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1 tell us about the story& the career of David T Chastain?

Below is my list of cds and the years that they came out which really tells the recorded history of my music.

1997-CHASTAIN "In Dementia"


1995-CHASTAIN "Sick Society"

1995-CHONO MASAHIRO(Japan only, 3 tracks)

1995-CJSS "Best Of" (Japan only)

1994-DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Next Planet Please"

1992-DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Movements Thru Time"

1992-CHASTAIN HARRIS "Live! Wild and Truly Diminished"

1991-DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Elegant Seduction"

1990-CJSS "Retrospect" (Europe only)

1990-CHASTAIN "For Those Who Dare"

1989-DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Within The Heat"

1988-CHASTAIN "Voice of the Cult"

1987-DAVID T. CHASTAIN "Instrumental Variations"

1987-CHASTAIN "The 7th of Never"

1986-CJSS "Praise The Loud"

1986-CHASTAIN "Ruler of the Wasteland"

1986-CJSS "World Gone Mad"

1985-CHASTAIN "Mystery of Illusion"

1983-SPIKE "The Price of Pleasure"

2 For now, what do you think of your prolific career?

What's your opinion about all your records? Generally speaking I have been happy with my career and all of the releases. Of course I like some of them better than others. I am not ashamed of anything I have recorded. I wished that we would have had more time for some of the recordings.

3 What's a good musician (guitar, bass or drums) for you?

I think anyone that is original has something cool to offer. If I could put the perfect band together it would be: Scott Travis on drums, Steve Harris on Bass, Kevin Moore on Keyboards, Jean Luc Ponty on Violin and Corey Brown (Psyco Drama) on vocals. . 4 What would be your worst fear as guitar player? Breaking a string on stage with no backup guitars. Playing live on the radio and having equipment problems. Having a serious hand injury!!

5 What do you listen to now? What are your favorite bands & players?

Currently I listen almost exclusively to acts that are involved with Leviathan Records. Some of the mainstream acts that I respect are Dream Theater and Angra.

6 describe us the material that you use on stage & in studio?

I play Kramer and Yamaha guitars thru Marshall and Lab series amps

7 If it's not too much indiscreet, how old are you? How many time did you practise your guitar?

Let's put it this way, I have been playing guitar for a long time. I went one stretch where I practiced at least one hour a day for 17 straight years!!

8 You've got a sound & a style that is immediately recognizable. You really have a specific sound & way to play. How do you describe it?

I call my style progressive heavy metal. I think that I have many influences but no major influences so therefore you don't hear another's playing in my style.

9 What is your best remembrance & worst one?

An arena show playing with KISS was great. Also seeing our video on MTV for the first time. I guess the worse moments are doing a concert in a small town and having a poor turnout.

10 When you listen to one of your song (in your solo career) , it seems like a singer could appear on each songs. That's really something that makes you different from other solo artists. How do you create songs?

I usually sit around a practice with a drum machine which lends itself more to songwriting than to running up and down scales. I think all of my songs are songs and not just background music for the lead guitar to show off.

10 You make or made 3 bands : a solo career, CJSS & Chastain, you've got your own label, ...how do you do to make all these things together?

16 hour work days! I am pretty well organized all things considered and I try to prioritize my schedule to make everything work out as best as possible.

11 You work with a female singer (Leather & for your new album Kate french I think) what the difference between a female singer & a men. Why do you work with the2 sorts of voice?

For some reason I have always been touched more by female vocalists than males. It just seems they have more emotion in their voices and are much more versatile than a male vocalist. With that said I would love to work with a great male vocalists on a project in the future.

12 You tour with Michael Harris ( a live album was released), how have you discover him & tell us about the tour ?

Michael and I lived close to one another and we just became friends over the years. Leviathan put out his first cd, Defense Mechanizms, and we just thought it would be a unique cd to have 2 all instrumental artists at the same time.

13 In the mid eighties you were appreciated by all the medias (cf support of Enfer mag in France, ...) but one day, it was like if Chastain was the man to dead : no medias appearance, no support, bad jokes about you, .... How do you explain that?

There was no real reason. I think we just overloaded their brains with all of the different projects and they could not understand how that much music could come out of one individual and if it did, they reasoned, there was no way it could be good. Personally I really don't get upset about bad reviews any more than I get excited about great reviews. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. I make music that I like and if other people like it that is great. Fortunately enough do worldwide to make this a profitable career.

14 Black Dragon records has released your LP & Cd's in France. But you also makes some album s for Roadrunner or for your own record company. What are your relation with Black Dragon now?

I would like to say fine. However we will never forgive them for not paying out publishing moneys to the writers.

15 Can we hope a return of CJSS? Why? Why did you only make 2 albums?

I can't see anything from that band in the future. We only put out 2 cds in 1986!! The reason I let that band die was mainly because the singer fell in love and went real religious. He was totally useless at that time. He later straightened out but it was too late.

16You' re guitar hero. What do you think of these guitar player :

Angus young-Entertaining with a lot of energy and great songs.

Jeff Waters (Annihilator)-Some great riffs in the 80s

Michael Harris-Very versatile and unique player.

Steve Vai-Real good at making noises. So far the Hendrix of the 90s

Malmsteen-Great in the 80s. Downhill ever since. Kicked the door open for neoclassical guitarists in the 80s but then pissed everyone off with his personality and many people closed their minds to that style of playing due to his arrogance. The last Suffer Me solo on Alcatraz's first cd is one of the best solos of all time!

Kirk Hammet (Metallica) Nothing great but he fits the band. I would love to take his place!!

Mark Shelton-Unique talent and great song writer.

David T Chastain-Versatile, unique and prolific. Does it his way.

Kurt Cobain-Ruined music for the 90s. No redeeming qualities that I can think of.

17 Your new album (sick society) is described as prog metal in Europe. What do you think of bands ( & of the musicians of these bands) like Dream Theater, Angra, Shadow Gallery...?

Hopefully the next wave of popular heavy metal. Where the best musicians in metal now reside.

18 What are your projects for the forth coming years?

I have just currently finished recording an all acoustic solo heavy metal, classical, and progressive metal cd called ACOUSTIC VISIONS. Who knows after that.

19 May be a last word?

Support original musicians.

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