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Adress : Christian Bivel / BP 2 / 01540 Vonnas / France

Phone : 33 4 74 25 25 57 - Fax : 33 4 74 25 25 58

This label is one of the "most ancient" in France. So they propose more than 40 productions from different style : Death metal, Grind, Heavy doom, Black metal,Dark metal, ......Adipocere try to find bands making original gothic, black, or death metal. They also distribute lots of CD's , some of them came from other label, others are self produced CD's from unsigned bands. Adipocere also re issue demo tapes on CD's like Kalisia. So don't hesitate to contact them.

The news from the record company are teh come-back of french cult band Nightmare, the enw project of Lord Vincent : Winds of Sirius.

Here's a presentation of diversified productions of Adipocere records : Nightmare Mephistopheles , Evol , Akhenaton , Moonspell,Diabolical Masquerade , Kalisia , Forest of Souls , Eros Necropsique , Melek Tha , Neolithic , Excidium , God Forsaken ,Matutina Noctem, Proton burst , Eros necropsique


: Evol , Your Shapeless Beauty , Sacramentum, Let me Dream, , Neolithic ,

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mCD : Astral deliverance - Label : Adipocere records - Style : Heavy metal
12 years after, Nightmare is back ! What a great surprise. The reissue’s trend has teh merit to make some of the best 80’s bands back. So, Nightmare decides to start again & to give a following to an acclaimed european carrer. The first step to conquer again metal fans is this mCD, a tribute to Jean marie Boix, the voice of Nightmare. The new singer is not an unknown guy, because it’s Nightmare’s drummer  Jo amore ( he has been a singer for almost 10 years . he works with Temple, with Apocalypse & with several  more. ) On drums, it’s now Jo’s brother. So, it’s quite the original line up here. But how can yo imagine Nightmare in the  en dof the 90’s ? Nightmare decides to stay Nightmare. So, no musical revolution ! nightmare will stay Nightmare. But this time, it’s a 90’s version of the band. So, this mCd presents 2 new tracks & 2 songs re-recorded from their past albums (The legend & Princess of the rising Sun). The production is completly modern : heavy guitars parts, with numerous harmonies. Jo is amazing. He’s got an incredible voice. He’s both powerful & precise. His interpretation of the oldest tracks is without weaknesses. So, only 4 tracks + an intro, but it gives the will to listen to more music. The exceptionnal gig (more than 800 metal fans !) done during october in Grenoble with Dyslesia & ADX proves that Nightmare has got a lot more to say . Now, the band works on a live album . But all we hope now, is to see the release of this expected third album.


Album : Sycamore grove - Style : heavy dark metal

Your Shapeless Beauty has been influenced by a large range of meatl bands. From the most melodic ones : Helloween, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Deep Purple to the most extreme one : My dying bride, Cathedral, Napalm Death, Christian Death, …So, the musical universe of this french band is not easy to define. Of course, YSB remains an agressive band but with tons of melodies & harmonies; For example the first track of this album "Le berceau de l'ange" is a typical heavy metal song like Maiden used to write. But vocals are closed to black death ones. YSB can be compared to a more melodic Dark Tranquillity. There's also a large part of the music that crated some good surroundings ("On the wings of the black rain"); To achieve this result, the less to get is very good guitars parts & YSB's ones are very attractive. Both powerful & melodic, there's tons of good solos & guitars duets as there is in the best heavy metal records. The technical level is really good. More, the production is very good & that's new for YSB ( it's true that their previous album was just a demo pressed on CD). So, this surprising album is a real revelation.


History : Mephistopheles come from Germany. Thiis band is also the new sign of Adipocere Records , the famous & underground french label. So, it's sure that Mephistopheles is a quite different band than the other german ones. Mephistopheles evolves in the black metal sceene. The band was created in 1994. Thier first name was Odin. After rehearsal & several recording never released, the band decided to get more stage experience with the help of a rythm machine as drummer. But they soon complete the line up. Then, they recorded in ten days "Landscape Symphonies" at the Hell's gate studio . After, they hear from them, Adipocere sign them & finally thy released the album in the summer of 1997.

