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1) can you tell us more about the history of the band?
Well, during five years we have been playing together, we were really busy! In the first year we recorded a demo tape called "One Night" which was later released on our debut album "Why Now". We also played some warm-up shows in Germany. The first highlight in that year was a small tour in Canada / Montreal, where we played three shows. We tried to get important live experiences abroad, because we planned a big headliner tour in California which was realised in 1994. That was a really exciting and funny trip to the mekka of the music business. We played 10 shows in all of the well known clubs like the Whiskey a Go Go, the FM Station, Marquee, Coconut Teaszer, etc. I could tell you long, long stories from that trip ... ! The next step was our debut CD "Why Now". In 1993 we recorded and produced the album by ourselve and released it at first only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With that CD we could get the first contacts in the music business. And that was very successful: we signed a publishing contract with LMP Music & Products, you surely know him from bands like HELLOWEEN, ANGRA, RHAPHSODY etc and got a small record deal for Germany. In 1996 we supported URIAH HEEP on their European Tour for 3 weeks, and played some support shows with SAVATAGE and GOTTHARD. Also in 1996 the "Mystic Places" album was recorded. We worked with the producer Charlie Bauerfeind (also ANGRA) and founded our own record company. With our label we have the possibility to deal with the companies we want to work with and therefore we can better promote the band and the CD's. The "Mystic Places" is released all around the world. That's our work in a few words ....
2) I think that you're now working on your 3d album. Can you tell us more about this one?
The forthcoming album is entitled "Vision Eden". We are just recording the songs and you can be excited about the new songs ...
3) when you see your first album & the 2d one, which difference can yo make between these 2 album? Will these differences ( or not) between these 2 albums be as important as between the 2d one & the 3d one?
Well, I think that "Mystic Places" is a further progression of "Why Now". You have to consider that our debut album was recorded only after playing together for 10 month. A band needs more than 1 1/2 or 2 years for finding together and finding the own style. The "Mystic Places" album is a little bit harder and the songs are more progressive. I think all in all the second album is more experienced. For me it's very important to hear a difference of each album, it should be the same style but should demonstrate a band's progression. We'll hear how the third album sounds...
4) Avalon was supposed to make a tour in Europe & especially in France. A gig was scheduled in lille (north of France) but it has been cancelled ! Why? will you try to come back in France?
Yes, for spring this year a tour in France was scheduled but unfortunately we had to postpone the tour because of a broken finger of a band member. As soon as we have a distributer in France we'll go on tour in France again.
5) To someone that hasn't heard of the band yet, how would you define it? What are your influences?
We always say "melodic progressive metal". For us it is very important to play a wide range of music: from melodic songs like "Through The Eye Of The End", to quiet ballads "Prisoner Of My Mind", to instrumental parts and of course powerful songs like "I'm Falling" or "Blind Dance" etc. Each band member was influenced by different bands and musicians. For example Many, our singer, was impressed from bands like Queensryche, Queen and Rainbow, while Petra, our female bass player, comes more from the funky direction and Jens is listening to Saga, Dream Theater, Rush etc. My favorites are more guitar influenced: Robben Ford, Blues Saraceno, Tony Mc Alpine, and above all the geatest guitarist from France: Patrick Rondat ... He is absolute fantastic!
6) What are your 5 best progressive albums?
All Dream Theater albums, all old Queensryche albums, Angra "Holy Land",
7) Do you think that the progressive wave is one of the resaon of the rebirth of heavy metal? Or is it the contrary?
I think Heavy Metal will exist for ever. There are and there will be some different styles but the true heavy metal will never die.
8) What are our favorite german bands?
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