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Bengal Tigers

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S N A I L M A I L : PO Box 4 Chadstone Victoria 3148 AUSTRALIA


You've relesed a new EP. When can we now expect the release of the first album?

We've had to put the album back at the last minute because we're about to set up our own domain name ( We decided this would be wise BEFORE releasing the album. An album is apretty big thing so now's the time to set up the new address. Notice there's no .au (Australia) in the name - that's because we're registering it in the US. Trouble is, we have to wait for confirmation. Once we have that, we can change the album art work and send it off to the printer.

Do you find some distribution deal?

We're talking to a French distributor now. The company handles alot of other territories. We've been talking to a number of US and Candian companies as well.

Where & by which company, ... ?

It'd be wise to say nothing until contracts are signed

Is there still some countries where you need a company to distribute the album?

Yes, but I think we'll wait until we've actually pressed the album before approaching anyone else at this stage. That way they have something tangible to look at.

Your last single 'in one hear' sounds more like AC/Dc than the new ones which sounds like another of your influences i think : Judas Priest ( in the 80's) Is there something that appeared without having thought about it orsomething that you had defined before?

No, not really. All the songs were recorded at the same time. We have a number of different sides. And it depends what the listener actually hears - some people thought 'IN ONE EAR' sounded like Priest, or even Crue! We just sound like the way we sound. The new stuff we're working on now for the next release sounds different again, yet it still sounds like BENGAL TIGERS. There's no conscous decision in so far as what we're going to sound like - a song is written, if we like it, we record it!

4 The Angels (ex Angel city ) are back too with a single & a new album. What do you think of this band?

I think they're really good, although I prefer their earlier stuff 'Face to Face' and 'No exit" period, oh and 'No Secrets' was a great song. They've had other good tunes but the earlier period was their strongest in my opinion

5 What are your 5 favorite albums ever released & your 5 favorite bands?

Gee, that's a hard one - I like a lot of stuff! This is off the top of my head - if I think about it I'll come up with different choices! In no order:

JUDAS PRIEST/Killing Machine CHEAP TRICK/Cheap Trick AC/DC/Back In Black THE CULT/Soul Asylum FIGHT/War Of Words

The same for bands, but there are heaps of good bands: UFO, THIN LIZZY, SCORPIONS, ZEPPLIN, SABBATH, etc. etc

6 Aren't you sometimes afraid that your songs on your album sounds more or > too much different because they had been released at different times?

Not really, when we record, we look at what new stuff we've got and what older stuff we have. For example, on 'IN THE BLOOD' most is new material, written in the 12 months prior to recording, whilst about 3 songs are much older. You never know which songs are going to record well and which aren't. Some songs we've recorded more than once - it's just that we weren't happy with the result. 'HOT LIPS' is aperfect example - it's been recorded 3 times before!

7 There's a cover in this new CD. Can you tell us why you choose this track

In Australia, it's almost impossible to get commercial airplay without doing a cover if you're a local act. They didn't play it anyway! We'd been playing it live on and off for a few years. It wasn't even going to be on the album, but we were happy with the recording and the vibe so we released it.

&Why don't you play a cover of a band like Judas, Motley or anyone else in metal-hard rock scene?

Rule no 1: NEVER record a metal cover inless you can do a better job! Also, there's NO HOPE of getting played in Australia with a metal cover version. NONE!

8 What would you like people to say about Bengal Tigers in 10 or 20 years

I guess if people even remember us it would be nice! Hopefully, we'll have a fair few CD's out and we'll have had something to offer to the scene. I feel that if you can come up with just one GREAT song, you've made your mark - like Guns & Roses with 'Sweet Child'. Radio will ALWAYS play that song. It's their signature tune in a way.

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