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History : Black Dragon records is undisputably the oldest of the underground & independant label in France. If it was the absolute referencee in Heavy metal in the eighties, Black dragon has now disppeared of the front of the sceene. But this label still exists & still have actuality. Created in 1984 by Agnes & michel Desgranges, Black Dragon is a label devoted to Heavy metal. ( & heavy rock with the High Dragon branch). The label uses to choose bands because they love its music & believe in them. Black Dragon is also a label who revealed mainly artists & bands such as David T Chastain, Candlemass, Savage Grace & Manilla road (these 4 bands are also the best sellers of the label), ...Most labels also tried to take bands in Black Dragon Label to sign them for us : Heir Happarent, Candlemass, Liege lord, .....This proves that the choice of Agnes & Michel was good. For now, Black Dragon have probles with distribution of its catalog, due to monopolization of major companies & national & international distributors. Black Dragonís actuality is the re-issue of the bands like Savage Grace, Liege Lord, Candlemass , Manilla road, ...Some of the released are still not available. This proves that Heavy metal Ďs not dead if bands propose good qualities products. Now, the label is workint at the re-issue in CD of a french cult heavy metal band called ....(surprise). Surely more in a few months........

One last thing for presentation of the label : The price of their production ... Cdís cost 79,5 FF postpaid, Tapes : 42,50FF postpaid & LPís cost 35 FF + 22,50FF for post for one (ask the label for prices). thereís also promo for some LPís (20 FF) . ask for the list!!! There's also a compilation called Metal without mercy who can give you a good panoramic of the label .

Bands presentation & reviews : Lars Eric Mattson, St Elmos fire , Peer Günt , David T Chastain, Chastain / Harris , Mickael Harris, Manilla Road, Savage grace, Heir Apparent, Sacred Blade, Dofka, ...


Album : Toxic Wasteland - Style : symphonic heavy metal

Originally issued in the beginning of the 90ís, I was quite surprised to receive this album from Black Dragon records telling to promote it. But when i listen to it, i know why ! Issued when Heavy metal was considered like dead by all medias, Dofka never gets the support it deserves. The band evolves in what is called now the progressive or symphonic heavy metal scene. Despite, it has been recorded 10 years ago, the sound remains good. Musically speaking, itís heavy speed metal with a very talented guitar player Jim Dofka. He is totally awesome. He gets a lot of neo classical influences & his style can easily be compared to Yngwie Malmsteen & guys like that. He plays very fast & precise with a real feeling & inspiration. His neo classical influences can also be heard in the rythmic parts (" Vampireís Curse "). With a good singer that found the good melodies to fit on songs, Dofkaís Toxic Wasteland features among the best symphonic album released to date. So, itís maybe time to deserve it another chance !


Style : Heavy rock- Album : Sacred Child

Band E mail :

This Cd has been reissued ow by a new record company called Harm Street Music. But it was originally released by Black Dragon, the French label, in 1987. The original singer of the band was David Reece (ex Accept, Stream, ...). But he quitted the band to pursue a solo carrer Then, the group had found a new singer whose particularity is notably to be the sister of Neil Young ! Musically speaking, Sacred Child evolves in a style close to Heavy rock, & it sounds very melodic. Astrid Young, the singer, has got a beautiful vocal organ ( on the contrary of her brother !) and she uses it as wonder as possible. Chuck Rosa proves to be a very gifted guitarist ( he is also a famous & fine producer! He had worked with bands like LA Guns, Vinnie Vincent, Lazz Rockit, ...). It is sure that the success of a group as Guns & Roses must have been a problem for young bands like Sacred Child. It is sure that the group was mainly compared with it. To conclude, pieces as « Wagons of fire», «Electric Thunder» or again «Alive in steel» can always be listened to with a lot of pleasure ! it is easy to criticize this style of music, but, it is necessary to be honest ! The good songs never become old & out of time ! The majority of the songs of this album are a flagrant proof of it!


BD 055 :" Desperate years" Still an "old album" , that this one . Called "Desperate years" & released in 1992 by the famous Black Dragon records, St Elmos Fire is definitly not a young & novice band. In the 80's, the band released some albums that created a big sensation in the metal scene. But due to the lack of interest in heavy metal bands, the band disappeared from the high lights. But it still exists & it's still excellent; & as this style of metal is now growing again, it's good to remember one of the best in this style in the 80's. St Elmos fire come from USA , so, its metal is influenced by these scene & doesn't sound like european bands. Of course, musicians are very competent & performant. Musically talking , it's often mid tempos, with good rock 'n roll influences like on "On fire". The singer takes care of finding the good vocals line that will suit to the song. But what is most impressive in this band is their musicianship. You never need to hear songs a thousand time to remain them. As soon as you hear them , it turns to be a piece of evidence. The tittle track of the album is indisputably the best song of tis album with the instrumental "Rivethead Jam". This song proves the highly qualities of these musicians. 