Review : After a short intro, Mephistopheles starts with a fast song where immediatly come out the melodies of guitars. It's sure that as they said in their bio, they own a good technical level, over the average like in "The overture of the night". However, the band has made an incredible work concerning the composition & structure of songs. It sounds definitly original & innovative. On some songs like "Cosmos" a female singer compete with the black metal voice. It enrichs songs a lot. The blend of voices are really well done & originally made. If the label of symphonic black metal is often used nowadays, Mephistopheles is more a porgressive black metal act, because the band knows how to blend aggressive parts with subtile ones. & it never look likes a collection of riffs. There's plenty of melodies that enter memory easily. They come from guitars parts but also from vocals line like on "Cosmos" or "My throne of wisdom". More over, the 2 guitarist complete themselves at their best & sometimes they can remain through their harmonies what we use to hear from heavy metal bands ("Darkclouds"). They also uses all the possibilities offered by their guitars : clean parts blended with distorted guitars,...Mephistopheles is definitly a band created by real musicians : hear the instrumental "Destiny calls", a song close to what a band like Paradise Lost could write. For a first album, it's a really good one. The band find their own style, blend of surroundings & progressive parts . At the end of this album, "Infinite dreams" also shows that Mephistopheles will also progress & they show all the influences that are not come only from black metal . So, it's a band to follow.....


"The personal fragment of life" is in fact the released in Cd by Adipocere records of the last demo of Neolithic. This Cd was issued in 1995. Even if it's a demo, the sound is really good & sometimes better than some albums. After a calm intro, where musicians show that they have a good technical level, the band leads us to the heavy doom metal sceene. Neolithic takes care of having good melodies in music even if the singer growls with a death metal style voice. Structures of the osngs are always different, it's not often the case with a demo. There's sometimes some keyboards parts that appear on some songs. Guitars do an impressive melodic work , even in the leads. On some songs, "Nightly friends" or "undesirable return", a spoken voice or a sweet one appears. It gives another dimension to the music. This great work on melodies in the composition of tracks, allows Neolithic to avoid to be a linear band or to propose a collection of riffs without coherence. As it's often mid tempos songs, the drummer is able to give special surroundings to his play. To enrich songs, Neolithic also uses some violin parts that strenghten the meldic aspect of guitars & songs. So, this demo Cd shows a promising band with a real potential , confirmed with the first album of the band, still released by Adipocere records on 1996 : "For destroy the lament".


Album : For destroy the lament - Style : Doom death metal

This albums is in fact the last demos of Neolithic reissued on CD. It has been released in 1996. Most of times, Polish bands get good ideas but a poor sound. Neolithic was for me the first professional band from this country. A lot of nowadays bands can thank them for their work. Signed on Adipocere in 1996, the band reissued its demo on CD & then recorded a first album ("Fragment of life"). These demos sounds very good & sometimes better than some albums released todays. Neolithic reveals at this time a high potential & technical level. Their musicianship is impressive & the quality of the melodies created for these songs are totally awesome. The large variety of vocals mixed with the quality arrangements are a trademark for Neolithic. This band gets a kind of royal loudness, like a death metal version of Candlemass. Never out of ideas, Neolithic's songs reveals a lot of emphasis. It's a pity that the band neer released new tracks since 1997.


Style Black metal-

Band web site at : or

or Web site :

E mail :

Evol comes from Italia. It's a 3 piece band that was created in 1993 : 2 men & one woman. The band evolves in the black metal sceene & describes itself as a pure atomospheric black metal act. One thing is sure with Evol it's that they compose in a very original way. Originality in the composition & in the tone that tend to medieval style ("the eve", i.e. ). For instance, Evol has released 2 demos " The Tale of the horned king" & " the dark dreamquest part 1" albums. This last one was released by maggot productions & is still available through Adipocere records. More over, Adipocere recordssigned the band & released 2 albums yet : The first one is called "Saga of the horned King" & the 2d one "Dreamquest". A new mCd has been released !!!!

Saga of the horned King : Keyboards are an omnipresent instrument in Evol's music. & it's ot only an use for surroundings. Keyboards bring a large part of the melodies & are sometimes the basis of some songs. ("Through foggy pains..." or " the present age" ). There's also 2 singer in the band : the first one in a black metal style, the second one is a female singer ( so, female voice is not only an added voice, put there only for surroundings). These 2 voices are largerly used. When guitars & drums appear, it's often to emphasize & strenghthen melodies. Musically speaking, tempos are rather slow. Surroundings are dark & very sad & based on the repetition. Evol is like a black metal version of old Paradise Lost ( "Sorrow the witch") . For a first album, sound is quite good & arrangements are audacious ( "the return of the horned king"). It's a real anguish album with a rich music based on subtle arrangements.

