becker & Cacophony, Dream Theater of course. 

4 Your music remains sometimes the instrumental parts of Dream Theater 's songs. But your music evolves more in a dimension close to bands like Magellan ou shadow Gallery. Do you agree with this analysis & what does this band represent for you?

I can't say anything about those bands, some i've never heard of them & someothers, i just know their name. I don't like Progressive music, I just know a little about Yes, Marillion,, ... I don't even have an album of them. 

5 You're signed on Brennus records. Did you have other proposals & can you explain your choice signing with them?

I could have signed on an american label. They could work on 'confusion' in U.S. & Japan but I had no guarantee to have a good distribution in France, & Europe. Musea-Brennus was more influent in this way. 

6 What are the reactions facing the album? 

The reaction was the same for every people who heard the album (musicians, fans, press, ...) : every one loves it. I'm not sure everyone was honest but that's the reaction. 

7 what are your coming projects?

I've recorded an instrumental video for 'connection'. There's a live album for Musea with 'Impermanence' & a new track that's coming out soon. I'm working on a new album with a singer, may be i'll sing it if I don't find he right one. We'll record it next august. "Heavy progressive metal" songs.


8 How do you explain the relative fail of Arakken your last band? 

Arraken needed a singer more powerful than a woman could do & a good management to find tours. 

9 What does lack the french scene & bands to be as equal as american or german bands? 

We need people to take risks, people to work with bands that no one knows about. People are enough to hear & see the same old band : Patrick rondat, Minimum vital, Pendragon, ... New bands must have a chance to be discovered.

10 A last word?

I hope 'Confusion' will give you desire to buy my next album, I really think it will bring something fresh compare to old the poor thing that unfortunately appear like Symphony X & all Dream Theater clones. 

Happy new year!

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