Some could think that this kind of music is no more original, that all have been said. I really think that they're wrong & this kind of album proves it. More, it's quite refreshing stuff, very pleasant to be listened to . 


HD 043 PEER GUNT "Years on the road" LP+ CD+ Tape

This band is not really a new band on the metal scene. Peer Günt is quite famous in its country : finland. The band has already released half a thousand album that had all been in the charts in their country. The band is now signed with High Dragon records, a subdivision of the famous french record company Black Dragon records. If Finland will certainly let you think that it's another death metal band, you're wrong. Peer Gûnt is a hard rock band, strongly influenceed by AC/DC,. The album "Years on the road", released in 1990 shows a band that controls its music. Its hard rock is mixed with some more commercial way of singing. It sounds like a cross between AC/DC & bands like Mötley Crüe or ZZ Top. It's very well done & very refreshing. Guitarist is excellent & has got a great feeling into his solis. The backing vocals are typically the oen used in hard rock bands. 

It's sure that it's not the music on the trend at this time, but it could certainly be a good return to the past or a good way to see where metal comes from. It's impossible to not clamp your feet when listening to this music. It's simple but highly efficient. Of course, the band knows when it's time to play a ballad ("Losin' my mind") but the following song ( "Train train") is a fast rock song, very dynamic & attractive that gives again powerful on this album. So, it's evidence that these musician are skilled & knwo how to compose a various & pleasant album. Surely a good way to discover that there's not only AC/DC on earth.!!


this guy is no more an unknown artist in metal sceene. Beyond his musical & guitaristic talents, David T Chastain is also a great producer. At a times he was playing in 2 bands :his own solo project & CJSS. CJSS is created in 1984. the band name came from the first letter of the member : C - Chastain ; J -Jenkins (singer) ; S Skimmerhorn (bass) ; S-sharp (drums). CJSS only recorded 2 albums & 1 compilation. (see review). Chastain (the band) issued albums sometimes with female singer Leather & sometimes instrumental albums. David T chastain is more than a guitarist. He is also a fine composer & a truly metal fan. that makes a great difference between him & other guitarist. David has got his own style, his own sound (which is rare).The last difference between David & the others is the way he structure his songs. Even when he makes an instrumental album, music behind solis are quite complex. It proves that David is not only one of the best guitar player in the word but also a great composer (listen rythm parts in Chastainís songs featuring in Counterpoint) . Read the interview!!!!!

BD0007 Chastainís CJSS « World gone mad » LP :

One thing sure with Chastain is that he loves Heavy metal. For him, a song is not only a long solo with musicians behind. In CJSS, itís real song with great musicians & good voice. On this album, CJSS makes a cover of Led Zep song « Communication Breakdown ». thereís only ne instrumental one the album & this one (purgatory) make a cross with the next song. All songs are different from each others : sometimes itís near from speed, sometimes itís slow with arpeggios & progressive violence. With this first lbum, CJSS impressed lots of people. But the second one will confirm that CJSS was really a great band

BD016 Chastainís CJSS « Praise the loud » LP :

This album is made like « world gone mad » but all parts are superior. Production, singer, songs, ...all is better. this was really a surprised Ďcos the first album was really impressive. On my aim, CJSS makes the ultimate & absolute songs with the tittle « Citizen of hell » with its oriental guitarparts & his fantastic sing parts. Russel Jinkens adds anger in his voice. this put more relief in songs. David Ďs works is still great. With this album , he imposes his unique style. The CJSSís masterpiece!!

BD044 Chastainís CJSS : « Retrospect » K7 :

With this compilation issued in 90, Black Dragon records brings the best of CJSS Ďs carreer : 6 tracks from the first album & 4 from the second. Itís a good resume of what david & his band was able to do

BD049 David T Chastain « Elegant seduction » CD :

In the bio , itís said that in this album, Chastain, shows all the things he likes in music. His influences are near from Jazz rock. . David said he wanted to make something aggressive but with the mix of different styles. With David Harbour on the bass (see Counterpoint)& rick Porter on drums David develops some rock/fusion songs. As some of the tracks are recorded in Counterpoint, i Ďll tell about those i know. « Menage à 3 » is a violent metal songs where each musician makes his own solo. « Schizophrenia » is the song wehre David mix all his affectioned style. So it sounds like Jazz fusion with rock & metal parts. Thereís also good metal songs like « Trapped in the void », played loud & fast but with Davidís touch. To resume the thought of David when he makes this album, he said that he wanted to make an album that metal fan all musicians that we are could also appreciate. The sure thing that we can say is that he succeeds.

