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1 Can you explain the story of Chaos theory & why you're playing together?

Chaos Theory was formed in 1995 in the guitar players basement. We were originally toying around with the idea of Chaos Inc. but we chose Chaos Theory because we wanted our music to make people go crazy. We have all been friends for years before the band, playing together in some other bands and seperatly as well. We finally decided that no one else was clicking with us so we joined forces, a self proclaimed super group if you will, and formed Chaos Theory.

2 Tell us about the recording of "Scarred for life"?

Well the recording of the CD was really an experience for us. We were a young band, only together for about a year or so. We were trying to play clubs in Philly and NYC but they wouldn't take us without a demo. We went in and put the record together. WE aren't really happy with the CD for a number of reasons. But due to our budget we had to take away some of the things we wanted to do, like mastering and such. We were nervous as all hell in the studio and it shows. The CD does not really captuer our live sound. Believe me the CD sounds damn good, but live we are much more adrenalized.

3 After, this Cd, what did you release?

Nothing yet, we were on a few compilations and other stuff, but our new CD will be recorded withing 6 to 8 months we hope. We have to sell about 100 copies of Scarred for Life still to break even. Then we start focusing all our monies on the next CD.

4 Tell us where & how it costs to find all your releases?

Ok well the CD is $6, T-Shirts are $12 and we have stickers available as well for $1. You can order all this through us at 82 Eaton Rd, Bordentown NJ 08505, make the checks payable to Brian Schleper. You can also go to our website at, and hopefully by the end of the week we will have a credit card server helping us so we can accept credit card orders.

5 When i hear this Album, it seems that you evolve in different directions, because of your influences. That's why you define yourself as a heavy metal band. What are these influences?

There are so many influences it is hard to pick them all out. Slayer, Fear Factory, Iron Maiden, Sacred Reich, Anthrax, I mean the list goes on and on. We are even influenced by people like Bob Dylan and others. We all bring a different musicial background to the band, even some 80's hair metal bands influenced us, after all we grew up on them!

6 Surroundings on "Scarred for life" remains me a reunion of friends having a lt of pleasure to play. Is music & Chaos Theory only a pleasure or do you think & want to make an international carrer?

We want to go everywhere. It is fun and pleasure and at the smae time we are doing everything we can to get noticed, get signed and get the music out there!

7 You play as opening acts of great & famous bands. Which ones? Tell us how it was & what you were thinking playing with them? Which one of these bands do you appreciate more? & why?

It's funny because you hear of the horror's of the music industry but nothing prepared us for the night we opened for Testament in Philadelphia. For two months before the show we did publicity out our asses, over 3000 flyers, sold 100+ tickets, took out an ad in three different local papers, went everywhere, even got the local radio staions to give us a small spot on their metal show. I mean we were excited and pumped and couldn't wait. Then the night came. WEll lets put it this way, either Testament is not at all what I thought they were going to be, or their managment sucks. We got there at 6:30 for sound check at 7pm. FOund out we lost our dressing room to their roadies, no sound check because they didn't give us time, weren't aloud back stage after we played, and couldn't meet the band. We got our set cut short, a set that might I say we had to start late because they didn't let us set up until 5 minutes before the doors opened. We weren't aloud to sell anything for less then what they were selling it for, and to be kicked in the ass even harder after all this happened, we still went on stage, played a kick ass show, and thanked testament a thousand times. But they couldn't remember our names or say anything about us once. I grew up on their music, loved it. But now it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But I am not bitter!!! The second opening we did was for Flotsam and Jetsam. Now it's like either we have bad luck or I don't know. They pushed our set up and hour, so there was pretty much no one there, because they were tired and had a mong ride ahead of them. And when we played they didn't even come off the bus to listen to us. We also played with Nevermore that night. And let me tell you you'll never meet a better bunch of guys. They we cool as hell. They hung out and watched us and even hung out with us afterwards and had a few beers. It was real cool. It appreciate Nevermore the most out of the bands we've opened for, and do you know why? Because they didn't forget what it was like to be at the bottom fighting to get to the top, and they treated us like humans instead of pests.

