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On 1 February 2000 a new Record Label will see daylight, DVS Records. This new label will especially concentrate on progressive & power metal bands, to be started with the debut album of Norwegian band Sonic Debris, entitled "Velvet Thorns". The people behind DVS records are René Janssen (known for his work for Dutch Progressive Rock Page), Erik and Nancy van Geel (webmasters of the Ayreon website) and their Swedish friend Mattias Norén (already a wellknown cover artist in the progscene). These are the same people who organized the succesfull first edition of ProgPower (together with Forever Times' guitarist Martijn Balsters). For more information about  DVS Records check out, this website will officially be opened on 1 February 2000.

Let visit the FIRST DOKKEN HOMEPAGE WEBSITE IN EUROPE: the dokken fanatic home page:
and see  dokken News,links,picture gallery,concert reviews,a fantastic audio/video live collection  ....and finally the largest dokken collection in the world


DISARRAY's new album "A Lesson In Respect" (ER9901) is going for addson September 6. Radio people... PLEASE ADD IT TO YOUR SHOWS! These guys have a HUGE underground following and if you add it, you'll feel the feedback from your listeners! Contact the McGathy Edge team for further information. Our radio mailing went out to 412 college / metal radio shows
nationwide on August 24. Media friends we would like to thank for their support are Promethian Crusade, Explicitly Intense Mag, Highwire Daze, S.O.D. Magazine, Pit Magazine, Brutarian, More Than Music, Devil's Triangle, Treats from the Underground, Metal Core, V2/Spread the Word, Metal Mafia, Berzerker Mag, Death-Core Mag, Brainscab, Neckbreaker
On-line, Metal Promotions, and many others.  Tour Information... Due to production differences between the headliner
and the booking agent, Hypnotica Entertainment is no longer booking the tour with Broken Hope, Internal Bleeding, Kataklysm and Disarray. We have been speaking with several other booking agencies here within the US and you can expect to see a national tour for DISARRAY in support of the album very soon. For the latest information on Broken Hope, visit . To set up interviews with DISARRAY call (973-492-1976) or email me at  As usual, we'll cover all expenses. Despite their hectic schedule, interviews with Chuck Bonnett can also be set up by directly contacting him at . He will do phone, fax, or email interviews, but he does need you to contact him.

>>>  "PANTHER-A Tribute To Pantera" (ER9902) has found an artist! Jeff Gaither will be doing all the artwork for this release. Jeff's got quite a reputation in the artistic community and if you visit his website, it's easy to see why. You can find a link to Gaither Graphics on our main page. Here's a list of the who's & what's... PISSING RAZORS "Domination"; ANAL CUNT "Southern Trendkill"; BROKEN HOPE "A New Level" (tentative); DISARRAY "Cowboys From Hell"; MURDER 1 "I'm Broken"; STEP KINGS "Good Friends & A Bottle Of Pills"; DRAINED "Demons Be Driven"; BOILER "Mouth For War"; SHOVELBARN "TBA"; LUNATIC "Walk"; CRUSH EFEKT "Use My Third Arm"... We are still looking for 2 more well-established bands to do tracks on this tribute CD. Signed bands only please! For more info contact us ASAP...

>>>  "Best Of The Underground" (ER9903) budget-priced compilation CD will feature some of the best up-and-coming unsigned bands we have come in contact with over the last year. You can expect this CD to maintain the highest quality standards in production and art design just as we did with our 1997 underground comp CD "Outer Limits" (ER9701) which went on to sell
over 2,000 units. We are still searching for more bands with good material and well-produced songs. Interested bands should contact ECLIPSE ASAP. We'll keep you posted on the details as more info develops. If you haven't received our database update form, please fill it out and fax back. You can get it here

Jeff Gaither,artist : I have done work for Testament, GnR, GG Allin, Act of God Sick Kids, Death Becomes You, Electric Frankenstein and many more.
 contest for 5 free glow in the dark "INSANE IN THE BRAIN" t shirts that I have designed.
All the person has to do to be entered in the contest is send me  an email at:
and tell me in 100 words or less why they should win one
of the 5 free t shirts. If you would like to see the shirt and rules, visit my contest page at:

News from GNW (Gothenburg Noiseworks)
P.O.BOX 129
Shipping/Visit: Drottninggatan 52, 3rd Floor
Ph: +4631-150418
Fax: +4631-152340

A Masterpiece in the Progressive/Power Metal Genre!!

