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Contact : Alchemy management - 5509 Cedella Avenue - Baltimore, MD 21 206 - phone (410)-5138

Alchemy management :

Here's some of the bands, Alchemy management works for :


Label : Starship records - Album : No apology - Style : Heavy Thrash

Band : http :// -

Born in 1989, the band released a first demo that strongly launched the band into their local scene. More than 1000 copies were sold in the first 6 months. Getting positive feedback from Radios & mags, the band knew som echanges in line up before releasing another demo tape in 1991 with a new singer. Then, they recorded 2 tracks in the hope to find a record company. This tape allowed them to play with bands like Prong, Nuclear Assault, Life Of Agony Biohazard,...But even if some companies contacted them, it never ended as a deal with them. But finally in 93 , Starship records make them signed a 3 years deal & « No apology » is the first album released for them in 1994. Then will follow 3 live albums & one video in 1996 (« Behind the scene »)Now, Desolate angel prepares the recording of a new album scheduled in 1999. Desolate Angel is really not an ordinary band in the US scene. They do not want to follow trend & play what people want to hear. Desolate Angel plays what they want. Thatís certainly why, « no apology » is so interesting to hear. The first song of their album remains me Sacred Reich ( but with more melody) . Rythms are often weighty but main riffs seems to come right from Bay Area thrash metal. With a very good melodic singer, Desolate Angel delivers us a solid album, very well made & produced. Songs are built with a lot of simplicity. But this doesnít mean that this album doesnít worth. On some songs like « Bull on a leash », Desolate Angel remains me bands like Suicidal Tendencies or even Faith No More on « Wake », but its essentially due to a certain feeling given by the singer & the rythm of these songs. So, despsite its simplicity, Desolate Angel is really not a band esay to describe. Strongly apparented to the Heavy metal scene, the aim of Desolate Angel is certainly not to create something new in the metal movement but better to follow its way despite trends & years. « No apology » will so better pleased fans of classical heavy metal & Bay area melodic Thrash metal. Itís really good to hear bands like them having kept their faith in their music.


Label : Siegen records - Style progressive metal - Tape : The tragedy of regrets

band : -

Formed in late 1996 by one guitarist of Desolate Angels ( Phil Carnes) & destined to be at first a side project, Delusion evolved strongly in 1997 when Keith Menser (ex Iced Earth) joined the band. So, a contract were signed with Siegen records (Digital Ruin, ...) & in mid 97, the vocalist of Mercury Rising ( 2 indispensable albums on Dominion records) joined them too ! Then, they began the recording of the first album. But the singer had to left them & the band had to wait 8 to find the new singer. The Cd Ďs not out yet but it wonít be a simple Cd as an interactive multimedia part is in way to be added.

I get only 2 tracks from the coming album of Delusion but it really worths ! Delusion plays progressive metal at its best ! To resume their music, itís better to compare them with a band like Queensryche than a copy of Dream Theater. Music is very melodic & itís not a demonstration of how talented the musicans are. With an excellent singer where influences seems to be very large ( from Dio to Dickinson & Geoff Tate !), the album will surely kills & surprise a lot ! Delusion is now strongly awaited in 1999 !

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