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Contact : BESTIAL RECORDS str. CARAS nr. 8 1900 TIMISOARA (RO) tel/fax (004) 056-163024

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History - Releases

BESTIAL RECORDS was founded by Adrian Mihailov in December 1996, when Black Pharmakeya Peporomenee, the drummer of NEGURA BUNGET proposed him to edit their debut album. Therefore, in January 1997 the young label released the debut album of NEGURA BUNGET, with a very good layout (extensible cover, full color, with lyrics in archaic Romanian). The album was sold till now in more than 2100 copies, very good for an underground band. The band, which is the best Romanian black metal band, is one of the few underground bands known outside. Since this date, a lot of album shave been released & there's all Romanian bands. 

All the albums released are also on tapes, but the most important further releases ( GRIMEGOD, NEGURA BUNGET and GOD) were soon been released on CD.

Bestial Records have a mailorder service with almost 3000 customers. All tapes are available on 8$ ( p&P incl).





Album : The name - Label : Bestial records - Style : Folk gothic metal

Bestial records has already released a lot of good productions , unfortunately available in tape format only. But some of their best records are sometimes in CD format under license of European or north american label ( like for Negura Bunget). Serenity is a new Romanian band. Thi s3 piece band has invited som especial guests as a female singer, another guitar player, Ö All drums have been programmed. It allows the band to get a better sound. What's ssurprising with Serenity is their ability to mix guitar harmonies that could have been found in classical heavy metal bands with some celtic of folk elements (flute, ...). There's a lot of keyboards parts which are often blend with guitars. Vocals seems to belong to the Romanian culture. So, Serenity can be compared for a few to a band like Orphaned Land because of its musical approach. With th efew gothic touches put here & there, Serenity shows an open-minded personality. "The name" is a realy good underground album which reveals a band that will certainly count in the future.



Style : Atmospheric Doom/black metal - Album : from the moldavian ecclesiastic throne

God is a 6 piece band which includes keyboards & a viola player. Coming from Roumania & signed on a Romanian company, God trys to develop the local scene there & to prove that the romanian scene can be as interesting as other ones. After a long & oriental -styled intro, God starts by a mid tempo song were violin takes a large place as well as melodies. God doesnít seem to fall into simple brutality. The band trys to develop some surroundings with the help of keys & violin but definitly not in a « My dying Bride » style. The music & especially vocals (which are blend into black metal ones & gothic ones) seems to come from the black metal scene, even if God is not really one of this typical black metal band. With sometimes a gothic approach or a doom one, God diversifies its song & themes . Thus, God can appear like a Romanian version of bands like Septic Flesh or Nightfall with some touches of old Moonspell. Itís quite interesting& thecorrect production of this album makes it better. More gothic than really black metal , God can be an alternative to this scene provided you like to discover new & real underground bands.

Album : Sublime - Style : Atmospheric gothic metal

I really appreciate this Romanian band which had already released a good album , still on Bestial records. God totally masters its unique style which is a mix of atmospheric, death & gothic music. Including several unusual instruments (sitar, clave, violin, Ö.), God has built an unique & original mixture, between Paradise Lost & My dying Bride . Both atmospheric & gothic fans can be pleased by this so original band. This time, their sound is really better than on the first album. God has really the potential to seduce the whole metal scene, provided Bestial records release this album on CD & find more distributors. So, if you know someone that can help the band to get out of the Romanian scene, don't hesitate to E mail bestial records.


Style : Atmospheric Doom-death metal - Album : Sonnets

Bestial records is a company that really trys to make it better. All productions have a very good cover & layout Abigailís one is reall well done & the contents of this album is really good too. With a good production, Abigail remains strongly Paradise Lost & « Draconian times ». Abigail takes care about finding the good melodies & works a lot its guitar parts ; Guitars are often played in harmonies. With some shooting melodies & tempos, Abigail gives a really good impression. A good work has been made too for vocals parts which alternates aggressive voices & clearer ones. Thereís also some very good lead guitar parts. Underground bands often « forget » to play solis. In Abigailo, thereís some songs where guitars is alwyas played as a long solis ; Abigail is probably the best release of Bestial records & on eof the best Romanian band.


