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Contact : Mike Paradine. 89 West 15th St, Bayonne, NJ 07002.USA -



1) Can you introduce us with the band please and tell us a bit more about your history?

The band members are Joe Adrignola-vocals, Mike Marino-guitars, Vinnie Valdes- bass and Mike Paradine-drums. This lineup has been together for about 5 years. Me, Mike and Vinnie have been together 10 years. Joe is the third singer in the group. We had just really started getting our sound and what direction we were going, a little bit before Joe came into the band, so he fit in right away. We had put an ad in a local music paper and Joe answered it. We knew Joe was the right one cause when we first met him, he drove his car up a wrong way street. Right then we knew. We had auditioned many singers but Joe was the first to come down and know the songs. Plus he added his own style. So he got our respect right away.

2) What are your most important influences?

As a band we all like Motorhead, Priest, Maiden, those kind of bands. But individually, Joe like Geoff Tate and Dickenson, Mike likes the Japanese metal like Loudness and EZO, Vinnie is into Sabbath and I like Motorhead, Thin Lizzy, Priest.

3) You released with "WARHEAD" one of the best 98's heavy metal records. But it's not your first album. Can you tell us more about the forst one?

The first one was simply called BALISTIK KICK. It contained 11 songs and was recorded at the same studio as "WARHEAD". But the sound was as good. It came out a little muddy. The songs were just a little different that the second one, where as the had more changes. It kind of reminded me of Maiden meets Metalchurch. It really started out as a demo tape but we decided to put it out on cd and see what happened. It did pretty well and we made a few connections as far distribution is concerned. I have only one copy myself but I have seen it on the Internet at Pulse records, Restless and Wild records and Breakthru Metal Music in Australia.

5)What sort of differencecan be made between these 2 albums?

Well right offthe bat is the sound. We learned alot from the first and took our time for the second. As soon as we began the second one, we knew what we wanted to do. The songs on the first are a little different also. They are more classic metal songs with a few different changes where as "WARHEAD" is a simplier album.

6) I really appreciate your sound that reminds me "Painkiller" of Judas. Is it the style that you wanted to get with "WARHEAD" or is it just a coincidence?

Your comparison to "Painkiller" is the best compliment we ever got. That is one of our favorite albums ever! The reviews on "WARHEAD" have been like "Motorhead meets Metalchurch" or "Motorhead meets Maiden". I never really thought of it sounding like "Painkiller". We didn't go in to the studio with anyones else's album in mind. We just went in, played and then tried to get a good heavy sound. We spent a lot of time trying to get it right.

7) Can you tell us about the band on stage? Do you have also schedule a tour to promote the album?

We are a better band live than in the studio. There is alot of energy in our shows. It's like a controlled chaos. The music is running wild but the lyrics and melody can be understood. We play mostly our fast songs during the set. It seems what everbody likes to hear. As far as a tour, we play mostly around this area. We will be the opening act for Brett Michaels, the former lead singer of Posion, sometime in December. But since we aren't signed to a label we have no support or money to do a tour. So it's really impossible to start one.

8) Your albums are self-produced. Why is it so hard for a band like yours to get a good deal? I think it's unbelievable!

Yeah, so do I, but the fact is, no one here in the US is concerned with metal. It is an underground thing and the record companies don't think there is enough money to be made by signing these bands. We were just in contact with a manager who manages two of the memebers in KISS and he liked us alot but said there is no money in metal. The kids like rap and hip-hop right now. I think they're all wrong. There is a movement out there that strongly supports metal. There are a few metal festivals that spring up across America every year. So there is a market for it. We'll just keep putting out our own cds until that day comes.

9) Do you think that USA is a new promised land for heavy metal bands?

I don't really think so. I don't see that many new metal bands out there. All the good bands are coming out of Europe, like Primal Fear. God, I love those guys. That is one of best albums to come out in a long time. The only hope here is that those festivals keep going. There are alot of metal fans but not alot of new bands to keep the torch going. The bands over here that call them selves "metal", are really just hard rock bands. Real "metal" lies over in Europe. Here in America, people listen to whats fed to them. They don't seem to have minds of their own. That's why metal fans are the best. They don't care what anyone says or what music is "in" for the month. They like what they like and thats that.

10) Heavy metal is back with lots of new bands & some come back "oldies" like Judas, Dio, Maiden....Do you think this return is due to the popularity of prog metal?

Oh definitly. Everytime something new comes along, people want to know where their sound or influences originaly came from, so they start listening to the older stuff. Like when metal came around the last time with Preist and Maiden. I went back and bought all the Deep Purple and Uriah Heep records that started it all, and I like them. The new prog metal, I'm not into. I don't like alot of keyboards and stuff. I just want to hear guitars and drums. The only bands that had keyboards that I liked was Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. Since then, no body.

11) How do you explain this new increase of interest in "classical" heavy metal.

Well, the fans never went away. They just waited for some new bands like Primal Fear and Hammerfall, to come along and restart it all over again. Metal just isn't about the music. People go to concerts and enjoy the event of it. It means getting together, partying a little and meeting other people who have the same interests as you. It's like being in the worlds largest gang. Once you're into metal, that feeling never goes away.

12) What are your coming projects? Can we know more about the next album?

The songs for the next album are all written. We expect to begin recordind around January if everything goes according to plan. Then we hope to have it out about March. The songs are a combination of the 2 cds. I think this will be better than "WARHEAD". It will be a heavy album from beginning to end.There will be quite a few fast songs like "Warhead" and no slow tempo songs. No title as of yet but this is gonna be a good one. I like most of the songs that we'll have on this one.

13) Do you search for distributors? Where? At which conditions?

We are always looking for distributors. We have a few that we work with now. We have some in Australia, Germany, Sweden and here in the US. The best thing is that when distributors buy from us the get the least possible price because there is no middle man. This saves them money and gets our music out to more people. If you know of any let me know.

14) But tell us how to get your 2 albums? At which prices?

The first album is gone. We have no more but as I said, I have seen it on the internet. The "WARHEAD" album can be bought directly from us. If anyone is interested in the cd or just wants to drop us a line, (the cost with shipping is $14.00 (US) )and mail it to: Mike Paradine. 89 West 15th St, Bayonne, NJ 07002.USA

15) A last word?

We hope that we can come over there and do a tour if things work out for us. Most of our fans are from the European countries. Maybe we could open up from someone or do some of the festivals over there, but untill then, we will continue to put out our music as long as someone out there listens. The people who listen to metal, like yourself, are the ones the won't let it die. And a salute to you all!!!!!

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