Dreamquest : With this 2d album, Evol goes in the same way than the first one. But the band has made alot of progress, in thier technical level, in their ability of composition, in their sound, ...Evol is now a mature band & they become fearsome & handsome. It's still a blend of heavy songs with mediaval tone, but this time, tempos are rather rapid & sometimes speed ("flying with the night-gaunts" or "the black crystal of Astar". The whole album seems less dark. Structures of the songs are more complex & the band uses more original instruments & sound, even if keyboards are still omnipresent. Musically speaking, rythmics are more & more heavier & sometimes it can remain Metallica ( "dark stairs of R'lyeh"). Evol succeeds in enriching again its music with a great vocals work : use of various tone, gothic, death, opera, black, female, there's also a pure black metal voice singing!!...Evol still knows how to frighthened audience. Their universe is still fearsome. Evol takes again the basis of its music & continue to innovate & enrich them, to offer a new album that surpass the first one. It's sure that Evol is perhaps too much complex if you want to discover lack metal, but the band, created by skilled musicians is one of the best one & one the most original in that style. Note that there's also an hidden track on Dreamquest...

Album mini CD: Ancient Abbey

Evol is back with a mini CD, before a 3d CD (Portraits) that will soon be available. Created in 1993, Evol still pursues its way developped on 'the saga of the horned king' & their last & excellent album 'Dreamquest'. If at their beginning, Evol created keyboards songs among 'classical' ones,, they did differently for their second album which was blending more keyboards within songs. More, some of them were  built on keyboards parts instead of doing like several bands( that adds keys parts after creating songs). For this mini CD, Evol makes us wait with 5 tracks. The first one is 11 minutes long & based upon several movements like on classical music. There's 3 chapter. It's a classical made songs for Evol. But the most interesting one is surely the instrumental 'Phenomena' which is very attractive . The tittle track of this album is one of the most brutal song they composed . It starts very rapidly& then it takes a more reasonnable tempos. Still blending a black metal voice with a female spoken voice, Evol masters it more & more through the years. Now, the 3d album must establish them definitly!

Album : Portraits - Style : Atmospheric black metal

Band: - -

It was a long time ago. Portraits was announced there's more than 1 year. But nothing come except a mini album, "Ancient Abbey" that was just an appetizer. But now, "portraits" is out, finally out ! There's no musical revolution in Evol. The band has found its style in its early years & now, Evol develops its as more as it can. But this album could vertainly be the one of consecration for the italian band. It has never be as rich as in "Portraits". Harmonies, surroundings, melodies have been really worked. Keyboards have taken a more & more important place as well as the female vocals. It's no more opera singing, but jsut a lancinant chant counterbalanced by raw vocals. But facing long dark atmospheric songs, Evol aslo created speed black metal piece which seems very primitive facing the other songs. On "Portraits", the mroe atmospheric sngs are really better than the speed ones, despite the spped songs are also melodic & well structured with good break parts. But the amazing ability of Evol to create dark & emotional climate ("portraits", "Inquisition begins", …) is so evident than evolving in an other way seems less interesting. So, it takes a long time for Evol & Adipocere to release this album, but when you hear the result, you really apreciate it!


Forest of Souls was created in 1994. 4 months later, a demo is recorded & released on mid 1995. It's called "War & poetry". This demo was sold out in 5 months. One month later, Adipocere released the demo as a limited edition on a mCD with a new sound (like with Kalisia ) In 1996, the band changes its line up & makes its first concert. then, they works on songs for a first album. They enter the studio in 1997 to record "Contes et Légendes d'Efeandayl". This album is a lyrical concept one based on a imaginary world. songs are tales lezgends on this world. Musically speaking, Forest of souls described itself as mixing melancholy melodies, war , sadness & pain.

War & Poetry : Forest of souls plays on this mCd a various black metal. Tempos are rarely ultra speed (only for some rare parts) , it's rather slow with a blend of black & death metal voice coupled with a singing voice near from "opera" singer. the whole mCd is better melancholic than brutal. On it, 2 songs are only made by keyboards ( war & poetry, act 1 & act 2 ) The gait of the band is quite original ( into the infinity...that starts at a slow tempo with clear guitars, keyboards & a lyrical voice). This osng can remain a louder version of Candlemass but in fact, with this demo, the band evolves between Evol & Evoken.