EVERGREY’S new cd "SOLITUDE*DOMINANCE*TRAGEDY" is ready for release! Did you think that their debut "The Dark Discovery" was an incredibly good album? Then you’re right but this new one is even better!! Everything has improved! The PRODUCTION - a much richer and fatter, more open sound, The SINGING- Tom had never sung when he did the vocals for "The Dark..." (and still the singing got much appreciation and great reviews) now he sings with immense conviction and emotion, The PLAYING- the guys have rehearsed like hell before the recording, and of course The SONGS- maybe a bit more easy to get into, yet more complex, but still with that very special EVERGREY feel!

Apart from the female voices and keys, this time the band has also used a 6-string violin and a harp! (For the first time in Metal?) Listen to the ballad "Words Means Nothing!

Once again Andy La Roque (of King Diamond fame) has produced.

Here is the complete song list:

Solitude Within


The Shocking Truth

A Scattered Me

She Speaks….

When Darkness Falls

Words Mean Nothing


The Corey Curse

The total playing time is 43:18

This time the famous Kristian "Necrolord" Wåhlin has made the cover painting.

The cd comes with a 16 page full color booklet including lots of pictures and of course the lyrics.

Limited edition: The first 1000 copies come with a specially designed slipcase!

Release dates: In Scandinavia on the 13th of September (through Border Music).

In the rest of Europe late October (through Hall Of Sermon). Yes Evergrey is licensed to Hall of Sermon for the whole world except Scandinavia, the US and Japan. We feel Hall Of Sermon, who works with Lacrimosa, Love Like Blood and Dreams of Sanity is the right company to make Evergrey reach a big audience and get the fame they deserve!!!

In the USA probably late September (through Necropolis Records).

If you can’t wait until the official release dates, or if you want the limited edition, you can always buy the cd directly from Black Sun/GNW. Just put $16 well hidden in an envelope and send to:

GNW Records

Box 127

401 22 Gothenburg


Release party

There will be a release party for the new cd on August 30 at 8.00 am. at Trägårn in Gothenburg. Free cider, Jameson whiskey and snacks. The theme of this party will be Medieval, with music, jugglers and jesters. So put on your medieval clothes (if you got any) and feel welcome to join us! Hall Of Sermon might also arrange a release party in Germany later on. We will let you know!

EVERGREY plays the Powermad Festival in Baltimore!

Yes, it is true! Evergrey was invited to play at the Powermad Festival and will appear on Saturday the 21st of August at 8.00 am. The festival takes place at Tall Cedars Venue. Other bands at the 3 day long festival are: Lethal, Holy Mother, Mayadome, Ice Age, Cage and tons of more. A big thank you to all the fans who made this possible!

Any questions? Just e-mail us at GNW!

The official Pendragon Web site has moved! The new URL address is as follows:

annd the site has been updated Plesae spread the good word to all friends readers and listeners.

For any further information, please

SAD CLOWN is the fan club from HEADLINE, the best prog metal band from France. Join them quick & get a color newsletter, coming shows dates, pics, interviews, special prices for shows, special prices on merchandising (Shirts, T Shirts, CD, posters, ...)

Become a member for 100 french francs - about 18 $ . Send your money to : SAD CLOWN 3, Av Hector Berlioz Logt 8 28500 Vernouillet - FRANCE. Checks has to be ordered to the name of ON STAGE.

Escape on the line is the officiel Headline web site : http


"The Maze" is the name of the first album delivered by the band last year! This album is still available ( be careful, there's just a few copies left!!) for 15$. The\ \ style of Spasmophilius is often described as progressive thrash metal. Discover us at


After 2 volumes devoted to french metal bands from the 80's to nowadays ( Encyclopedia of french metal!!), the new Blended Souls zine will soon be out in September, with Sortilege's interview, UK thrash metal bands Taurea, torthurra , The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, & tons more....

All numbers from the 3rd to the 13th volume are still availble for 10 FF - 2 $ (postpaid) at this adress : Blended Souls zine - David "Biggy" Fasquel - 3/1 Petite rue de l'alma- 59 800 Lille - FRANCE

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