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> 1 - Can you tell us more about your band, its story, ...?

Ralf: we love to rock, so we found each other and now we are together for about 1 and a half years, at the beginning it was pretty hard to get any gigs, cause not a whole lot of people listen to our music, but now it´s going on and on!

Jens: Markus and me used to make music together for quite a while, and I knew Adrian way before he joined the band. But Ralf came to the band through an advertisement in a Newspaper. When we had made it public, that we were looking for a singer , a lot of freaky guys and a couple of girls showed up, but we decided on Ralf, 'cause he was the most weirdest one (just joking...)

> 2- What are your most important influences?

Jens: There surely a couple that had influence on our music,but I don't want to tell you the same old story, that we do have so many influences and that we're open to everything and bla bla bla...

Ralf: haha, our influences, that´s a question everybody is asking, our influences are our minds and the feeling we have when we are making songs up, influences are something which is comming from the inside and not from some other groups. maybe it´s a little bit of the seventies flair, we don´t care.

> 3 - Can you present & tell us all about "the road trax" ?

Ralf: road trax, we think it´s really untypical for german standards, and we are looking forward to the next recording.

Jens: We had one day for free in a studio, so we recorded and mixed the two songs on "The Road Trax" in about 12 hours, but our new recording already took thrice the time, and we nearly haven't done anything for that. It might take a little while, until it'll be released, but we aren't under such a pressure and we'll surely record more than just two songs. Wait for the things to come...

> 4 - The german scene is one of the most famous with bands like Scorpions,Gamma Ray, Helloween, Kreator, Grave Digger, Running Wild, Destruction,.....How do you explain the richness of your scene?

Jens: When you look at the time, when these bands came out, you'llrecon, that it was ages ago. The german scene used to be pretty good, but these days it ain't good at all. The only famous bands in germany are these oldtimer rockers, and in the last time this "Nazi"- Metal crap, as I call it.Ralf :we don´t really have something to do with that music any more, we grew up with that kind of music, but this music stopped the evolution in the late eighties, and who wants to listen to something, which stays the same all the time, they need more new impulses, all of these groups you listed on the top are kind of good, but some of them still play the same shit as 10 or 15 years ago.

> 5 - Do you have already schedule some tours to promote this album?

Ralf: no, not really, it´s pretty hard to find a promoter for this kind of music and we think, our time will come and we gonna make it on our own.

Jens: We're currently doing a couple of self-arranged gigs in south and east germany, but so far no promoter showed any interrest in us.

> 6 - I know you've got some projects. Can you tell us more?

Ralf: projects yes, but with the band and not with someone else, if the band isn´t together, there´s no project. yes, we wanna go to the studio real soon to record our next tribute to the psychedilic god of rock. we wanna do another video. we wanna do a tour, but this all will come 1999 and look what there is in the number, 1999,666 yes, it´s the year of rock´n roll and we describe every music which is heavy and really turning on as rock´n roll, cause rock´n roll is not music, rock´n roll is the good feeling, which stands behind the music you´re doing.

Jens: In all the projects we're doing CALAMUS is involved somehow, so you won't hear any remixes or "Calamus featuring Super-dumb-ass" or anything like that. All our energy flows into one central point, and that's Calamus.

> 7 - Can you tell us more about your lyrics? What are they talking about?

Ralf: the lyrics are mostly about shit happening every day, for example the car breaks down and you can´t repair that "piece of shit" or about taking drugs and you pass out to a higher kind of "soultrip", haha, no just joking, it´s about everything, which is going on in our little creedy minds!

> 8 - Your cover is really different from what it used to be done for a metal band. Can you explain it?

Jens: I don't see ourselfes as a metal band, more like a rock'n roll band,but rock'n roll not in terms of the music, more like a state of mind, and a way of living.


> 9 What's your opinion about bands blending metal & techno? Do you think that Metal music has to be made with only good riffs, & good vocal parts?

Ralf: music should be made for yourself, there are so many bands, and the music scene is that big, so there is something for every kind of mood, we don´t care about those people who copy something or sample things, it´s their thing, if you don´t like, you don´t have to listen to it, that´s a good thing, if you don´t like the music on some musicchannels, switch and lay in your cd´s. music is everywhere, music is life, and it would be a really bad thing, if everybody would have the same taste. music must not have good riffs or good vocals it must have the groove and it have to be one unit.

Jens: For me, it is most important, that the music goes into the balls. Music has to have something hand-made, something dirty and not something machine-like. But if everyone had the same opinion like me, the world would be a very uninterresting and boring place to be.

> 10 A last word?

Ralf: thanks a lot for the interview, and keep on driving the highway to psychedelicrocknrollhell. Jens: If there's anything more that you like to know/have from Calamus, just let me know, and I'll do my best.

Keep on rockin' Jens & Ralf.

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