Contes et légendes d'Efendayl ( 1 bonus track on the digipack version) : It's their real first demo after the unique demo "War & poetry". It's also a concept album. At first, it's evident that the band has made a lot of progress ( drummer now brings subtleties in his game like in Esmahilv). Their technical level is now better & their sound too. This better technical quality allows them to be more efficient. Songs are better structured, more various , less linear. It's in fact the same ingredient than for the demo, but a a better level of composition & play. there's now a female singer that appears on 2 songs ( "The discret Korrigan's presence" & "song for the autumn lady" ). But the main vocals are now the singing voice in a opera style. This gives to the band an extreme originality that allows them to be really different from other bands & to express more darkness in their melodies. More over, they also work on several vocals arrangements like in "Watcher's line". Now, Forest of Souls is nearer from the quality standard of a band like Evol & Candlemass. But now, Forest of Souls has got its own personality. Different suroundings are blended, more different instrments are used ( a lot of acoustic guitars like in the ballad "the time of broken gates, part2" for example or in the last song of the album with percussions). There's more progressivity in songs & more rise in the powerful. There's also less black metal parts & songs remains a lot more of influences like in the first song that is a real melting pot of metal music. The feat of strength is to blend all of their influences & to stay coherent . the band also adds some leads guitars on some songs , that enrich melancholy & melodies in songs. With this concept album where all songs are linked together, Forest of soul build its own identity. If the gait is original, the band has now got the ability to express all its ideas & to assert its own vision of metal music.  Forest of Souls proposes an atmospheric progressive black metal. The potential of the band is now revealed & they just have to exploit it.


Diabolical Masquerade is a solo band of Blackheim, well known as the leader of Katatonia. the goal of this band is to allow Blackheim to express all his dark feelings about music & to play an original dark & atmospheric music with heavy emphasis & raging intensity & musical violence. 2 albums are already out. The first one "Ravendusk in my heart" was album of the month in Metallian (underground european metal mag). The 2d one is just out & is called "The phantom lodge".

This was THE REVELATION from 1996 released by Adipocere records. the band (a project created by Blackheim) plays black metal parts strenghthen by heavy metal influences. "Ravendusk in my heart", the first album, was produced by Dan Swäno. This one also sings on one songs. This album is surely become the absolute referencee in black metal sceene. This album contains all that a black metal band should possessed: Intelligent use of keyboards, multiple breaks, different riffing parts, modulation in voice, ....

After this first incredible album that meets a great success, time has come for Blackheim to release a 2d CD. So, what's new? At first, a real drummer now plays in the band.It's no more a rythm machine. The production is still made by Dan Swano. If the sound is close to "Ravendusk...", this time , it's even powerful. Guitars are heavier. Musically speaking, Diabolical Masquerade still proposes a blend of black metal & heavy metal. Some songs as "Astray within" are pure heavy metal, some others like "The puzzling..." or the ultra speed "the walk of the hutchacked" are very black. The quality of the sound & of the musicians allow to hear all the subtleties of the music. In comparison woth the first album, songs are more complex (hear the break parts in ""The puzzling..."), it's also more various; there's more tempos' changes. The masterpiece of this album is surely "Ravanclaw" & "Cloacked by the moonshine mist". These songs are very progressive in their structure. A slow start & a progressive increase in brutality with a good thrash metal voice & great heavy metal riffs. Rythmics parts are sometimes brutal, sometimes melodic. The difference between Diabolical Masquerade & several black metal bands is without any doubt the quality of melodies, sometimes near from the hymns of bands like Running Wild. More over, the work on vocals is still excellent : gothic, spoken, black, melodic, ...In fact, if this 2d album evolves in the same direction than the 1st one, the evolution takes place in the sound & in the progressivity & brutality of tracks . This time again it's definitly a convincing album & surely the best one to discover the black metal sceene : Original & inventive


"Divine Symphonies " is now become a referencee in the symphonic black metal 's style; no band has gone so far in this style. Akhenaton was the first one. This concept album, released by Adipocere Records (France) is a perfect sound track of a film & it's in this way that it has to be listened to. Its force is to be able to make audience comprehend all the different surroundings & sceene of the concept, only by the music. & it's really not a simple thing to do. Of course, the main part of this album is in fact orchestration made by keyboards. It allows Akhenaton to express all the different feelings he had. But, Akhenaton succeeds in capturing us in the different surroundings of this piece, that is absolutly an innovative one. The vocals work is impressive & suits to music : spoken voice, black metal voice, scream, opera voice. It's definitly a multi dimensional album.   Drums, guitars & bass arise ponctually, like in "unterrable verity", "the kingdom ofwisdom" or "final battle" for example. & as it's just ponctual intervention, it's more powerful & aggressive. Of course, as it's a symphonic music, there's lots of break rythms, various surroundings, different emotions. So, it's definitly a contrasted & magic opera black metal CD's that this "Divine Symphonies". It reveals a new area in this style & a new "blood" in black metal acts.


