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>1 What's the story of your band
1) Well we started in `94 with the Youth against christ album, had a few changes in the band and we have now found the perfect combination as friends and musicians.

>2 You've already released several album, but are you still influenced by >some bands? which ones?
2) A musician is always influenced by other bands, that`s a normal thing, we are influenced by bands like Slayer (the old) Metallica etc. there are so many bands i listen to.

>3 You started as a maybe "classical death metal band". but now, how do you
>really define your style ?
3) It`s a mix of different styles, like thrash, speed, and heavy metal.

>4 What are your lyrics talking about?
4) At the formar albums it were quite common lyrics about politics, environments, critical stuff, but now on our last album "In the name of the father" we have some anti-christian lyrics, but not all of them.

>5 Tell us more about the recording of this  album?
5) Our drummer and I locked ourselves up for days in our rehearsalroom, and just came out to eat and left when the songs were ready. After that we gave a tape to our singer and the rest of the band to write the lyrics etc. and afterwords we went into the studio to do our thing.

>6 When you started music, you were an extreme band. The evolution of  metal makes you appear as more & more melodic. What do you think now about extreme
death metal band, grind core or even Black metal? Is it a problem for you to be no more an extreme band,
6) I don`t agree, on in the name........ we sound more extreme than ever, I like extreme death metal bands and also the grindcore. And there are even a few black metal bands I like. Altar is back into the extreme!

>7 When you compare each of your releases . What do you think of each album you released & what would you lke to change a bit?
7) Youth against Christ was our debut, very extreme I wouldn`t change that one.
Ego Art was what softer but I like it anyway
Provoke Idem Dito
In the name of the father, is our very best album, I`m fully happy and satisfied withit.

>8 What are your projects for 1999?
8) Well we just released our album, and in september we release a videoclip, a live CD with further some covers on it and we are starting a european tour.

>9 To be at the cross of distinct style : Death metal & power thrash (like Fight for example), do you think it brings you more audience & don't you be afraid that in the end metal fans are really too much closed minds to hear a band between 2 styles?
9) I like a combination of different styles and as long the fans like it I`m

>10 A last word?
10) Keep healthy and stay metal!!! Don`t change the roots!

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