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1 Can you present the band & your first album ?

OK, the band is Century Scream, it’s a hard rock & progressive group on the album ‘Century Scream’ but a real progressive metal band on stage & in the future. On the drums, Olivier Denis, bass : Daniel Collet, on the guitar : Aymeric Silvert, voice : Damien Silvert. On stage, there’s an additional keyboard : Arnaud Roma. You know we’ve worked a lot for this first album. We wanted to let th epublic know us with all teh feelings we can have : melodies, metal , progressive, hard rock & romantics. Teh lyrics of this album are very personnal ones. We had to express tears & laughs there’s anything on it. We were afraid to make this great thing so young ( 22 years old)

2 How would you define your style ?

You know it for the album now. But in the present time, we’re sure of what Century Scream means for us. We’re now a metal progressive group. Our new compositions are heavy, with all the good feelings of progressive music & very complex structures. We’re very proud of these new songs. You’ve heard ‘Carapace’ for the first time in Riasmes ( with Headline & Vandenplas !) & the public liked it. We feel ready for very strong lyrics & metal music. My voice is still very melodic & a little lyric. We use now electronics like expanders, smaplers & electronic pads for the drums, added to real percussions & rock instruments of course. Each new title exists in french & in english to play them in our Canadian’s tour in the early 1999’s.

3 Tell us more about the recordings.

We’ve recorded on a 40 numeric tracks for this album & that’s why the sound is so good ; 10 days of recording, 1 day for recording our guests (J C Rapin & Patrick Rondat) & 9 days for mixing. After, we made 2 masterings in Bruxelles & in Metz to have a good general sound. Bass & drums were recorded live in only 2 days, after we recorded anything else, with a live way of thinking. We made 2 takes for the maximum of each instrument on each track. So we kept the good feelings of the first take.

4 There’s some guests on this album..

Yes, Jean Claude Rapin & Patrick Rondat are very good friends of my brother Aymeric. They talked together of the album & accepted to play as friends on out tune called ‘Time (ou l(histoire d’un tueuir invincible)’. It was a great studio day. We laughed a lot. JC & Patrick are very friendly & recorded exactly their own styles : there was no guitar’s war !

5 On this album, there’s several ballads, a lot of arpeggios & clean guitars. Why do you privilegize this way & not a more aggressive one ?

I think i explained it before. We wanted that for the first album, to show we are not beasts ! (laugh) Now people will take attention on th elyrics & instrumental work & i hope they ‘ll have pleasure to hear a metal band that is not only love, drugs, sex & rock’n’roll ! ! (laugh) Now we feel ready for metal & aggressive guitars : you’llsee...there’ll be a lot of surprises ! !

6 What are your coming projects & future hopes ?

We’ll make a big concert with special guests (very special guests...) in ‘Palais des grottes’ of Cambrai on the end of june. It’ll be recorded filmed. We’re preparing our new titles too. I think you’lls ee a Century Scream new album ( with live bonus tracks ?)during 1999/ We’d like to make a real french tour to know better people from the south : if you can help , contact the management : Zephyr (laugh ! !)

7 By now, you’ve played with Vandenplas. Can you give us your feeling about these date ? What can you learn from such a good concert ?

It was a really great experience for us. Vandenplas is a very good group. I’m a fan you know ! I could talk with them, they’re simple & friendly. They are real professional too : anything was perfect !For us, people discovered our live performance & I think they liked it. We’ve had 2 producers & an editor calling since that concert for bIg contracts...so, we’ll see. I was really fantastic !

8 A last word ?

Yes, thank you for anything & I just wanted to say that Century Scream is a live band ! Come & See us on stage : you’ll see another side of us ! Have fun ! !

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