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Answers by Neptune & K-2T4-S-

1. Can you present & Oceans ?

(Neptune) Well, I play guitar,

K-2T4-S- vocals, de Monde- guitar, Anzhaar- keyboards, Grief- drums, Gaunt- bass.

2 Can you tell us about this split album 'War vol 1'. It's a quite good idea

The idea was Season of Mist's. We made a cover of Bloodthorn and GGFH + 2 new tracks. Bloodthorn made a cover of us and of GGFH + 2 new tracks. It was great to do something different. It was quite challenging to do covers and manage to get the 'usual' …and Oceans sound to them. I think we succeeded quite well and so did Bloodthorn.

3 The nordic scene seems to be one of the best in extreme music. Do you think the same thing & how do you explain this situation?

(Neptune) Yes, you got that right. I think it has something to do with the climate and the darkness during the cold winter time. These facts really affect your state of mind and somehow they are reflected in your music. It is really difficult to say what's the true reason for this, but actually there's no need to think about it and I think people who creates music really don't waste their time thinking of this. The most important thing is to be what you are & do what you like.

(K-2T4-S) Yes, the nordic scene is the best one, but there a lot of great bands heading from different sides of the planet.

4 What are your 5 best Finnish bands & what are your 5 best albums?

(Neptune) Finnish bands: Thyrane, Enochian Crescent, Unholy, Black Dawn, Tiermes. Albums: Gehenna- 'First Spell', Emperor- 'In the Nightside Eclipse', Bathory- 'Hammerheart', Darkthrone- 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky', Satyricon- 'Shadowthrone'.

(K-2T4-S) Enochian Crescent, Thyrane, Nylon Beat, Unholy, Beherit. 5 fave albums: "fallen angel of doom", "straw", "ellipsis", "alternative 4", "wargods of metal".

5 Ws it difficult for you to record a cover of Bloodthron & do you think that Bloodthrorn had more difficulties than you?

(Neptune) As I said earlier, it was an interesting challenge. I can't even imagine that there would have been some difficulties in covering Bloodthorn. Actually it was more challenging to cover G.G.F.H because they don't have guitars on their songs etc. The result of both bands is great, in my opinion.

(K-2T4-S) Not exactly, it was more like a nice experience. No, I don't think they had more difficulties than we had.

6 Black metal is now like a trend. how can we be sure that the new bands appearing into the scene are honest & convinced that black metal is what they want to do?

(Neptune) Well, we can't be sure. However in the long run those morons who aren't will show they true faces and then they'll vanish like a fart in the Sahara. Those pretenders won't live long and then they'll notice that you can't be respected if you try to be something you aren't. Be true to yourself!

(K-2T4-S)The trend is taking a new turn. What do they try to proove ?? By observing their actions.

7 Which bands have influenced you?

(Neptune) Bands like Kiss and WASP was my first 'extreme' bands and they convinced me of the superiority of the metal music, but when I was starting my first band I used to listen to bands like Napalm Death, Death etc. No specific band has directly influenced me musically speaking.

(K-2T4-S)No specific bands only colors and flowers.

8 Do you consider & Oceans like a black metal band? what represents black metal for you?

(Neptune) No we aren't a black metal band. Black metal means a lot more than 'just' the music, it's a lifestyle. It has certain values and philosophies etc. BTW our band name is …and Oceans not & Oceans!!!

(K-2T4-S) We are definitely not bm, coz we don't have satanic lyrics. We are usually categorized as bm and that's ok coz we an anti-christian band, even if it isn't the issue in ...and Oceans. Nowadays bm represents nothing to me.

9 It's not common to see a Finnish band signed on a French label . What did Season of mist proposed you more than other companies?

Oh it isn't?? What about Gloomy Grim, Impaled Nazarene, Legenda, Yearning etc. There should be also a few bands on Adipocere too. So actually there are quite a few Finnish bands on French labels, don't you think?

10 A last word?

(Neptune) Thanks for this interview, be sure to check out our second full length album, it's going to be released in March/April.

(K-2T4-S) Incinerate.

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