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Contact :SIMONIN Bertrand, 41 E Chemin de Valentin, 25000 Besancon -FRANCE

Web site :

1 Carcariass is a band playing death metal, but on "Hell on Earth" sound is nearer from thrash metal. It's not as loud as it used to be in death metal, (& this, makes you more original than the average). Is it a choice or something that happens in studio?

The recording was made at Besancon with Nanard (Broken Edge producter), he is no much into death metal but he is very open-minding,and makes good work. We wanted a clear sound to distinguish each instrument (the bass guitar is not heard in pure death metal).this explains perhaps this thrash sound ,but for our first album ,we think that it fits perfectly.

2 What was the conditions of the recording of your album?

We had to pay 1400 FF per day for the record on 24 tracks (we stayed 12 days).

3 Songs are quite complex & you often make technical parts. Does it mean that Carcariass will become more & more complex in the second album.

yes, our next album will be more technic and more melodic,but the voice will stay death metal.

4 When i hear your album, i find that sometimes you were influenced by bands like Coroner, & Death. Is it really your influences. What are your main influences?

They are among our favorite bands. Our music is then more or less influenced by them,but we try to be original.

5 With a good & first Cd like "hell on earth", you must have contacts with labels no? What are your projects for the future (waiting for sign with labels, new self produced one, ...)

Yes, we have contact with french labels,we are in most of their mailorder catalog but we haven't be signed yet. It is difficult for french bands to be signed. For the future we would like to find a label to produce our second CD.We also make a lot of concerts.

6 What's your opinion about french underground sceene? Who are the bands that you like in this sceene?

The french underground scene is growing.For us Loudblast is the best french band but there are a lot of other news good bands like D.A.B,Mortuary,Broken Edge, Apoplexy,Diphtery,...

7 In your songs, i feel that you work more about music than vocals. do you think that in Death metal , music is more important than the voice? Do you think that voice can bring less things than your music?

The voice is as important as the music , but in death metal the voice is "linear" (it has to be gutural !!!!).The music can be diversified.

8 What is impressive in your songs is the work (harmonies, solos, ...) made in the breaks with bass & guitar. Does it take lot of time to make a song.

All melodies and bass lines are composed by Pascal (the guitarist) and it only takes him two weeks (sometimes one day) to write a song.He records the song to tape and he gives it to me (Bertrand),and I play the drums lines as I wish.

9 to have a song in the compil CD sold with Metallian mag ( distributed at more than 20 000 copies) What does it change? What does it bring to Carcariass?

With the compil, a lot of people in France know us now.And for the concerts ,the people who didn't buy the CD know at least one song.

Review : "Hell on Earth" is a very well done debut album. Carcariass is more (on my own)than a simple death metal band. The band seems to have been influenced by thrash metal bands from the eighties. Their sound is also different from other death metal bands. It's a very clear sound & it's not as loud as it used to be in death metal. this made them more original than the average. A real effort has been made on structure of the songs, there's lots of technical parts as they were in Death (the band) & good solis. Carcariass is not a definitly brutal bands, they put lots of melodies in songs ( the guitar player has got original ideas). The only reason that let carcariass in the death metal style is the voice, who is typically in a death vein & the way that they structure songs. Carcariass is now looking for a record company.
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