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Contact : BOOSTER PRODUCTIONS - 37 RUE DU 2 SEPTEMBRE - 59 148 FLINES LES RACHES - FRANCE - Tel/fax 33 3 27 91 63 97

Booster prod :


Album : L'ancien code - Production : Booster prod - Underground investigation - Style : Black metal

This band of black metal has been strongly noticed on the sampler «Metal sessions» with a stemming title of their demo tape recorded and mixed by the famous Stéphane of Loudblast. Proposed here in a miniCD, the 5 titles of this band impresses by their whole qualities. Benefiting from a more than better production as compared to several of doubtful bands whose I prefer to hush names, Umbilicus Mundis gets all means to burst out in front of the metal scene. I still appreciate this chant well conceptualized & mixed with various styles such as black metal, traditional metal ( this kind of voice reamins me strongly Blind Guardian !),the death metal. With the support of Booster prod and underground Investigation ( one of the most famous fanzine in France , I wish a good luck to the band and I recommend you to sustain this new band & all of those that trys with a few means to make French metal . When I see the impressive armada of bad black metal bands signed on sometimes good labels , I wonder why Umbilicus Mundis remains unsigned yet. Do they have to necessary get only a few musical qualities & a poor sound to find its place in this particular metal scene ?

METAL SESSIONS : (interview)

Another compilation released by Booster productions. This compilation shows 15 metal bands. The main ones ( 90% are coming from France) are really melodic & make references to the 80's metal wave.  This compilation is may be in advance because it shows very good melodic metal bands & as his style is more & more on the trend, may be some will soon make talk about them. All bands included there are not signed, some have already released self produced CD or mCD, some have only demos yet. However, sound is quite good even if some are better than others. But it's impossible to compare a demo with a CD. 

Syrens Call is in fact the new name of Snailbooster , a well known melodic heavy metal band in the north of France that has already released 1 self produced CD 'why' & a demo tape ' Lethal freedom'. As the band wants to be more & more progressive, they changed their name into Syrens Call. Musically speaking, it's in the same way as their last demo, but this time, they recorded their track in a bigger studio with the help of Loudblast 'singer. But the result is good & Syrens Call does not sound like a thrash or death metal band. Still leaded by a female singer, the band proposes a very good song & i'm sure that they'll no longer stay not signed because of their growing growing qualities.

Cowers proposes a track from its last mCD (interview). A Megadeth look like, very good. Necropsy (already presented in this page) has also one track coming from its 1st CD. Also influenced by Megadeth, the technical qualities of these 2 bands would surely help them to gain more & more audience & to be more & more present in the underground.  

Slipstream & Seyminhol , C one are bands that evolves in the same way : heavy metal with some hard rock cliche. Seyminhol has already one Cd & another one scheduled. It's sure that in the 80's scene , these 2 bands would have featured amongst the best ones in this scene. Circles end will surely remain ( for those who know a little bit the french scene of the 80's) teh cult french bands Mystery Blue with a very good track combining powerful & melody but never trying to be demonstrative.

Blowback differs a while from the first band, showing a fusion side to its metal. Sometimes close to Faith No more ( singer voice & vocal lines), the band could also make think to Psycho Motel. Anyway, it's really impressive & the band has just one demo left!

Lady Mc Beth could be well known for those who oftens command Cd at Brennus records. This band has already released one Cd 'Disillusion' & this one is distributed by Brennus. This band sounds more rock'n' roll with may be some melodic hardcore touches ( but be careful, there's o look like with bands like Korn, deftones!)

After presenting some melodic bands, , Metal Sessions also contains more brutal bands. No Compromise, (a belgian band) delivers one track coming from its first album. It's thrah metal inspired by the american thrash metal scene of 83 & by bands like Annihilator, Pantera or old Megadeth. Thiose who like Bay Area thrash bands will like this one. Bloodless also proposes one track coming frm its first selfproduced CD 'From Nowhere'. Strongly influenced by old Kreator, Sodom, Bloodless has got good arguments to assert itself on this scene but the band will have to work more on its sound quality. Ultimatum with a new song not coming from their first Cd plays in a hardcore style. The sound is very good. CRS, after 2 demos & one CD shows another direction with Hardcore metal. It's angry & aggressive but never boring. May be more modern than Ultimatum. 

Aegirson is a band difficult to define. after a short introduction ( JS Bach), Aegirson blends traditionnal metal with elemtns close to gothic -doom scene & a voice close to Carcass ( sometimes). The result is quite original. The band has one mCd out. 

Umbilicus Mundis is may be the most surprising bands for this compilation because it's a black metal one. The first demo has been produced by Buriez fom Loudblast. Strange choice for a heavy metal compilation? Not really because U.M. adds to its metal some heavy metal reference that proves the richness of this style. On some parts, UM will remain Heavens Gate ( may be due to the singer's voice) & the singer blends black metal voice with a more melodic one that is very good . That's really rare in this style. 

So, this compilation is definitly a good way to discover new promising bands (Cowers, Umbilicus Mundi , Blowback , ...) & to see that some are still here & have means to burst out in the scene ( Syrens call, Necropsy, ...). A good purchase if you like melodic bands. 


This band has been created in 1989. The aim was to play their fave music : Heavy metal. So they complete their line up & compose a few songs. The first name they choosed for the band was Twilight but in 1990 they changed it in Snailbooster. Two years later after gigs & composition they recorded a first demo called "Guilty"on a 8 tracks studio. 300 copies were distributed. After changes in line up, the band recorded its first album "Why" released in 1994. This album contains a remix version of their first demo. More than 500 copies were distributed (but you can order the few exemplaries still available). After good reviews in french magazines & gigs with bands like Ellis (russian metal band), Tipsy wit or Loudblast, line up changed again in 1995. Snailbooster has also been reviewed in US zines which bring them new fans. The new vocalist is now a woman. In may 96, the band issued a new demo called "Lethal Freedom" still recorded in the same studio. This one served to promote the band (labels, radios, zines, ...). A new CD is foreseen for 1998. Snailbooster will probably add new influences as progressive metal parts. You can see their home page where you'll find some sounds from their first album.  Have also a look at the interview.

review : "Why" is a solid heavy metal album with good melodies & harmonies on vocals, great heavy metal riffs & good solis. For an album recorded on a 8 tracks studio, the sound is very clear & powerful enough. Structure of the songs have been worked, then , songs are not linear. Snailbooster 's music remains a meeting between Hard FM for senses of melody & Heavy metal for the riffing parts & the rythm. Backing vocals enrich songs & bring a special touch on it. In a way, it makes me think as a heavier version of ASAP (the first solo album of Adrian Smith of Iron maiden).

On their new demo "Lethal Freedom", songs sound more melodic. It's surely because of the voice. Their new vocalist is a woman & what she did is very good (It's hard to find a woman with a good voice & knowing how to sing). She succeds in making heavy vocals lines. The last song of the demo remains the style of the first album, but it also shows that the band has worked a lot. Each musician brings its own technic to the whole band.

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