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Style Heavy metal - Album : Unveiled

Coming from San diego, California, Cage is reputed playing heavy metal in its true sense !Even if in the mid 90ís a lot of metal bands cahnged to keep their their success, Cage never loose its integrity. & teh band has been really well inspired because this led them to play with the best metal bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Flotsam & Jetsam, Dio, Fates Warning, Dokken, Exodus, & mainly more ! Judas Priest said that Cage is « the best opener of the north american Jugulator tour ! ». Starting in 1993, on the basis of 2 bands : Nomad & Crusher, Cage didnít need a lot of time to get a following audience & itís surely due to their high performance on stage ! So, itís obvious to see Norwood C. Barber, the manager of Chainsaw records, having some interest in the band. The result is « Unveiled », a 15 tracks CD, mastered in Capitol records ! This album is now out for your self pleasure !

If you have been rocked by theHeavy metal of the great masteres , that are Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio,... Cage (not to counfound with another US band called Cage too & signed on axe Killer records. This band plays US heavy rock & is composed by ex XYZ members) is then the group that lacks to your discography. The group resumes the inheritance left by these monsters of the heavy metal scene and continues its path, without being attracted by trendies Honest in its goal, Cage is one of the most skilled bands in this style. Benefitting from a professional production, that gives a unique relief to these compositions, Cage proposes with «Unveiled» an album that would probably met a huge success where itíll be distribute ! To the difference of good number of heavy bands of the 80s, Cage does not sink in the parody, the cliche or the « already made ». Compositions are original, perfectly executed. The singer is excellent, he possesses a melodic voice but knows equally to render it more aggressive. Remaining sometimes Dickinson or Dio, but more often Rob Halford, he has known to find all along this album the good & just melodies , that suit perfectly to pieces. Guitars complete themselves to wonder. By some aspects of the production, Cage reminds me Liege Lord. Arrangements are multiple and enrich pieces instead of misrepresenting them as that is sometimes the case. Some songs are pure genius ones like « Buried in the horse-box» or again the fabulous « Release me »). Some riffs make equally think of Black Sabbath ( with Dio as singer). With a such sense of the composition and a such great musicianship, Cage proves with talent that the Heavy metal is not indeed obsolet! Teh more I listen to this « Unveile» the more I am persuaded that this album will become a classic Heavy metal album as well as it has been for albums like «Killers» or a «Screaming for vengeance». This album is mastered from its beginning to its end by inspired and totally honest musicians. Professional group in its way and in its mind, « Unveiled » is a source of satisfaction for the Heavy metal addict !


Style Heavy metal - Album : Last beginning

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4 piece band, Legacy has been creating in 1993. After that a few songs were composed, the band performed as a local talent facing more than 300 persons. It ws also their first live appearance. Then, they practise & practise as often as possible in the goal to schedule the recording of a debut album. To achieve it, the band organised alone a concert in a warehouse. There, the band attracted more than 400 people & the benefits allowed them to enter the studio to record finally their first album ! Recording began in the end of 1997, with the help of Norwood Baker ( see Chainsaw records ) ! 11 tracks were recorded & the album has finally been released on the 01/04/98

Legacy is a very promising group and this first album is the evident proof ! Self taught musicians, the impression that they leave is really impressive. Legacy is a real Heavy metal band but that is equally capable to propose beside furious song some subtler ones. The mix is particularly interesting. Thus, a song as «Thunder» is entirely dynamic and then Legacy make us think of a great Megadeth-like . Parts of guitars are chiselled in a concern of precision and efficiency that is really surprising to find with so young musicians. On the other hand, the group aligns also some songs that are close to ballads or calmer as the excellent «there is one» that could be very easily a new «Nothing else matters». The guitar is aerial, the chant is really fineness. Even so, as soon as the guitar is back, Legacy shows a rare power. The chant , relatively plaintive , make us think a lot of Dave Mustaine. About the production of this album it appears entirely effective. The sound of the drums and more particularly of the snare drums is excellent and brings a good contrasts with the bass which is very present. The talent of composition showed by the band, its great technical quality let us think that Legacy is one of the seriousness outsiders of the melodic metal scene. It wonít be surprising to find in a few years Legacy among the most reputed Heavy metal bands of USA .

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