Other Chastain 's album: BD025 Chastain : « The 7th of never » LP sold out ; BD029 David T Chastain « Instrumental variations » Lp sold out


BD054 Chastain / Harris : Counterpoint « Live, wild & truly diminished!! » CD + Tape

This album was recorded live in 1991 when the 2 guitar master Chastain & Harris tour together. Itís not only a tour with guitars. The rythm section is not here to only make musical parts behind. With David Harbour on bass & Greg Martin on drums, it kills. Production is phenomenal. this album propose live version of Chastain & Harris songs. (coming from Elegant seduction & from « defense mechanisms » of Harris). Couterpoint is really a reunion of virtuosi. whatís great with the 2 guitars players is that sometimes, they let the place to the bass or the drums (hear menage à trois+1, 827, BOF & Dynamo, ...). This brings songs to a new dimension. If youíve read what i say before about Chastain, you know that when the band plays one of his songs, you recognize his own style & his way to structure the rythm parts beyond solis. But Counterpoint is more than an instrumental album. Itís not only metal music that you can hear. David & Mickael are also inspired by jazz rock. So when they turn in this way, the musicians become excellent. Then, thereís different surroundings in this live album. You travel from violent heavy metal to jazz & rock. Sometimes, they slow tempos & play a calm music where the feeling of musicians can express itself. This album is a resume of all that you can make with a guitar (when youíre talentuous one). A second tour is awaited!!


Mickael Harris is not the most well known of new guitar players that appeared these last few years. & itís a pity!! His first appearance is in the Leatherís album « Shock waves » recorded for Roadrunner (Leather was also the singer of Chastain who also produces this album). This album was a good springboard for him, Ďcos Shock waves received lots of good reviews worldwide. In 1991, he released « Defense mechanisms » for Black Dragon records. Then he tours with Chastain himself. A great live album was recorded during the tour. See Counterpoint. Mickael Harris seems to follow david T chastain Ďcos he also creates a new band with singer called Arch rival.

BD051 Mickael Harris « defense Mechanisms »CD+K7 :

With his technical style, Mickael plays in a different style from Chastain. With lots of Jazz rock influences, Mickael always trys to let his musicians to express them selves, because it will always shows his music to an advantage. The production of this first album is very good, very clear. Even if Mickael is inspired by other styles from metal, some songs remains that he is also a metal composers (Transorbital schizophrenia, Psychotic bio rythms...). Mickael Ďs game is very fluid & precise. For instance, he also shows his mastery of classical music Hear « classical conditioning & the modern version of the 25th symphony of Mozart through « Wolfgang lives ». Mickael is also near from Satriani in his way of making experimentations in songs & in making sometimes big rock as Satriani often plays in his solo album (hear »collision course »). « Defense Mechanism » is definitly a great album & a big surprise for those who have never known about Mickael Harris.


This guitar player comes from Finland. He described himself as a « classically influenced guitar dominated metal ». Lars Eric Mattson is no more a beginner in the etal sceene. He played from 83 to 85 in Joe Cool band & in 86-87 in Eternity which released one single. but, due to line up problem, he creates his solo project. Discovered in 85 by Mike Varney, he is proposed to play with an ex David Bowie on drums. As itís too commercial for him he refused. So he released a self produced EP « canít go on without you ». 6 months later, Black Dragon sign him!!Then, he released in 89 « Eternity » & « no surrender ». At this time, Lars Eric Mattson is more a band than a solo project because itís not instrumental albums. In 91 « Electric voodoo » is released. This is an instrumental album that Lars realized lonely. Lars EricMattson is not one of those guitarist who always play as fast as possible & where music is only a pretext to make solo. He takes care of the structure of the songs & of its coherence.

