Metal sessions compilation CD

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1 Tell us why booster prods started the adventure of the compilation 'Metal sessions'?

Well, the first point is that Snailbooster was thinking of changing its name into Syrens Call and we had also a lot of new stuff we would like to record on a CD but the problem is alwas the lack of money so we could not afford a full length new album. We thought to set-up a co-financed project with other bands in the same situation as us and that's the reason why the "Metal Sessions" were born.

2 How di dyou choose bands?

The first point was to play a traditional metal style (even if some bands of the Metal Sessions slightly diverge from this condition) that is to say Hard-rock, Heavy-Metal, Speed, Thrash... Then the bands have to present a really well-recorded song on a DAT or a CD to be sure to have a good quality compil' at the end of the chain. The good human contact, the dynamism and implication in the project have also been taken into account for the final choice.

3 What is the goal of this compilation?

The answer is simple, PROMOTION. No benefits will be taken on this production by any part (bands or Booster Productions). The aim of the project is to spread the names of 15 bands all over the metal scene and that for free. I can say that the major part of the bands on the CD have already refunded their investment, less than 3 months after the release of the CD, that's therefore a greata success for us! We need a little more time to know if the promotionnal aspect is also a success but as far as finance is concerned it's a success! Don't understand we are making money but understand nobody is losting it, that's quite different!

Well in the budget of the pproduction, it was forecast to send 500 CDs for the promo all around the world. Today more than 300 have been sent and the feedback come slowly. We recieve an excellent feedback from the radio from France and even United States. I believe we have to be patient to see the chronicles and interviews in the magazines and fanzines. I cannot say the promo is a success today, we have to wait and see. Another point in the promotion of the CD is the co-organisation of the first Metal Sessions Festival in Verviers (Belgium). The 24th of Mai in the Spirit of 66 club 5 bands of the CD will play to present their music live. The bands are SEYMINHOL, SLIPSTREAM, COWERS, SYRENS CALL and NO COMPROMISE. I hope we will organise other festivals in France also.

5 you also play in snailbooster that just changes its name into Syrens Call. Can you tell us more about this? Why do you change your name & for which aims?

Well, in fact, the band was conscious of the significative change in the musical direction and the name SNAILBOOSTER was no more in adequation with the music we play at present. We thought of this change for more than a year but it's a difficult choice to make, mainly because of all the promotion we had already done under the SNAILBOOSTER name. But we decided to make the step and to become SYRENS CALL in December 97. I hope people will know that SYRENS CALL is the new name of SNAILBOOSTER. We have done a great effort of information, hope it worked !

6 On the compilation, what are your favorite bands, those who've surprised you too?

I must admit I have really been surprised by UMBILICUS MUNDIS and its heavy-black metal ! I found it so good that I decided to co-produce its first demo. We are now working on it and it will be release before June. The demo has been recorded by Stéphane Buriez from Loudblast and benefits of an incredible sound. It kicks! I'm sure you'll like it but we'll speak about this CD in a few weeks. Apart from Umbilicus, I personnaly appreciate Blowback, Seyminhol, Slipstream, Cowers... in fact the heavy-metal core of the compilation. I have to say that all the bands on the CD have been chosen for their quality so I like them all even if I prefer a certain style of metal but this is only a personnal point of view.

7 Is a second volume already scheduled? What are the coming projects of Booster prods?

No, not at the moment even if I have been contacted by several bands for the next edition, it's not forecast at the moment. We will first finish the promotion of the vol.1, then release the UMBILICUS MUNDIS CD and then work on a new SYRENS CALL album but it's a bit too early to speak of it. If we do a second volume of the compilation, I'd really like it to be more international but we'll see what happen!

9 Tell us how to get the compilaiton , at which price? What else do Booster prods propose?

The CD was distributed in the record stores of our area but it's now sold-out (great!!!). It's possible to get a copy by mail order to our place. It's available against 13US$ for foreign countries (or 70FF for France) at BOOSTER PRODUCTIONS 37 rue du 2 Septembre 59148 Flines Les Raches Tel/Fax 00-33-(0)3-27-91-63-97 Each band of the compilation have also some copies of the CD to sell.

10 A last word ?

Thank you very much for your support and please speak around you of the Metal Sessions, I hope this project will help the bands to be a little better known on the underground metal scene. See you on stage !

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