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> 1 You're back with a new line up. Why do you change your singer & then your drummer?

It was a hard and a very sad situation for us. At the end of 1996 our former drummer got serious problems with his back which force him to give up playing drums and in early 1998 our singer got problems with his voice. All that problems forced them to leave the band, but it was very hard because we have played together for more than 6 years! That’s a very long time and during that years we worked very hard and did a lot of good and of course bad experiences - which merged us together. So since the very first day AVALON has been a family! But anyway, shit happens ... but we are still good friends. Our new drummer is Pietro Ramaglia from Italy and Chity Somapala from Sri Lanka is our new singer.

> 2 Can you introduce us to the new members?

At first our new and incredible singer Chity Somapala. He was born and rised in Sri Lanka and went to Europe some years ago to perform in a Top 40 band all around Europe. He played hundrets of shows in Switzerland, Finnland, Germany, etc. After a couple of years he decided to change into the rock/metal business and joined the band Court Jester in Germany / Trier. After leaving this band it was the best time to join the band AVALON! Chity is a fantastic singer, he has a clear and unique voice which fits perfectly to the band’s sound and is also a very nice guy. For the drum studio recordings of the VISION EDEN we hired studio drummer because we could not find a good drummer in time. Therefore, the new drummer is Pietro Ramaglia who is from Italy. He is a great drummer! He is not the typical heavy metal drummer, he is also playing blues, jazz and other different styles. But in his heart he is a metal musician. He is able to combine all that different styles and the result is very interesting. Pietro played with the international chartbreaker „La Bouche". Their platinum hit-single „Be My Lover" notes a No 1 chart-position in the US-billboard charts. Pietro attended the „Musician Institute" in Los Angeles/USA in 1989, performed at the famous „Frankfurter Musikmesse" in 1997/98 and played with such great musicians like Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Marco Minnemann (H-Blocks), Simon Phillips, and more ... Pietro is also working on his forthcoming solo album „Emotions" which is scheduled for September this year. We are very satisfied with the new line-up: we’ve found new family members and I think this is the strongest line-up we’ve ever had and we are looking foreward to a successful future.

> 3 Your singer seems to have bring a lot in your music, don't you think?

Each band member brings as much as possible into the band. But especially Chity can influence the band because of his very interesting roots in Sri Lanka. His parents have been very successful and famous musician in his home country. Therefore it's interesting to work with him.

> 4 His voice remains for a few Klaus Meine. Do you feel it too & can we see there a reason of his choice for joining Avalon?

Well Klaus Meine is a very successful singer but I think Chities voice ist much better! Don't you think - even if I like the Scorpions! But that was not the reason for joining AVALON. He came into the studio and we worked on a song for a few minutes - and the decision was laid very early.

> 5 All medias, say that Vision Eden is THE progressive metal surprise of the year. Is it a real surprise for you or did you have the feeling that the new songs with this line - up would bring you to an higher step in your carreer?

Of course, with this line-up we knew that we can go a few steps higher. But it was not a suprise, because we don't plan or we don't excect anything. After composing and recording we are always very satisfied and convinced about our product and it's always a matter of popular trends if a band become successful or not.

> 6 Tell us more about the recording of your album?

Well, the album was recorded in our hometowm Munich (hometown only from Petra, Jens and myself - all the other are living 500 km far from Munich). Fortunately, we had Charlie Bauerfeind as our producer and the helping hand during the recordings. He is a very experienced producer, he has the ability of a successful engineer / producer and last but not least he is a very nice guy! He has good ideas and it's very releaxed working with him. I think it's very important for a band to work with such a producer who is able to get the best out of a musician and a song. Charlie also helped us to find our own style and to present it on the CD best of all. The recordings took almost 2 month including the mixing.

> 7 What are your projects for 1999?

Currently we are playing some single shows and a few festivals. Last week we played in Holland on a festival with Grip Inc and Annihilator, in June we play the Gods Of Metal and in September / October we'll definetely come to France!!!

> 8 For those that want to order your album, what's the price & where have they to order it?

The CD's are distributed by Black Cat all around France. You also can order the CD's directly by us or through the internet:

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> 9 Despite all medias coverage with this album, there's still some countries where you're not distributed or in where you get no label support. How do you explain this situation? ( I especially men in France, how do you explain that CNR for example doesn't distribute you as well as they do for Rhapsody)

Well the business is really difficult, especially in France! But anyway, we are happy with our distributer and we'll see who distributes the new album. All the people who are into internet can look to our French-Fanpage: -Also the official worldwide Fan-Page:

> 10 A last word?

I would like to say thank you to the fans in France. A few month ago we played an accoustic set at the Virgin in Paris and it was really fantastic! We haven't exepted such great feedback, therefore we cannot await to come back to tour your country. See you soon and thanks for your support also to Laurent with his great page!

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