Style dark music -Band web site : -

Album : Charnelle transcendance 

Here's a french band created by 2 guys that are really disconcerting ones. Eros Necropsique meets a large success that is unwaited & really much debated. The band meets problems with their lyrics. But, Eros Necropsique is not a metal band. The whole album is deeply depressive & dark. It's more poetry, with a musical background.  Surroundings come from the declamatory voice. Lyrics are written in french & are really disconcerting, blending the concept of birth & death. Sometimes, a female voice appears like on "le mélodieux écoulement du temps". However, Eros Necropsique define a new sense for the word extreme 'cos it's really extreme & it creates a new dimension to this word. So, it's definitly something different from what we use to hear in metal music. Eros Necropsique created a piece of dark poetry with various climate that can sometimes remains a band like Ange. Simply non conformist & for those who like experimentations.

Album : Pathos 

Created in 94, Eros Necropsique has already record a album 'Charnelle transcendance' in 1996, after 2 demo tapes. The band is still a 2 piece one. Since their last albums, eros necropsique has played live with bands like Lacrimosa & Elend. Lyrics are still written in french & it's still dark poetry, tortured lyrics singed or better declaimed with the particular voice of the singer. If at teh first muscial hearing, it feels like if the band has not changed its usic, it's not really the case. Of course, songs are still built under the particular arrangements created buy the band : keyboards, & bass only) but this time it's been better arranged. Behind teh lyrics , music has now taken a better part. It's even more subtile & more worked. So, it strengthen the darkness of songs. It's may be ipossible to put in th ehighlight one song in thi album. All tracks seems to be linked by gloomies surroundings. One thing is sure : eros Necropsique finds its way. Since its beginning, there's absolutly no band like them. They create their own style & intend to develop their state of mind within each album they' ll release.


Style Indus metal- Album : Silence-

Band web site at :

Defining themselves as a metal electro psychedelico dark industrial, proton Burst has developed its own style since 1989 its first demo tpae; the band had to wait for 1995 to release or Neutron prod its first album 'La nuit' based upon a sci-fi comic strip of french artist Philippe Druillet ( the one that created the cower of first Sortilege LP 'Metamorphose' & the first Agressor CD). In 1995 they also appeard in a french compiltaion 'Brutale Generation'; In 1997, theyr released still for Neutron prod Spherespike, a mini CD only destine to promo. in 1998, the band is back with anotehr album 'silence' for Adipocere records. At this date, the band has already toured with Loudblast, Massacra, Death, Vader, Asphyx, Cradle of Fiflth, ...

This album is really impossible to describe. It's sure that it could not suit to all metal fans. it needs to be listen to by open minded people. Proton Burst succeeds in writing good indus songs. It never sounds like organised noise, like often in this style. But it's sure that it's not the kind of music that 's easy to listen to & to follow ( 'Cylick' which also sounds more like a techno song with his infernal beat). It needs a particular attention. Instead of using tons of samples, Proton Burst knows how & when to use them. then it's more efficient. Some songs are written in french ' Silence' & i think that it gives a darkest spirit to songs. Vocals line are very well arranged, blending several voices, from the spoken voice to the screamed one, with or without effects to change them. Onsome songs, Proton Burst give a more theatrical approach like in 'Proto'. It gives more emphasis to the song. SO, it's definitly a various album, (it'd have been a pity if not!), may be the darkest one i heard from an indus band but may be not as unhealthy as Hell on Earth.


Melek Tha was created in 1994. The goal was to play music with the use of experimenting material & special sampler. When Adipocere records heard the advance album, they decided to sign them. Music is described at strange & experimental, ritualistic music. It's difficult to present this band. It's in fact a one piece band created by Ludovic Lejeune of Evil Omen records. "Astrum Argentum" is the first album (but a new one is expected soon , released through V.M.I. ) . With this Cd, it's not really music & better surroundings. There's no guitars, no drums in it, just sound & some voices effects. The goal of Melek Tha is not the search of melodies or we must redefine this word. This CD is better an ambient album, somber, darkness & unhealthy. It's definitly different, like a sound track of a film, without any unity between the tracks. It's a 75 minutes CD very bizarre. Disconcerting & non conformism!!