BD 036 "Eternity" : Here's a new presentation of an album released by Lars Erci Mattson. this one is in fact his first one in 1988 & was released by Black dragon records in France. In his country, his albums are released by Lion music (more in a few months). Musically speaking, Lars evolves in a direction close to Y. Malmsteen. He is influenced by classical musicians & created heavy metal songs with lyrical voices & technical & fast solis. He wrote all music & lyrics, produced & arranged the album. For a first one, it is great & it has got a good sound. Of course, it's always a melodic music but the powerful side of heavy metal has not been forgotten. The talent of this guitarist is piece of evidence like in the instrumental "Mujahedin warrior". Between Malmsteen & him, the main difference is that Lars Eric Mattson never play endless solis & he only puts some in certain parts. Of course, there's some ballads during this 11 tracks album & it allows to have a break during the listening of the album.

So, it's again a good album that 'd fit to all Malmsteen fans or simply to heavy metal fans.  The whole album has a a total playing of 52 minutes & the Cd version contains 2 bonus tracks. 

BD 041 « No surrender » LP (at only 20ff)+ CD+ Tape :

As Lars is a north european guitar player, itís easy to compare him at Malmsteen. But thereís lots of difference. If songs can remain Malmsteen songs, itís only because itís a melodic Heavy metal, as Malmsteen made in his Odyssey album. Tosse jansson, the singer, brings a lot for the band. His way to find melodies are very personal & it allows Lars to give a new dimension & direction to his music. Larsí solis are made with lots of feelings, are more simple. he really trys to bring something more with solos. Songs are very well structured. One thing is sure is that Lars uses his guitars to serve the songs & not to prove that he Ďs one of the most interesting guitarist that appears these last few years. Lars is a good composer & has got great musicians & singers to serve him.

BD050 « Electric voodoo »CD+K7 :

With this album, Lars eric Mattson made a totally instrumental album composed, played & programmed by lars himself. He uses technology : rythm machine, .... to record an album which is different from what he made before. this album is more classic in its way of composition & play. It seems like if he wanted to have a great pleasure in making it. Songs are quite different from what he Ďve done before. itís more experimental. Itís also more melodic & only turned to guitar. Lars wanted certainly to make an album with all the songs he cannot use with his band. If Lars seemed to be close to Malmsteen when he plays with a band, in a solo carrer he is better near from Satriani. His guitar is more expressive. He plays slower with a delicate feelings. « Electric voodoo » proves that Lars is not a one- styled- guitarist.


Manilla road is one of the oldest sign of the band. Itís also a cult band which sell lots of copies of each albums they made. Manilla Road is the symbolic figure of the label. The band is creatd in 1978. At first, Manilla Road is composed by Mark Shelton on guitars & vocals, Scott Park on bass & Randy Foxe on Drums (in 84 when he replaced Rick Fisher who still works with the band). the influences of this power trio are Iron Maiden, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Metallica, ... « Music is Magik » said them. Itís one of the best way they find to comumunicate. tahtís why the band trys to have good qualities lyrics.

In 1980, they record their first album « Invasion » for Roadster rec. In 1981 a second LP is recorded but will never be released, the band finding it not good enough. In 1982, « Metal » is released & allows the band to have good reviews. One track will also be recorded for a US compilation « USmetal vol 3 » for Mike Varney & shrapnel rec. In 1983, itís the first album for Black Dragon : « Crystal logic ». The band see its reputation growing. Manilla Road tour with ted Nugent, Krokus, ...The next album called « Open the gates » express the name of Manilla Road in international sceene. « The deluge » & « Mystification » will also put the name of the band on higher way & definitly make recognize the bandís style. So in 1988, a live is recorded : « Roadkill » (always the Road). this allows the band to see what they Ďve done & then to start again. In 1989 « Out of the abyss » is issued followed in 1990 by « The Courts of the chaos » . This album shows a new Manilla Road, sound has changed, new influences are here, thereís synths added in the music of the band, played by the drummer. The band is now qualified as the kings of epic metal. In 1991, for the first time since 1984, thereís changes in line up. Aaron Brown (the one who made « The courts of chaos » & « Out of the abyss » cover & also « Passion & warfare » of Vai) on drums & Andrew Coss on bass are here. This line up issued « the circus Maximus », the last Manilla Road album (for now). It confirms that Manilla roadís style changes a bit. On this album, thereís not only Mark singing. All members are lead vocalist. They all participate at this album. Mark Shelton also write tracks for Leatherís album & David T Chastain.

