Bengal Tigers

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F A X : {61 3} 9569 8880

S N A I L M A I L : PO Box 4 Chadstone Victoria 3148 AUSTRALIA

1 Present the band & its history
To date we have released 2 CD's - 'PAINCLINIC' a 5 track CD-EP in July 1995, and 'IN ONE EAR', the first single from the forthcoming 'IN THE BLOOD' album. A new single will be released within the next few weeks, a cover of the Beastie Boys hit 'FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT'. The current band lineup is Gordon Heald (the Hugh Hefner of Rock!) - vocals, Barney - Guitar, Keith Peter-Budhe - Guitar, James R. Power - Bass, and Noel Tenny - Drums.

2 Your music shows that AC/Dc must be one of your influences.. But it also shows that US melodic bands as Motley Crue are also piece of your influences. DO you agree with this analysis & what are really your influences

2. BENGAL TIGERS influences are fairly varied, but the main ones would probably include JUDAS PRIEST, FIGHT, AC/DC,UFO, ZEPPPLIN, CULT, SCORPIONS. I can't really say any US bands have been of particular influence. Of the above-mentioned, I think that both Keith and I have been influenced greatly by ULI ROTH and MICHAEL SCHENKER.

3 The single is really impressive by the quality of your songs. Tell us more abou tthe forth coming album , Where has it been recorded & what was the conditions (time, material, ...) & What are your projects with this album?

3,The forthcoming album follows on the heels of our debut CD-EP 'PAINCLINIC' released July 1995. IN THE BLOOD was completed over 12 months ago, and it's non-release was due to a string of unavoidable delays (the biggest being my Mothers long illness which led to her death in August). Believe me, we'll be glad to get it out so as we can move forward!
IN THE BLOOD is our first album, and was recorded between June 1996 and Feb 1997. We were forced to record it this way as the studio where we do record is so heavily booked, it's basically impossible to get in! So we had to do it bit by bit. The 11 songs on the album are a combination of brand new material, as well as a number originals we'd been playing live for some time. The album includes a cover of the Beastie Boys FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT, which will be our next single to be released in a few weeks. It also includes another non-album track HOT LIPS.

6 Where wan we get it & at which price? 

6. Right now, the only place you can get our CD's is from us. Anyway, it's a lot cheaper that way. All our CD's are cheap!! If you want to go through an import shop, tell them to contact us and we'll supply them. There are import shops around the world who order from us, but you've got to hunt them down. We have a major web presence so if they're online, they just need to visit our site or email us It's that easy!

As for prices, PAINCLINIC is US$10.00 (inc postage) IN ONE EAR & FIGHT
FOR YOUR RIGHT are US$5.00 each (inc postage) and IN THE BLOOD is US$16.00 (inc postage). We ask for US dollars as it's easier for us to exchange them for Australian dollars plus US dollars are easier to come by overseas. We get hit with a $5 charge when we cash overseas cheques which is not very cool.

7 Do you need more distribution & in which country? Have you some conditions for a distribution deal?

7. We have NO distribution at present, mainly because we haven't released an album up until now (well shortly anyway!)

8 To be an Australian band means that often, you'll be compared to AC/DC. Is it a problem for you & or is something you accept because you're at your beginning & people must know more about you?

8. We don't really ever get compared to AC/DC so it isn't a problem. Australia's biggest successful bands apart from AC/DC have been INXS, Crowded House, Midnight Oil, Men at Work, Little River Band, and right now Savage Garden are doing pretty well in the US. There's also been a lot of smaller bands who have also had international success including Split Enz, Rose Tattoo, The Angels, Divinyls etc. There have been a number of bands who AC/DC have had a more noticable influence on like Johnny Crash and Rhino Bucket. Overall, if we were to be compared to them, it would most likely be in overseas reviews. For us, it's a compliment to be compared to one of the world's biggest selling bands!!!
AC/DC have certainly left their mark and influence, even on major metal acts including Judas Priest and Motley Crue.

9 Does Australia have a good scene for metal bands

9. The Australian metal scene is DEAD, or as good as dead. There really aren't even many metal bands anymore. But this is not just because of the supposed unpopularity of metal, we're having problems with the music
scene in general. There's basically too many shocking bands around, which keep the punters away in droves! It's the worst it's ever been right now, but it'll no doubt improve at some stage. Because of our small population, there has never been a really big metal market - at least not for local bands. Big names from overseas always do well when they tour, (in the next three months we've got bands like Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne & Van Halen visiting) but the local acts have never had it
easy. Thems the breaks! For any Australian metal act, setting their sights on the international market has always been the only road to success. Even AC/DC had to leave Australia so as to become internationally successful!

? 10 DO you plan a tour or some special concerts for the promotion of your music?

10. We're going to do as many gigs as we can to support the album. We'd love to be able to tour overseas, but right now, being 100% independant as we are, it's not likely to happen in the short term. When we can get licensing and distribution deals in place, I'm sure the opportunity will arise.
11 A last word?
11. Buy our CD's!!! If you like what we're doing, the only way you'll be able to see us live is to spread the word. I know it's an old cliche, but bands only succeed through word of mouth and fan support. Sure, we'll keep going anyway, but for us to break big time, we need our fans to help us. It's the ONLY way!!
Barney Boy B E N G A L T I G E R S
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