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Sinbad productions is a diversified company. At first, its owner, David La Duke is a talented guitar hero, that have released a few album. David is also the ruler of Ball Buster, th emost important fanzine devoted to metal worldwide. Then, David is also th emanager of SInbad productions, a record company that released as well DAvid's album than other ones like Killpatrick/Knapp or some sampler!

The last issue of BallBuster zine is really incredible, blending confirmed talent with unknown one.  Rules are really clear : If your good in your style o fmusic, BallBuster will support you as far as possible, no matter about your musical style. that 's why this fanzine has now become like an institution. 

Here's what contains the 4th issue : Black Sabbath, Sevendust, Cradle of Fiflth, Angra, Obituary, The Gathering, Krabathor, Slaughter & tons more

Bands, this zine is th ebest way to get promotion! Don't forget this.

Releases :



Style Rock - Hard- Album :Rock Hard Rocker

This album came out in 1993. David the duke is a guitarists who is very recognized in his country (the USA) Moreover, he is also the instigator of the famous Ballbuster magazine which covers a rather broad panorama with as well celebrities of the metal like Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, .. ; than underground bands/ All are treated on the same level in this magazine. In the same way, he also publishes compilations CD which make discover the future values of the metal & hard rock in general. This album begins with a very pop rock title then David seems to return to a more traditional music, hard rock & rock'n'roll where the references go from Hendrix to Deep purple while passing through Guns & Roses or Chuck Berry as well. And when David playsin a more blues inspired tempo , his guitar sounds with wonder. This album can be to take as a logical succession of all that the great names of the rock'n'roll could have come out. The demonstration does not take the step on the feeling and one can affirm without fear that David has more feeling than some should ever have. Therefore 14 trax for this Cd but to reserve for unconditional of Rock' Roll of inspiration 60' S and 70' S.


Style various- Album : sampler

This compilation starts with a title of David La Duke, the instigator of this compilation. This piece is able be one of the best that he has ever written. A very good heavy rock title with a rapid rhythm and with a good intensity (David plays an other title too on the compil). Isolation Chamber, the group that follows, plays us one of the best titles of this compilation . This group is phenomenal. The guitarist is very endowed, just as the bassist. This song is totally instrumental, but it worths ! Red Baron continues with a more classic title,evolving in a more hard rock register. Then, Hilljack takes the relay with a heavy rock played and mastered to the perfection. A very good work ! Some group propose even more light songs and that distance a bit the Hard Rock style such as Naro ( with nevertheless a very good title developed by excellent musicians), Bird of Prey ( that arrives nevertheless by some side to remain us Megadeth) or again Loudshine with a piece that sounds very close to some HardFM.... Some groups as Roxx Gang evolves in a style that is no longer very present today ( excepted by bands like Davinci’s Cradle) : a « glam heavy rock» . Then Keegan proposes too 2 titles. Already present on the compilation of Dzynamite records, Keegan is henceforth a sure value of the modern metal. The group excels in its heavy metal with progressive tendency with an excellent singer, sumptuous guitar parts and sometimes a good dose of aggressiveness as on 'injustice’. Yarbirds Experience has equally 2 titles. Reputed as solid musician, the group proposes a return to roots ofrock : very good solos, a lot melodies, inspiration 60's in spite a sound of guitar that is too much saturated. Comporession is the first brutal band to feature on this compilation. The group proposes a hardcore metal really heavy. With Mystic Forces, one reaches a superior dimension ‘cos this group plays a progressive power metal at a high level of quality. With Lord Litter, one dives in the rock - hard of very good quality too. The sound is very powerful & it ‘s like an homage to the 60's-70's. Hanover Fist sounds more aggressive and arrives to impose a loud heavy metal but nevertheless melodic. The last title of this long length compilation (75 minutes) is a medley of 6 groups. Therefore, as all compilation, there is some bands that seems to be better than others, but this one has the advantage to propose a largepannel of hard rock - heavy metal style.


Style Heavy metal- Album : Lock Down

This album is the work of a new genius of the guitar ! Entirely home made , the music of the group will remind the best Heavy metal bandsof the moment while it stays very melodic . The drums has been programmed to the perfection and the chant is entirely effective (notably on ( « can’t take control »).Kilpatrick is a singer with a very feminine voice ! But the great revelation comes from the guitar. As strong in rhythmical as solo, Knapp is really exceptional . he possesses a certain talent and an incredible fineness. Some riffs as on « Lock down ») are phenomenal ! Amateurs of melodies and good guitars are going to find with this 4 titles what to satisfy their appetite. Kilpatrick/ Knapp will remind the most melodic Swedish groups or some us groups of 80s. It is sure that with a real band and with a complete ,Kilpatrick/ Knapp would rapidly make speak abotu themt on the metal scene .

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