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You can also contact their record company Brennus records: Alain Ricard (see also his interview) / 5 rue de Lixy / 89140 Villethierry - France / tel / Fax : 33 3 86 66 51 41

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1Can you present the band ?

I. The band was created in 1993 and the original line-up was composed of Hades and Thor playing guitars, Triton and J. war respectivelly playing the bass guitar and the drums. During the first year of BLIND ROLLERís existence, Triton ensured the vocal parts as best as he could. Ar the end of 1994, God Sun, a real singer, joined the band to act an effective frontman. A few months ago, B.R. called out Lord E. Faust, to perform keyboard parts, who should become a new very effective element of the band. So the band is now composed of six memebers : Hades and Thor who are swift and talented guitar players, God Sun, inspired and spell binding singer, Lord E. Faust, who flies with his melodies above B.R.ís music and Triton an J. war, who provides the band a perfect rythmical basis.

2 What are your influences ?

II. In B. R., we all like many different music styles going fromm Pop music and Gothic to heavy or Black metal. We donít have precise or particular influences one might feel in our music ; only a blend of various influences.

3Tell us about the recording of this album

III. We recorded our first album « God Sun » in two months during 1997. The mix ending in september. Everything took place in our producerís studio -NSR STUDIO - . The atmosphere was relaxed and we had a real good time. Besides, Laurent Nafissi, the sound engineer is very kind and we thank him for his very good job.

4 To have the same conditions in studio, the same producers than Dream Child ( NSR production) must be something that you really appreciate & that gives you another motivation?

IV. The fact that Dream Child had recorded their album at NSR was not a motivation at all for us. Even if Judas Priest had spent time there, it would not have been motivating. What preoccupied us was only our music which we wanted to be powerful and overall melodious. According to this point of view, we think we have successed to reach our goal, and we have nothing to envoy any other band for.

5 Why do you relcord in this album a cover of Maiden (bring your daughter...) ? Why do you choose this song ? Why do you change some vocals parts ?

V. We all like this song and we had been playing « Bring your ... » live for many months before we entered NSR Studio. Since everyone in the audiences we met said we were playing this song very well, we decide to include this cover in our album. Moreover, it is a great song which is full of fun, power and in a certain way has something mischevious. Gos Sun, our singer, sings this song in a more melodious way because itís the way he feels it ! ! !

6 What do you think of ĎVirtual XIí the new Maiden ?

VI. Weíve listened to it once or twice and we must admit that it is their worst album. IRON MAIDEN is a great band which have been making fans dream for many years and which will keep making good music. But we have to forget this album. We long for the next one.

7 What are your projects & hopes for Blind Rollerís carreer & for this first album?

VII. That a lot of « God Sun » copies be sold or not doesnít interest us greeatly. We only want to play good music and to perform a maximum of concerts. Actually we are composing new song for a second album and we can already say that our next album will be still better.

8 How would you describe your album ( its best points, its faults) to someone that havenít heard about it ?

VIII. We are not the one who can describe our album best. People should listen to our album by themselves and get an opinion that way. Nevertheless, we can say that when we recorded this album, our will was to success in mingling power and technique withan omnipressent perfectly dosed melody. We hope we have managed to do so ; sincerely we think we have

9 Your guitarist is exceptionnal when he plays solis. He remains me Eddie Van Halen. Can he talk more about his play, which sort of materail he uses, ... ?

IX. Hades : I am a fan of Steve Vai, Shawn Lane and Steve Lynch. I play on Vigier guitars and Hugues and Kettner Amps. I hardly use effects : a little delay on soli sometimess a harmonizer pedal. I am found of soli modern techniques as eight fingers tapping, string skipping... I try to have a personal approach to all those techniques. There is one thing you love and plays on Ibanez guitars and Peavy amps.

10 A last word ?

X. We would like to thank all our friends and fans for their support. Long life to « The Underground Metal bandís page ».

Weíve got a message for everyone : enjoy sex and please, save the whales ! ! ! !

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