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> 1 can you tell us more about the history of the band?

Beseech was found in '92, and released 3 demotapes before our debutalbum "...from a bleeding heart". The first on was "A lesser kind of evil", second "Last Chapter" and the third was "Tears", but it was with this demo we began to promote it to labels, zines and recivied very good response. About 600 copies did go out to that. We was featured on some compilation CD's and did get contact with some labels. From the beginning we signed to German We Bite/Corrosion Records (shitheads!!!) they didn't release it, but after about two years we managed to break the contract with help from our publisher. We got offers from some labels and choosed Metalblade Records because they seemed to be big and trusteble label. And now in May we released "...from a bleeding heart", 10 songs of doom/death/gothic metal.

> 2 I think that you're now working or thinking about your next album. Can you tell us more about this one?

Yes, we have material to next album, about 8 new songs so far and little other things so we are soon going to record a demo to the label. Next album will be our breaktrough I think, A KILLER!!

> 3 What will on your own the difference that 'll have your next album in comparison with the first one?

" From a bleeding heart" is really a variated album from calm almost ambient songs to more heavier stuff, but our next one will be more variated still some very calm songs and classic influenced to more raw and faster songs and more commersial I belive. We included more piano and different noises to the new stuff since we got a keyboard-player to BESEECH.

> 4 What are your influences?

My influences to write music I got when I'm boored on life and everything sucks, but musicway it's all I listen to and like from classic music to pop and metal.

> 5 First album & already signed on one of the famous record company worldwide. Can you explain ?

As I said on the first question, our publisher managed to get contact with some labels and we choosed Metalblade from several labels. Our album was already recorded and finished so we didn't really bring a demotape to them. So they just have to pay the recording and put it out.

> 6 To someone that hasn't heard of the band yet, how would you define it?

A very variated album that include all different parts of music, a symphonic doom/death/gothic album with piano, cello, violin, flutes and female vocals.

> 7 The cover of the album is very good & very strange. Is there any conept behind this picture? What does it represent?

The cover is abstract and a bit surrealistic and that fits the music very well, not so predictebel. It's also got little of Dahli and Michelangelo in it and represent the romatic era of the human that also fit the music, a romantic epos so to speak.

> 8 What are your 5 favorite albums?

This one is almost to hard to answer....

1. "...from a bleeding heart" (Europe press) 2. "...from a bleeding heart" (US press) 3. "...from a bleeding heart" (Ep - never done) 4. "...from a bleeding heart" (single - never done) 5. " ? " (Beseech next album)

Couldn't think of others.........

> 9 What do you think that the gothic scene ? Do you think that the success of bands like Type O Negative, Paradise Lost explain the numerous gothic bands that are signed today?

The gothic scene need more bands and grow stronger to reach the band as them you mentioned, also need a stabil ground. Gothic music is so wide so it need to put a mark......

> 10 What does Beseech bring to the metal scene that not any band owns?

A own identity as the structure on the songs, the music and sound, more experimenting with different kind of instruments and a nice looking guitarplayer (hmmm that must be me).........

> 11 Female vocals are more & more present on several albums & in more various styles of metal : from progressive to black metal, gothic, ...What do you think about female vocals? What are your favorite female singer?

A female singer that can sing is for example Sara Brightman (Phantom of the opera and much more). It's beinning to lots of bands that use it, but I think we was one of the first in this kind of music that alternated with male/female vocals from our early demo "Tears". So to next album are we planning to get rid of the female part.

> 12 A last word?

Thanks for the interview! Take a listen to BESEECH if you are into symphonic doom/death/gothic metal and we have recorded a video for "Rainbowman" from the album so keep your eyes open for it. Stay romatic!

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