8 I find in your music a spirit sometimes near from the one of hardcore bands. Because some of your songs are simple, direct, speed. Do you agree with me?

Yes I mean hardcore is a great style of music. Biohazard was an influence on my drumming to an extent. We try to be direct and simple with out all the solos and stuff because that gets boring. Who wants to hear someone whale on a guitar for an hour and then hear the main riff kick back in. I want the groove, not the guitar god look.

9 What are your projects for the future?

The new CD will have probably 5 songs on it, we plan to do Kill the System again, just revamp it or revist it, we play it a little faster live, and we want to try to capture that. We also have a few compilations in the works right now, but they won't be done anytime soon. We are trying to get on a few big shows in the area now, but it's hard.

10 What are your lyrics talking about? What about Karate shop precisely?

The lyrics are about everything and nothing all at once. We have always been faced with hardships in our lives, losing loved ones, being hurt or betrayed. We all get angry frustrated and we like to chanell our feelings into our lyrics. Karate Chop? Well to be honest the song was a joke. But it turned into much more. We had a friend who wanted to be in the band, he was a singer. He had kinda that high piched style of singing, the hard rock 80's style. He came over one day and started singing I'll never let you go by Steelheart, it was real real bad. Then when we told him no he started talking alot of shit about us, how we suck and all that, so I wrote that song. As a joke of course, but then he kept it up and it found it's way to the album. He is obviously one of those people who think they are real tough becasue they know Karate, keep in mind he knew "non-contact" Karate, but he still felt he could kick our asses, well who do you think has the upper hand now?

11 What do you think of the last album of bands like Metallilca, Megadeth?

Metallica is killing me, how can the greatest metal band ever go from awsome and kick ass to pansy and pinkidh. I mean listen to Kill them All and then listen to Load? Are you kiddin me? You grew up? I don't think so, you saw the money and that was it. I don't want to own Load. especially the Load of shit metalica called their album Megadeth? I love those guys. The new album is not like their best effort but it's ten times better than Youthanasia. If he keeps going in the right direction, Mustain and co could save metal. If they just turn it up a notch. I had a friend who said Mustaine should go back on Heroin, because he knew how to kick ass then.

12 May be a last word

No matter where we are in a year or two Chaos Theory will alwyas have been a big big part of our lives. We are all best of friends, and have been through so much, it almost goes as far as to say the band is a family, but so much more. In the next few months we'll be tourning the entire east coast in hopes of our one big break. If it comes we hope you'll all by the album, and help the music stay alive.

Take Care. Brian Schleper, Drummer- Chaos Theory

Review : Chaos theory was formed in 1995 by 3 firends. Chaos Theory is poud to play & spread its heavy metal even if some thinks that it's a dead music. the band wants to prove they're wrong. theoften described themselves as a reunion of heavy guitar sound , melodiccaly evil & harsh vocals ,bombastic bass sound & ballistic double bass pounding. Influences are coming from various bands from Slayer, Maiden, Fear Factory, ....After playing in several bars & pubs they released "Scarred for Life" a 6 tracks Cd in 1997. With the help of good reviews & radios shows, the band appears on various compilations such as Vile records, Overlord prod, ... & played as opening act of Testament, flotsam & Jetsam, Strapping young Lad , Nevermore, Stuck Mojo , Never more...

Chaos theory is not really a one styled oriented band. & it's surely because of the various voices used in songs. It's sometimes close to heavy metal like in "more & more", sometimes close to thrash or death metal & sometimes all these styles are blend ( "I abandon") . Musically speaking, the surroundings remains thrash metal influenced in the same times by deth metal ( "Victimized") or by Hardcore ( "Karate shop"). It's a quite simple music which aim is to be the most energetic possible. & Chaos Theory succeeds in that way. This is typically the kind of band that gives you again all the energy lost in a day. In this record, the friendship between musicians is piece of evidence. They seems to have a lot of fun playing together & it's surely a reason of the good impact of "Scarred for Life". More over, the production shows the band at his advantage & can remain the spirit of Suicidal Tendancies like in "Kill the System". So, it's definitly a good debut & a follow up is expected!!

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