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1 - Can you tell us more about your band?

John - We've been around since '94. Pete-We've done splits with Apt.213, Short Hate Temper, and a lot of comps including H.G. Fact, Choatic Noize and we put out "Gear in The Machine" 7 and "Soul of The Martyr " on Relapse.

2- What are your most important influences?

Pete-Old school hardcore and Metal, Black Flag, Attitude Adjustment, Cryptic Slaughter John- I am into Slayer, Old Naplam, Old Carcass. The old school shit is still the best.

3 - Can you present & tell us all about your album " soul of the martyr"?

Pete- It was recorded last Dec with Bart Thurber at House of Faith studios. Bart is a great guy to work with. John - We did like 20 new songs for "Soul of the Martyr" and then the cd contains previous material like "Gear in The Machine", and a live set from Fiesta Grande

4 - It's really difficult to define your music : hardcore - death - grindcore, ...How do you define your style?

Pete- I see us as Hardcore with some definite grindcore influence.

5 - Do you have already schedule some tours to promote this album?

Pete- We did like 2 weeks on the East Coast with Black Army Jacket, that was great, and we are trying to play as much as possible. John- Thanks to Relapse, we got to play the Metal Fest that was amazing. We are going to go out again sometime this Spring for as long as possible.

6 - Is there a special meaning with your cover? What's your opinion about NAZIs , World War 2, Hitler & 3rd Reich

Pete- For me it represents what happened earlier in this century when Russia was made a communist state. Churches were destroyed, Priests were brutally tortured and killed. It was a totally fucked situation. I am not into racism or any other form of hate bullshit.

7 - Can you tell us more about your lyrics? What are they talking about?

Pete- Lyrically it is about stuff we know and see and deal with in our daily lives.

8 When thrash metal appeared, it was the most extreme style. Then, came death metal, grindcore, black metal, ... What 's for you the most extreme music now?

Pete- For me Black Metal is still the extreme of the extreme. A lot of the noize projects coming out are pretty hardcore as well. John- Black Metal is definately extreme but I am waiting to see what that next wave is going to be that makes people go, "Holy Shit"

9 - In your album, there's 21 tracks, but you add 13 bonus tracks. Can you tell us what are these tracks & why you add them on the CD?

Pete- It lets people hear some of our older stuff, It was Matt from Relapse's idea. John- I thought it was a great idea, because it gave people a total package of stuff. Instead of just a CD , it showed a progression of the band .

10 What's your opinion about bands blending metal & techno?

John- I am not really into it , but alot of people might think I am crazy for playing what I do. So as long as the people creating the stuff are enjoying it. Then more power to them and keep doing it.

11 Some of your songs are really short(0:46) & some are very long ( 8:40 minutes). Some are really fast & some really slow. Can you tell us more about the way you proceed to create songs? why do you create so much different tracks?

Pete- It is really what ever mood we are in when we are writing the stuff. John- everybody in the band has different influences and we come up with alot of different combinations for all of these different influences.

12 A last word?

Pete- Thanks for the interview and I encourage anyone to write to us and I hope you all like the album. John- Thank you very much and thanks to Relapse for all they have done. See ya