BD002 : « Open the gates » Lp sold out ; CD+MC:

With this album, Manilla Road develops its epic style at its extreme possibilities. Manilla Road has got an unique sound & style. The way Mark Shelton structure his songs is very specific. A Manilla Road song is definitly a song that you can recognize amongst lots of songs. Mark uses different possibilities of his voice. Sometimes his voice is rough, sometimes itís a clear one. Manilla Road is also a progressive epic metal band. Each song is developped. Thereís lots of intense instrumental passage where Mark makes his long solis. Manilla Road makes heavy metal, thatís sure, but the style of the band & the memberís influences make songs different : sometimes itís near from space rock, thereís lots of atmospheres very dark, very gloom, sometimes itís near from thrash metal (when Mark plays furioius riffs). A Manilla Road album is also a length album : more than 55 minutes (itís often more than 1 hour of music). therís a masterpiece in this album : « the ninth wave », a song near from 10 minutes where Manilla road shows all the influences that they have. Itís also a typical songs for the band. This scheme of composition is one they prefer. « Open the gates » is a classic album for Manilla road fans. One last thing, the cover made by Eric Larnoy is really one of his most beautiful work.

BD 010 : « The deluge » LP sold out:

This album has got the same caracteristic from the « Open the gates » album. Manilla Road has always got the same sound. But songs seems to be less long. Itís more condensed. Thereís 7 songs under the 3í20 minutes!!!;The tittle track of the album is for this time, THE SONG of the album. Trough a 3 parts concept Eye of the sea, the drowned lands & engulfed cathedral, Manilla road makes a sensible song with a fantastic progressive powerful. This album is very dark in its atmospheres. Randy Foxe plays very strange rythms in songs. He makes a very good & innovative work. I hope it will be soon re issued in CD by Black Dragon rec.

BD 045 « The courts of chaos » LP + CD sold out + Tape :

This album is really a surprise. If I always recognize the Manilla Road Ďs style & touch. the sound has quite changed. The production is quite classic. Itís a very good classic metal sound. Itís more the drums sound that changed than guitars. The style & sound of Mark has quite not changed. The other surprise is that Randy Foxe also plays keyboard on this album. Itís the first time that thereís permanent keyboard on a Manilla Roadís album. The band always alternate furious songs near from Thrash like « from beyond » or "Dig me no grave"with more atmospheric songs. This album starts for example with a very good instrumental song : Road to chaos. With this new production, music is more aggressive, powerful & certainly more accessible to other persons who Ďve just discovered the band. But as other albums, the drumming parts are very unique. Randy Foxe is really a fantastic & innovative drummer. There's lso a cover on this album (D.O.A.), a very strange song with omnipresent keyboard. The synths add a new dimension & evolution in Manilla road. Overall, Manilla Road has always been an innovative band. & this album is the start of a new era for the band. 

BD 053 « The circus Maximus » CD+Tape :

This is the last album, made by the band. With a new line up, it shows a new face of the band. The tone of this album is more melodic. The sound is near from "The courts of chaos" but now all members sing. Songs are different. Manilla Road made more calm songs ( but some songs like "murder by degrees" or "spider" are quite violent). It's also more melodic, because the voice of the drummer & bass player are more melodic than Mark. 3 singers now allow to the band to make very good backing vocals. Sometimes, there's vocal harmonies like in Alice in Chains. But it 's still an epic metal music, listen to the long track "Forbidden zone", a typical Manilla road's song where the new bass player makes a fantastic work. After 14 years on the road & a new line up it's normal that the band changes. There's always elements that made the reputation of the band, but instead of aggressivity, they succeed in playing it in melodic songs, like the slow "Lux Aeterna". Aaron Brown is a very technical drummer ( but in a different way of Randy). He has got a very fine play with his cymbals ( "Throne of chaos", ...). The band still alternates various surroundings with disturbing & oppressive climate. This album is a new step for this cult band whose style is very appreciated in mainly countries. Black Dragon often re-issues Manilla Road 's album & they sell them at the very speed of light. (Greece loves this epic metal band). With this disconcerting album, Manilla Road proves again that it's a unique band able to play in different ways without losing its soul. The band lead us to new horizons...

Other Manilla Road 's album : BD 016 « Crystal logic » LP ; BD024 « Mystification » LP sold out ; BD 033 « Roadkill » (live) LP sold out + CD ; BD 037 : « Out of the abyss » LP sold out +CD


BD 001 « Master of disguise » : LP+CD sold out

First sign of the label. this band was the revelation of 1985. At this time, fashion was to speed & thrash metal. Savage Grace was playing a melodic speed metal. At this time, it was an innovative gait. The band was at the cross of Iron Maiden for guitars harmonies & melodies &Metallica ( first period) for the speed rythms. The band came in Europe with Heir apparent for a great tour. They also played at the Metal Hammer festival in Germany with Metallica, Venom, Warlock, tyran Pace, ...The CD version also contains the first EP of the band called « the Dominatress » issued in 83 by Metal Blade rec.

