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>1 Can you tell us more about Apoplexy?

They are 5 members in the band: Dim the vocalist, Laurent the bassist,Steph the drumer, Joanny and me the guitarist. We re have been playng together for 4 years now. And we play Death metal

>2 What are your influences?

All the big death metal band but more specially Death, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel. Dim is influenced by more brutal band. but for the musician they are a lot of many difference influence ( Maiden, Satriani, metallica, JS bach...)

>3 "Infection" is your first album.? Can you describe it?

You can find 10 songs on the album and they are all very différent from each others. We try to have different atmosphere in each song. They are all quiet brutal but we always keep some melody.

>4 What sort of material did you use to record it? ?

I don't know exactly. I just can say that we recorder the Cd on 16 tracks at the Down Town Studio in Illkirch. Didier has done a really good job and on the new album he realized is becomes better and better.

>5 Are you totally satisfied with its sound or is there som epart you would have liked to be better?

It was our first record and of course we made some mistakes. But we are quiet satisfied. They are just 2 things that I would chage : the sound of the guitares wich should have been more powerfull and we should have played more fastly with more energy.

>6 The sytle of the band is really brutal & it seems that in your country ( east of France) the main bands are evolving in a closely style than yours. why? How do you explain that?

First I will not say that we are a very brutal band. For me our music is quiet slow and melodic but it's my opinion. I canot explain why bandin the east of France play brutal music but it's a good thing. But more and more band start to play black metal or fusion just to be in vogue.

>7 Your favorite bands in France?

I don't know a lot of French band ( shame on me). For me Loudblast is one of the best even if their last album is different form the other one. But I have to say that a lot of the band we played with are very good ( Carcariass, Inhumate, Igniss Fatuss..)

>8 Your coming projects?

First, recording our 2nd album it should be OK at the and of the year. And after we 'd like to play the more as possible.

>9 How does an autoproduced band make for its distribution? What sort of problem do you meet? 

The biggest problem is to be present in shops. When you distribute your album yourself, you have to to in each town and sometimes it is difficult to pick the marchandising up . And you also have no correct promotion. Some other band may be more efficient in this way, I have to say that we don't like doing that and we are really looking for a manager.

>10 Do you search for a company or distributors? ? where? At which conditions?

Of course we are looking for a label or distributors. We have no special conditions. We wrote to the most of label like Holy records, Adipocere.. But this fucking guys seems to dislike our stuff. I cannot explain why. It's real that we are not a exceptional band but they sell a lot of really more shitty band.

>11 How do you feel the evolution of the french scene facing teh foreign ones? 

I can't answer to this question 'cause I don't know the sceen in foreiner countries. but in Strasbourg with the Laiterie ( a stage scene) things are moving fast with a lot of concert.

>12 What would you like people to say about Apoplexy in 10 or 20 years?

"Apoplexy was the band who made a real revolution in metal. this guys were god" HeHeHe No I'm just jocking. I don't now it is the first time I hear this question. I think that if in 10 years a young guy find one of our Cd and listen to it and say That He found our music good. It would be really great.

>13 Tell us how to find your CD & yor demos? 

The easier way ( and the cheaper) is to write directly to our contact witch is : Stephane Perrier - 37 rue des petites fermes - 67 200 Strasbourg - France - Phone 33 3 88 30 56 52 - Fax 33 3 88 66 18 52

>14A last word?

We really 'd like to come and play in the most town and countris as possible so contact us. And Just thanks for you interwiew and for existing. It's just with some guys like you that small band like us can be known. So continue your work, support the underground and Keep Bleeding!!

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