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Contact Arsenic, 13 rue du 11 novembre / 64400 Oloron- FRANCE

You can also contact their record company Brennus records: Alain Ricard (see also his interview) / 5 rue de Lixy / 89140 Villethierry - France / tel / Fax : 33 3 86 66 51 41 & Web site : http ://

Interview :

1 Can you tell us about the history of Arsenic from the beginning to this first album "Lady Sniper"?

The band is about 10 years. In the beginning, we played pieces of well known groups (such as Maiden, Judas, Trust, ...) & in 1988 we recorded our first demo : "Premier pas". But 2 years later, it was the cursed year : the singer was injured in a car crash & the 2 guitarists left the band for professional reasons. So the actual line up is 4 years old & we worked hard, up to the "Lady Sniper" album, to rebuild the band, to install & improve our new style. During these years, we played lots of concerts in or country & had the chance to play with Killers & Vulcain

2 How do you do to be recorded by Bruno from Killers? How was the recording session (recording, mix, ...) ? What was the metial that you used?

Bruno is a good friend of us ( we live in the same country) & he has listened to the "Lady Sniper" pre view, we asked him if it was possible to record at his studio... Recording the CD with Bruno was a great experience. He is, first of all, a good musician. He has the sense of the melody, & he's got the "ear". & his studio is a really good one. You know that Killers records their own albums. So the material is there. Don't ask me for details, i'm not a technician! But we learned an important thing during the sessions : you see your defaults. & at the end, as you play again & again the same things, you're apt to judge & criticise yourself & then, to correct yourself. Something else is very important : living 15 days all together. This reinforces the friendship.

3 You sing in french. Why this choice?

Because we're french! It's natural to express your thoughts, ideas or a state of ind in your own language, because you think first in french! It has more impac, if you're able to write the right wor in the right place. If you translate your text in english ( & it's not easy, you can believe me!), it loses its force, & i'm not sure that it could have the same impact! The french heavy metal exists & we (the french bands) must be proud of it. We don't must have any complexion facing the international bands. Several french groups i heard are as good, or better as foreign ones. If our groups would try to sing in french, may be we'll see the birth of the "French metal forces" that could reach (why not? ) an international gratitude...Let's dream a little bit!

4 On your album "Lady Sniper", there's a song in another language than french. What is this? What means the lyrics of this track?

Ha! Ha! Is it possible? An unknown language? & so... it's Basque! We live nearby & this song is about the village where 2 of us live in . There is a big feast in september & as we played several times in the place, we decided to create the "Eskiulako Bestak" hymn! Esquile is the name of the village (eskila in basque) & bestak means feast. The song talks about...feast!

5 It seems that Arsenic has got a big & long experience of music, but more in the goal to have fun & to give pleaasure to your fans ( but it doesn't mean that it's not made seriously). Is it a good definition of Arsenic : friends playing in the same bands & having fun?

We're playing for fun. You see, we're realistic & we know perfectly that we'll never be professionals! We all have a job, but we're ready to go anywhere to play if there's beer enough! The decision to record this album was more to enjoy ourselves than to conquest the world (Ha! Ha!) We wanted to mark several years of concerts, creations & be able to say : we 've done something! When we become old musicians (may be we'll still continue to play with a new name : "Vieilles dentelles"...) we'll remember these happy years, when we were young, & we 'll drink (moderatly of course) to this age, so far away, with a tear at the corner at one's eye...

6 What are your influences?

It's what we played at the beginning: Maiden, Trust, ... but each of us has his own influences. For I , it's Maiden, Queensryche. For the bass player, for example it's Motley Crue. But we're all inspired from the same period : the 80 's. The result is Arsenic, a mix of all of that. & so it's sure that everyone can find out some influences in our songs. But it doesn't disturb us. Who has never been influenced by all these great bands? 

7 Your drummer has got a style of play that is closer to rock that metal. Did he play in rock bands before?

He 's grown tall with the 80's sond & his style is in that way. "Lady Sniper" said a magazine has an "old style". But it was what we're looking for. we like this period & it's an homageto it, with I think a more 90's sound. For our next pieces, the drummer is going to improve his play to get a sound heavier. & he never played with another group...he's there from the beginning.

8 What are your next projects now?

We prepare a new album, but we'll record it later (problem of money... as always...) may be in the middle of 98. We hope to propose it before the end of 98 (why not for Xmas? ) For now, we're playing to promote the album... I mean : we're trying to play... (You know what i want to say, no? ) because it's hard to find a place for playing. We would like to be guest in some festivals or opening for a group on a french tour...It will please us...So to all our fans all over the country ( & the rest of the world of course!) have patience. We hope to see you on the road one day. FRENCH METAL IS NOT DEAD! (& we take care to keep it alive!..)

Review : A new heavy metal band ! ! ! This is still a great debut. With a first album recorded by Bruno Dolheguy (of Killers) in the Killers Ď studio, Arsenic has got a good CD with a very good sound for a first act. This band is may be unknown but its musicians are surely plays in bands for several years. So, thereís no major weakness on music. Itís a great heavy metal with melodic parts. They really take care of making recognizable songs. Itís a real pleasure to listen to this album. The singer remains me the one of Demon Eyes ( a french metal band in the eighties). Lyrics are written in french & it remains how our language is pleasant to the hear. With lots of influences, Arsenic can remain some german bands by the precision of rythmic parts. But Arsenic seems also to have been influenced by english bands like Iron Maiden :the guitar harmonies of the tittle track looklike « prowler » of Maiden. Arsenic is composed a experienced musicians that have a real pleasure to play heavy metal. Iím sure that the aim of this album is to invite you to listen to it & to have the same pleasure as they have to do it (but donít forget that itís a real well recorded & composed album & not a trick).
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