BD 012 « After the fall from Grace » : LP+CD

With this second album, Savage grace affirms its personality. Itís always speed metal with melodic influences. But this time, songs are quite more complex. Arrangements are better. The famous guitar player Christian Logue also sings in this album. His voice is near from the last singer. With these 2 albums, Savage grace obtains great reviews from lots of metal mags. Savage grace quit the label & sign with another one. The band splitted a few time after (but a 3d album was released for semaphore)


BD004 « Freedomís rise » : LP+CD sold out

This album is a real heavy metal one. Liege lord is inspired by bands coming from europe. But this band is an american one. Through a splendid cover, made by Eric Larnoy (who also realizes plenty of covers for black dragon bands), Liege Lord is near from Dio & Judas Priest. thereís lot of guitar duels. Lyrics talks of battles. Andy Michaud, the singer, has got a powerful voice. Tony Truglio & Pete Mc Carthy are 2 complementaries guitar player. Metal Blade rec. sign the band for a second album called Burn to my touch in 1987.


BD005 : « Call of the dogs » : LP sold out

This band was quite different from other Black Dragonís production. The Heavy metal from Steel Vengeance was qut more melodic. It sounds more like bands in NWBHM like Def leppard, ...the band tried to work in a melodic vein. & at this time (in 85) most of the new underground bands was playing thrash metal. so « Call of the dogs » was a surprise. this album was very appreciated by mags like Enfer mag.

BD028 : « Prisoners » LP sold out :

i also have this album with another cover & issued in holland by giant records in 1988. Thereís no major difference between the first album & this one. Production is this time better (itís the 3rd album). Steel Vengeance continues to play a melodic metal. It is still very well dones. Steel Vengeance has got its own style & leave the influences that were seen in the first album.

The other recording of the bands for Black Dragon records are : BD017 « Second offense » LP , BD040 « Never lettiní go »LP , BD048 « Live amongst the dead » CD+K7 ( a live album i think)


:BD 008 « graceful inheritance » LP+ CD sold out :

Itís a pity that this album (like Liege Lord & first Savage Grace) is sold out. Heir apparent made a fantastic heavy metal, very technic. the band appear in the same time that Queensryche. Heir apparent propose an intelligent way of making metal. Itís still one of the best production of the label. Heir apparent Ďs music is not old fashioned. If this album was released todays itíll always be a success. Thereís lots of arrangements, breaks & acoustic parts in the music. Heir Apparent sounds like progressive metal bands from todays. Roadrunner records sign the band for a second album called « One small voice ».


BD015 : « Of the sun+Moon » LP sold out Sacred Blade came from Canada. This band propose a powerful metal near from thrash metal. Through a extraterestrian concept, the band develops long instrumental parts with great solis. At this time, it was very innovative.

Here's the other productions made by Black Dragon records & still available :

BD 002 EXXPLORER "Symphonies of steel" CD

BD 006 CASTLE BLACK "Babes in Toyland" LP + Tape

BD 009 D.C.LACROIX "Crack of Doom" LP

BD 013 CANDLEMASS "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" LP+CD+Picture disc : The debut CD of the mlaster of doom...

BD 014 DED ENGINE "Hot shot" LP

BD 019 ANTHEM "Tightrope" LP

HD 021 THE CHERRY BOMBZ :"Coming down slow" LP +CD +Tape

HD 022PEER GUNT "Backseat" LP

BD 023 MACE "The evil in good" LP

HD 026 smack "Live desire" (+12'' free single) LP

HD 031 JAMES YOUNG "Out on a day pass" LP +CD

HD 032 APRIL 16th "Sleepwalking" LP ( price at 20 FF)

BD 034 SACRED CHILD "sacred child" LP

BD 035 FLAMES "Sumon the dead" LP

BD 038 DRUID "Vampire cult" LP + CD

BD 039 PEER GUNT "Fire wire" LP (20 ff) + CD + Tape

BD 042 ST. ELMOS FIRE "Powerdrive" LP + CD + Tape

BD 046 DOFKA "Toxic wasteland" LP+ CD +Tape

BD 052 METAL WITHOUT MERCY "volume I" CD : A compilation of the best Black Dragon's production.

BD 056 EXCRUCIATING PAIN "Thou shall choose" CD