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Contact Bates motel : 951 W. 15th avenue. Vancouver BC V5Z1S1 CANADA or visit their home page at -

1) what's your main influences?

My main influences are not metal ones - bands like the Doors, the Cramps, early Alice Cooper, Type O Negative, Lords of the New Church. But I prefer heavy, crunchy guitars like Metallica etc.

2) What's your objective with TOOM?

The objective with TOOM is to make tons more people aware of Bates Motel - we're touring and are planning to release the album everywhere but we want people all over to get into it.

3) Bates motel definitly doesn't sound like annihilator for the style of music & the sound. But TOOM was produced by Jeff waters at Water sound studio. One song is composed by Jeff. Are you sometimes afraid that people think that however, Bates motel is surely a second Annihilator or a thrash metal band?

Yes I think we'll be perceived as Annihilator-like also because it's the biggest band I've been in and Jeff & I still write Annihilator songs together sometimes. But the more people we get through to will see the metal influence has been filtered through some very different substances.

4) Toom atmosphere seems to be very sad, very oppressive. Is it something that we will find for your next album or just a state of mind for this one?

There will be songs that are melancholy and Bates Motel will always be a dark band but I like songs that are energizing too. I like to move between different styles to get different effects.

5 Bates motel is not only an heavy metal band & more than a rock band. Can you define your style?

I've been trying to define our sound for some time - we even have a contest on our web site for free cds to get people to define us using the sounds on the web site. We cover a lot of ground with our music & lyrics. Even the 2 different mixes of the album are different.

6 For a band, such conditions for an album is fantastic. Are you afraid of the next one? Who'll produce it & when?

I was talking to Jeff a few weeks ago & he offered to record it with me again, in his studio. I'd be very tempted to do that.

7 When you hear Bates motel you cannot say :"it sound like this band, song remain me this other band. " Your work on songs & sound is complete. How many time did you take to create songs? How is this process? How many time did you spent on studio to record & mix TOOM?

I have a small studio of my own & I tried to get the feel of the songs complete when I was writing them. I also have a very good band (we are a 3-piece) and we were recording with a second guitarist that was adding a lot of texture in & behind the songs. I think next time I will use keyboards to get the same effects (but I like putting them through guitar pedals). That's what we do live, I record sounds and play them back with images through a VCR on stage - it's very effective.

8 On your mind, what's the best advantage & worst faults of TOOM?

I think Bates Motel sounds very unique and that is both the best & worst of it. We don't have a built-in audience like bands that sound similar do but when people get into us I think they will like us much more for being ourselves. Thank-you for everything Laurent. Keep in touch.

John Bates

Review : ( see the complete review ) Bates Motel is influenced by different spheres: dark & entertaining things. "T.O.O.M." is produced by Annihilator's Jeff Waters and recorded mainly at his Watersound Studios outside of Vancouver. Thus, Bates motel has got very good conditions to record its album & they worked with professionnal. But, TOOM is definitly surprising because it never sound like an Annihilator clone or like a different band with the Annihilator sound. The work they've done is a personnal one. To define Bates motel style is not evident. It's sometimes heavy, sometimes rock, but always gloomy. Bates motel' sound & song reflects their state of mind. Atmospheres are dark & it seems like if the band feels sad. In a way, there's lots of different emotions in their music. It remains me what Dickinson did with Skunkworks. Bates motel shows with this album a modern version of heavy metal, full of new influences.

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