Style : Atmospheric thrash metal - Album : The Darkside

Grimegod is a 3 piece band, still coming from Romania as the majority of Bestial records production. Facing the other releases of this company, Grimegod has got a weaker sound escpecilaly for guitars & itís a pity becuase thereís good ideas developped there. I say that because this tape sounds better like an home-made release than like a studio album, so donít await for a huge production. Thereís also some home-made programmings & arrangements like for drums which are made with the help of a rythm machine. But despite this, itís really interesting to hear this band. This time again, itís hard to describe Grimegod. Music is often slow with a lot of guitar melodies, & vocals alternates between some death growls & some shooting-spoken-whispered voices. Itís sometimes really heavy & itís sure that with a better production, Grimegod could convince a lot more about its talent. More over, Grimegod is not this kind of band that trys more to show its technical level than its musical sense. Thatís why, songs are built in a simple way to be more efficient but a certain effort has even been made for arrangements. The predominating climate are very dark & for some reason, it sometimes makes me thing about Forlorn Emotion, even if Grimegod is more aggressive. Some songs really worths & Ií m sure that Grimegod has a good potential to express in the future.


Style : Black metal - Album : Gargoyles - Interview

band e mail :

Dies Irae is another Romanian band, but this time evolving n a pure Black metal style ; Itís quite like typical for this kind of music. The production is in the vein of what is usually heard fo rthis music. Maybe the sound of guitars is quite different & close to a band like Grimegod. Vocals are really hateful & aggressive. The melodies are created by some guitar parts & a keyboards. Sometimes very violent musically speaking, Dies Irae can also slow down the tempo & give more emphasis on its songs. The drummer is very good in this style & with the bass player, they have a good cohesion. Dies Irae sometimes sounds like symphonic Black metal bands, but they really take care to keep enough aggressivity to their music. This time again, the cover & layout of this album is excellent. & Dies Irae can probably equals the best romanian Black metal bands


Album : Zîrnindu-sa - Style : Black metal

Negura Bunget is a 2 piece band from Timisoara (Romania). Originally signed under Bestial records, the only professional label from this country, Negura Bunget has been also released in Cd format through Breath of Night records, a label with a strage attitude; ( Are they really affiliated with the nazi & racism movement? ). This band is often described as the best black metal act from Romania. Thatís certainly why itís explain their successful sign in a north american label. Musically speaking, itís raw & intense black metal with some symphonic parts. Maybe close to bands like Emperor. With no musical failure, the music is enriched by some keyboards parts which created the main surroundings of this music. More, despite a little budget (comparatively with the most important bands in this style), Negura Bunget succeeds in finding an excellent sound, where all instruments can be heard in good conditions. Even guitars doesnít sound crap. Of course, itís not a guitar sound like Pantera or Fear Factory, but its good enough to make a good impression. So, this band get all means to seduce all fans of symphonic black metal.

Album : Sala molska -- Style : Black metal

What a frightening debut track for this new album from the famous Romanian black metal band: Negura Bunget. I rarely hear such a dark song than this one. It's likie doom black metal with a lot of backing vocals like if it was a choir. Once this track ends, Negura Bunget sounds more clasical in its style of music. It plays a brutal black metal with a kind of melodic & symphonic touch. All lyrics are in Romanian tongue. The brutality of music is counter balanced by the keyboards parts which bring the main melodies on the whole album. As Black metal is becoming more & more melodic & commercial, Negura Bunget continues to release more & more brutal album as if the will of the band was to stay in the real underground black metal scene.

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Style : VARIOUS - Album : Bestial Sampler 97-98

Bestial records is a romanian record company & itís also the first professioanl music company of this country. Their favorite style is doom death & black metal. Their beginning in 1997 was with Negura Bunget, one of the best romanian Black metal band. By this time, Bestial records released 12 albums, exclusively available on tape. This sampler contains 11 of their 12 releases. Some of thier bands have already been presented but thereís also som eother ones like Negura Bunget (black metal) which is really excellent & able to compete with some of the best bands worldwide in this style, Makrothunia, Interitus, Deimos, Archasos, Gothic ( not the same than the excellent french death grind band), Agathodaim. This sampler is maybe the best way to discover the romanian underground scene & to see that Bestial records is really a company to follow in the Romanian underground

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