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1 "Sounds of an animal kingdom" is a real masterpiece concerning grind core. How time did it take to create songs for this album?

we started writing songs soon after we finished touring for need to control cd, almost two year ago. in the middle, we took out 10 songs and put them on the kill trend suicide mini-cd. some tunes on "sounds" are almost 2 years in development, but others were written 6-8 weeks before the recording started. one song and a few parts of other songs were improvised right there in the recording studio.

2 in the same way, the sound is pretty good & allows to feel your brutality. TEll us about the recording session (studio, time, ...). What are the difference when you record a grindcore album & when it's "just" a thrash or death metal one?

well we have only ever recorded brutal truth albums, not grindcore, thrash or deathmetal albums, so i can only speak to that: billy anderson is an awesome producer, and with his help we were able to capture the intensity and raw, in your face edge of brutal truth live and combine that sound with high quality production where all frequencies, instruments, sounds are technically perfect.

3 I've never heard a band going so far in brutality. Have you right now an idea of the next step?

that's our problem for next year: since we recorded "sounds" in june 97, we took a three month vacation, our longest one ever. now we will tour for almost a year in support of the new cd. after that we have a tough job to sit back and write the next bt songs. we don't know what they will sound like, only time can tell us that. we don't sit and plan to write songs a certain way, they just come out of the base of our brains as we are jamming.

4 Dan, you play with Anthrax, when thrash metal was the most underground & extreme style. As it turns to be a trend, you quit the band & create Nuclear assault that was 100 hundred times more brutal. Then, thrash-death became a trend too & you create Brutal truth, which was alos 100 hundred time more brutal. If grindcore become a trend, what will you do? Do you think that you can go at a higher point of brutality?

dan's not on line, so this is rich here answering these questions. i don't want to speak for dan, but i think if grindcore becomes a trend then bt will stretch to become more than grind. we always think about making our music more extreme and more crazy fucked up than the last bit of music we wrote, while anthrax and nuclear assault thought less about progressing musically and more about selling records, which is why i think dan became frustrated with those bands. danny is the kind of person who makes music to suit himself, record sales be damned.

6 Do you plan a tour? Where & when? Will you come in Europe & especially in FRance? Will you come as headlioner or as suport act?

we plan to tour most of 1998 in support of "sounds". we are starting with a few weeks of warm-up shows in major u.s. cities in dec and jan98. in feb98 we tour japan. after that we plan on extensive tours of europe and the us(including france, where we have recieved awesome support from fans in regards to the new cd) but there are no specific plans that are definite yet.

7 TO make such brutal songs must be really difficult when it's time to release them or to play them live. What's the secret? DO you practise a lot?

yes, when we aren't on tour, we practice at least three days a week. touring and playing a show everyday is a sort of practice in itself. the first few shows of a tour may be difficult, but after playing 30 or 40 shows in a row the situation changes. sometimes we play 200 or more show a year and when you get to that point you don't need too much rehearsal .

8 What are your lyrics talking about in the last album?

many of the songs on sounds of the animal kingdom discuss the problems caused by people(as individuals and as a society) not coming to terms with the technology they have created. whereas our superior brain (through technology) is supposed to raise us above the other animals, many times hi-tech results in dehumanization. people are not just brains, there is still an animal component to the human that must be acknowledged.

9 What is the reason & signification of the track "Prey"?

PREY is 22 minutes long. it consists of a 2 second blast in 7/7 time that we sampled from the middle of average people and looped over 600 times. PREY is meant to recreate the feel of the "locked" or "infinite" groove that is on the vinyl lp version. it is a final brutal head pummeling assault on anyone who has dared to listen throughout o the cd's end. it expresses feelings of frustration and pf being caught in a trap

10 What are your opinion about samples ?

we are all for it. anyone who wants to sample bt should go for it, we don't mind. if you listen closely to our cds, you will find many samples from some very unusual sources.

11 Your cover is excellent. who has realized it? Who has got the idea? & what does it mean to you?

the cover was put together by eric, the in house graphics designer at relapse. he did a totally awesome job, the cover feels and looks even better than we could have imagined it to. i got exact idea for the cover by going to the library to brainstorm 5 with the cd title and lyrics, after having a few long discussions with kevin about his lyrics and the meanings behind them. this cover demonstrates the lyric concepts related to the animal part of man conflicting with his technology and at the same time it represents the primal scream of emotion that is our music.

12 What are your opinion about the underground scene? What are your favorite bands, in that scene ?

i think the underground scene is stronger than ever. there is a great deal of crossover going on between the various types of underground music: metal, punk, noise, grind etc etc. this makes for a stronger extreme "music"scene, as opposed to several smaller scenes. there are literally 1000's of new bands out there: groinchurn, disassociate, black army jacket, deceased, impaled nazarene, burn the priest, cryptopsy, spazz, man is the bastard, morticite, stuck-on-ceiling, rupture, macbre, bloodduster, candiria, vader, gel caps, extreme noise terror, agents of satan, demonic christ, agathocles, kataklysym, human remains, agoraphobic nosebleed, mortician, fallout, capitalist casualties, unholy grave, inhuman, cattlepress, enemy soil, thug.

13 A last word?

thanks to all those fans of underground music who have supported bt over the years. we are totally psyched about our new cd and will tour for most of 1998 in support of it. if you see that bt is playing come out and party with us!!!

to contact us:

brutal truth 70a greenwich avenue #413 new york city, ny 10011 usa (for reply send a self addressed stamped envelope or irc's)

or email: to get on our email list for tour dates etc.

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