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Contact Artsonic : Lolita music / 3 rue Bellanger / 92300 Levallois-Perret - FRANCE

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For a fisrt album, Artsonic has got exceptionnal conditions. Can you explain it? Do you think that Artsonic is a privilegied band facing young & underground bands?

It's true that our conditions was exceptionnal for our first album "Sonic Area". At first, we wanted to make a self produced CD et after weplanned to look after a record company. So we made lots of subsidies files to pay for studio recordings. And finally, we had lot of money 'cos all of our files was accepted. Meanwhile, a record company have contact with us & we signed. This allows us to have more money. With this consequent budget for recordings, we have been able to choose our studio. It was 'Tour de force" studio in Bruxells (Belgium) with bruno Donini as ingeneer. But I don't think that Artsonic is privilegied 'cos we 've been existing for 5 years. & we 've also known lts of problems during this time, we 've also progressed & then we have now a good product selling in France.

What's your main objective with this album? What do you expect?

Objectives are simples. To be known in french metal area & fans by locals radios shows, zines & interviews made in mags. Then, we want to make lots of gigs in France. So we 'll use this album & all the airspace we have in mags like Hard rock, Hard 'n heavy, Hard force, Rage, ... to make a second CD with still a better production & promotion than we actually have now.

Sonic Area is for you an outcome, the end of a step or the beginning of a long history?

It's definitly not an outcome. It's in the same time the end of a step, 'cos we made what a young band dreams : a first album distributed in the entire country. This is a result of 5 years of works, problems, where music was priority. It's a reward for us. In the same time, it brings more motivation & we are now workingon the second album. I don't know if it's the begining of a log story, but w don't want to stop it now.

Artsonic is often described as Pantera? Is it a problem for you? Will you try to escape from this influences for your next effort?

Artsonic is often described as bands like Pantera, Sepultura, sometimes Machine head. It's clear that we're nearer from these bands than we are from Guns & Roses. Poblem is that as soon as you make guitar parts with big sound & saturation, someone will say it looks like Pantera, for example. As soon as you growing in the sceene, you're always compared to someone else. If Machine head makes the same album as we've done with the same tittles, nobody will say that it sounds like Pantera. But it's not really a problem. It's just a step & you'll always find someone to tell that you look like some one.

What's your opinion about the french sceene? What's your relation with other underground bands?

there's lot of great bands. Problem comes that France don't give lots of possibilities to french bands' promotion. It's hard to make music in France. It costs a lot (instruments, rehearsal locals, ...)In USA, there's tons of goodbands that live by their music. It's because of our society. USA is more professionnal than us. But in France, you'll also find bands that are not musically in place, making gigs & asking money for that. After this, it's normal that people don't want to see another little gigs & so they prefer spending money in buying some CD's. Relationships with other bands are non eceptionnal in Paris. We do not have real Friend. Parisian bands seem to be jealous of us & often try to make it wrong for us. In the other places, bands are more cool. we've got friends in Oversoul for example.

Why did you choose Belgium to record the album? French conditions were not accepteable? do you plan a more professional future?

At first, we wanted to record in Dreux (in France). We' ve gone to the studio & finally decided to go in Belgium. There's 3 reasons: To be alone during the recording. to be somewhere else than Paris & to be concentrated on our album & just on it. Dreux is too near from Paris. We also wanted a studio with good rate between quality & price. "Tour de Force" was good . Then , bruno Donini, the sound engineer, has a geat experience of the recording of bands like us. He recorded Loudblast, Sup, ...

What's the main advantage of your album & its worst fault?

The main quality of our album is its sound. The production is quite good that gives us a "big sound" for a first CD. The main fault is that this album contains old songs & new ones. It could also be an advantage because all songs are different from each other.

Review :This band is the french revelation for the beginning of 1997. Artsonic, wich was created in 1992, sign with Lolita music a new french records company. The results is "Sonic Area" who is also a CDrom Sonic Area is a real impressive debut CD. As the band has got professional conditions to work, there's no flaw in it. Sounds & production are really powerful. Artsonic uses lots of arrangements to enrich songs. The riffing parts are really differents from each others, so you are able to differentiate each songs from each others. The drummer has got a real technical potential. He brings lots of subtleties in his game. The singer approachs differents registers. All these facets of Artsonic made music attractive & non boring.
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