*This canadian band is amazing. Their technicity is exemplary, so you can hear a jazz break in a death metal song (for example). But their main style of music is more in the thrash metal sphere. Excidium shows that musical brutality needs technicity. So, songs become powerful & listenable. The production of their first album "innocent river" is very impressive & powerful. Excidium's music is inspired by 90's metal. This band will not stay longer unknown in the metal area.


this band plays a heavy doom with death metal vocals. They 've already made two albums for Adipocere. The second one "the tide has turned" remains (in the sound & in the songs) a modern version of Black Sabbath, "Heaven & hell "period. So, the band mix heavy parts with melancholic ambiances, with a great sense of melody. God forsaken is one of the first band signed on Adipocere. They have a great creative potential.


The band is now became a major one in the musical area. Adipocere signed hem for "under the moonspell " mCD. At this time, Moonspell was playing black metal with less gothic influences as now. But it was already an original band, in the songs in their way to organize them . The second voice made by a girl add some atmospheres on their music.


this is the last adipocere demo series. "Skies" is a real masterpiece. . The band plays a proggressive death metal band. Imagine Dream Theater playing thrash death & with vocals as Coroner. This french band has got an impressive potential. It seems that the influences of the band are near the techno thrash metal band from the eighties. Such a good result for a first effort is amazing. Anyway, don't forget this band, their first album will sure be one of the most awaited album (& not only in France).

This is just a few Adipocere productions. Ask for their mailorder & you'll find bands like Sacramentum, Let me dream, Celestial Season, Daemonium, ..... or re-issue of demo like Forest of souls, Your shapeless beauty, Kalisia (See them in the french bands'page.)

MATUTINA NOCTEM :History & review

Born in 1995, the band blends acoustic guitars, transverse flute, bass, keybords & percussion instruments. After a demo tape in 1997, Adipocere records produced their first album "Anima Meam" that is released in october 1997. The band wants to evolve in a atmospheric & dramatical gothic & medieval style. they described themselves as troubadours that joined trough their Cd beauty, sorrow & originality.

After Eros Necropsique, a band that sounds really different from metal music, Adipocere goes higher on that way with Matutina Noctem. this band doesn't play metal music no more. Imagine a kind of folk music blended with gothic vocals. It's very strange & really far away from metal. There's 2 kind of vocals : the first one is loud & singed in a gothic way . there's another voice ( a female one) that brings more emotion on songs. Matutina Noctem masters its subject. The main difference between their folk & the commercial one is that it's less happy & joyful & better somber & dark even if the band works a lot obout the poetry on lyrics. At the end of the album, there's a remix of the songs Guerra made by Akhenaton. As always with him , its a symphonic version. Even if the background music is different, the main spirit of the song stays the same.  So, it's very hard to say which audience will appreciate Matutina Noctem, as it's not metal music. But, if your open mind & attracted by gothic trend, this band will lead you to another horizon.


Album : My dear succubus - Style : Gothic black metal

Thi sfinnish album is not a nw one. It has been released by Adipocere in 95. But it' still available. Let me Dream appeared like one of the first band adding some gothic touches in its music. It's done by vocals which remains bands like Septic Flesh, … But the sound remains more God Forsaken. Guitars are really loud. Musically speaking, the music is slow & a kind of majestic feeling is added through guitars harmonies, the few keyboards parts & some acoustic guitar parts. Beside the gothic vocals, there's too some black metal vocals wihch of course sounds mroe aggressive. So, if you like melancholic metal or Heavy dark metal, this kind of album is still one of the best.

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Album : Far Away from the sun - Style : Black metal

Released in 1996, this album show the debut of Sacramentum, a band that is now well known in the black metal scene. Adipocere reveals a lot of excellent bands such as Moonspell, Alastis, …This album shows high level black metal played at its best. It's aggressive, very aggressive of course but with tons of melodies. Sacramentum gives a content to fast melodic black metal. This album has been a masterpiece. Ton sof bands trys to make it better, no-one achieves to do it. 3 years after its official release, "Far Away from the sun" is still one of the best black metal pieces ever releases. This is a pure must-have or all fans of black metal, from the youngest to the oldest.

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